Edison George "Ed" Bailey is the husband of Aggie Bailey and father of Michael and James Bailey.

The Bailey family moved into 3 Coronation Street in June 2019.


In June 2019, Ed purchased 3 Coronation Street - following the departure of the previous owner Norris Cole - and began annoying neighbours including Ken Barlow and Chesney Brown by noisily redeveloping the property. When challenged Ed posed as just being the builder and enjoyed winding the pair up by pretending that the new family consisted of ten children who each played musical instruments and owned a number of exotic animals; including a monkey. Eventually, Ken demanded to speak to the owner of the property and, after Ed pointed him in the direction of his wife Aggie, Ken's son-in-law Steve McDonald paid her a visit to inquire about the noise. Aggie soon put Steve straight by informing him that Ed was her husband and that there were only two children; Michael and James, before apologising for Ed's teasing.

At the same time, Ed also took control of the Builder's Yard that had previously been owned by Jason Grimshaw. His mother Eileen, who had overseen the business for years in her son's absence, showed Ed around the site and also informed him about the previous manager Gary Windass - who had nearly run the business into the ground after becoming involved with loan shark Rick Neelan. This led to Ed turning Gary away when he asked about a job.

Not long after the family arrived it transpired that Steve had met James before, as he had threatened him and his friends when they refused to pay their taxi fare (while suffering from PTSD having been held at knife-point by a customer) leading to James being hit by a car only the month prior. The revelation horrified both Ed and Aggie, with Ed being fearful that the accident could have cost James his career playing for Weatherfield County, and the Baileys turned against the Barlows. However, after being bought a drink at the Rovers Return by Tracy Barlow the two families decided to leave the incident in the past. Later, Michael also caused trouble for the couple when he took Michelle Connor back to their old house and was reported to the police by the neighbours - who believed he was an intruder as the property should have been empty - forcing his parents to turn up and vouch for him.

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