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Edward "Eddie" Windass was the common-law husband of Anna Windass and is the father of Gary Windass and grandfather of Jake Windass. He was known as a bit of a layabout and always up to a scam, along with his brother Len. His family started a feud with the Platts on Coronation Street and later became their neighbours, but they mellowed down over time.

Eddie and Anna planned on adopting in 2010, and later adopted a girl named Faye Butler. But due to her troublemaking and difficult upbringing, Eddie couldn't cope and he accepted a job with his brother Len in Germany, and left Weatherfield when Anna decided to choose Faye over him.


Eddie met Anna and they both had a son together called Gary. In his youth, Gary was a troublemaker and later ended up in prison. Eddie also was in trouble at times, and even claimed benefits when claiming he was disabled and using crutches.

In November 2008, Joe McIntyre fitted a kitchen for Eddie and his wife, but they refused to pay claiming the job wasn't good enough. Later on, Joe's girlfriend Gail Platt's son David came round with his friend Graeme Proctor and ripped out the kitchen. This caused Eddie's brother Len and son Gary to go round to Gail's house and rip out her kitchen. After being evicted from their home due to the trouble, they rented 6 Coronation Street from Jerry Morton, which happened to be next door to the Platts. Anna and Eddie decided to try and make amends, but a feud continued between the two sons: Gary and David. In January 2009, both boys got into a fight which led to David being beaten up and Gary facing possible prison sentence. But he was released when David's girlfriend and Joe's daughter Tina stated it was David who threw the first punch. Her dad Joe managed to convince her to tell the truth when Len offered him a job.

Eddie got himself a job at Street Cars, and later gave up his sticks after nearly scamming Roy Cropper by using his identity to buy alcohol from the cash and carry. Anna worked with Roy and felt ashamed, and made Eddie give up his scamming.

Eddie and Anna became proud parents when Gary decided to join the army. In 2010, they then made plans to adopt, and followed the procedures. Later in the year, Gary was sent out to Afghanistan but had to come back a couple of weeks later after being caught in an explosion, which killed his friend Quinny. This caused Gary to suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic stress disorder). In January 2011, Eddie and Anna got to meet their future foster daughter, 8-year-old Faye Butler, although she seemed to be troubled due to being in and out of care.

Eddie and Anna part ways.

When she began staying with them time to time, she would occasionally get angry and speaking back. She then began to tell Gary that Eddie was hitting Anna, which was untrue. Eddie was later offered a job in Germany by Len, and wanted Anna to come with him. But she decided to choose Faye over him, and with that Eddie decided to leave the street. After saying goodbye to Anna and to Gary, he got into a taxi and departed.

In November 2015, Gary went to stay with his dad in Hamburg after discovering his fiancée Alya Nazir had cheated on him with best friend Jason Grimshaw.


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Anna Windass

Eddie and Anna had a son named Gary in 1986. Although the couple never married, with Anna happily being his common-law wife, the pair shared a strong relationship, although Anna would have to keep her husband in check due to his schemes and also not trusting his brother Len. Eddie was willing to go along with what Anna wanted in order to keep her happy, even if it conflicted with his own feelings. This is what contributed to the downfall of their relationship as in 2011 he went along with her plan to foster a troubled young girl Faye Butler, although Eddie wasn't happy with the arrangement. When he wanted to move to Germany to work with Len he asked Anna to come along, but she refused as to not let Faye down. Although hurt, Eddie parted with Anna on good terms.

Gary Windass

When Gary was growing up Eddie had little responsibility for his son, and allowed instead his brother Len to take the boy under his wing. Unfortunately Len's crooked activities gave Gary a bad influence and the lad turned into a thug. Despite Eddie not willing to stand up to Len, he eventually banished his brother from Gary's life in 2009 when Len tried to get Gary to lie to the police over him robbing Audrey Roberts' house, as to finally allow Gary to take responsibility. After Gary served a short prison sentence Eddie was proud with his son when he planned to enlist in the army, and eventually was dispatched to Afghanistan in 2010. But Eddie was stunned when Gary was caught in a roadside bomb and although he made a recovery (at least physically), Eddie had to hold back his tears. After Len left England for Germany in 2011, he kept in contact with Gary, with his son visiting him in 2015.

Hobbies and Interests

Despite his uncouth nature, Eddie was shown to have a talent in baking. He would use his skills to bake cakes for weddings or to try and make amends with the neighbours if he upset them.

Background information

First and last lines

"See that?!" (First line, to Joe McIntyre)


"Look after your mam." (Final line, to son Gary)


List of addresses

Address Duration
Unknown Address Unknown date to December 2008
6 Coronation Street 8th December 2008 to 25th April 2011
Hamburg, Germany 25th April 2011 onwards

Employment history

Role Institution Duration
Taxi Driver Street Cars 12th December 2008 to April 2011
Unknown Unknown Company April 2011 onwards

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