Edward "Eddie" Seddon, a lorry driver by profession, was the violent, abusive husband of Elsie Seddon and father to Sally and Gina in their Arkwright Street home. Eddie relied heavily on monetary contributions to fund his drinking and gambling habits from Sally and went to 13 Coronation Street in October 1986 with wife Elsie in tow to try and talk her out of marrying Kevin Webster - intimating that he wasn't good enough for their daughter, but in reality, still wanting to lean on her for money. The Seddons refused to have anything more to do with Sally if she chose to go through with the wedding, leaving Sally heartbroken.

Eddie died in January 1989 from injuries sustained when his lorry overturned on a roundabout in Eccles Road. Sally and Gina were each given £1,000 from his insurance money.

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