Eddie Ramsden was a builder who worked on the new Maurice Jones re-development in Coronation Street in late 1989 and early 1990. He caused a kerfuffle in the Rovers when he made a play for Tina Fowler, causing Kevin Webster to defend her and get Eddie thrown out of the pub. Eddie returned with his mates to get even with Kevin and threw him across a table, nearly causing Alec Gilroy to phone the police.

Eddie had recently split from Marie Lancaster and they had a son together, Jamie Ramsden. Marie ended their relationship while suffering from postnatal depression, when she threatened to dump Jamie on the police station steps. Believing her rejection of their son to be genuine, Eddie took Jamie and raised him as a single father, living at 1 Cromwell Street with his mother, who helped out while he was at work.

Eddie was worried that having a son would put women off him, especially after he came clean to his then-girlfriend who immediately dumped him, so as he continued to pursue Tina Fowler and got her to agree to a date he kept Jamie's existence a secret from her. Tina found out the truth when Eddie's mother told her everything, after Eddie had stood her up on their date as Jamie needed him. Eddie managed to convince Tina there was no chance of him reconciling with Marie and they kept on seeing each other.

In January 1990, Eddie invited Tina on a trip to France with him and his mates to see a football match. Tina had hoped for a romantic holiday but still went along, with Sally Webster looking after Jamie. Eddie returned a week after Tina as he was arrested for football hooliganism.

In February, Marie returned to the scene and demanded Jamie back. Her brother Carl threatened Eddie, causing Eddie to get Tina to keep Jamie at the Rovers in case Marie tried to snatch him. When Maria threatened to see a solicitor, Eddie proposed to Tina, hoping that if he was married his case to keep Jamie would be stronger than Marie's. He booked the wedding for the following week but during Tina's hen party he showed up at the Rovers to tell Tina he was returning to Marie and marrying her instead. Tina called him a louse and kept the wedding cake.

By November, Eddie and Marie had separated again and Marie was responsible for Jamie. It was established that Eddie was once again serving a prison sentence - this time for hitting a policeman at the Railwayman's Arms.

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