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Eccles (previously Lady Freckles) was a Border Terrier who was owned by Lena Thistlewood, a friend of Blanche Hunt. When Lena died in January 2006, the dog was left to Blanche in her will. Upon bringing the dog back home from the funeral, she bit Ken Barlow. She was originally named "Lady Freckles", but swiftly changed to Eccles as Amy couldn't pronounce the name.

Ken regularly took Eccles for walks along the towpath of Weatherfield Canal, however in January 2009, Eccles jumped into the canal when chasing ducks, and was rescued by Martha Fraser, a touring actress who lived on a barge. Ken took a shine to Martha, and used their walks as an excuse to get him out of the house to meet Martha, although this stopped when Ken called time on the affair and returned to wife Deirdre.

When Blanche passed away in May 2010, she left the dog to Ken in her will.

Tracy Barlow entrusted Eccles to Maddie Heath and Sophie Webster in August 2014 while the pair were also looking after Amy and Simon Barlow. Sophie tied the dog outside a shop and Eccles ran off as soon as Amy untied her. When they discovered Eccles was gone, Sophie and Maddie went off in search and found the dog injured by the roadside. After rushing her to the vets, they were told that Eccles had been hit by a car but would recover with the aid of some drops. Deirdre who had been very worried about Eccles was relieved.

Ken became the sole owner of Eccles following Deirdre's passing in July 2015.

In July 2018, Eccles was poisoned with slug repellent hidden inside some sausages, which were planted by Simon's vengeful former friend Tyler Jefferies. A poorly Eccles was discovered in the backyard of No.1 by Toyah Battersby, who got her help and Eccles' life was saved. When Ken moved to retirement complex Stillwaters in 2020, he was unable to take Eccles with him and left her in the care of Tracy.

Eccles had to be put down in April 2020 after tumours were found that had spread inoperably from her spleen.

Eccles is featured in the sponsorships for the programme