Duckworths 1983

The Duckworths in 1983

The Duckworth family was a family of Manchester descent who resided at 9 Coronation Street between 1983 and 1995, before becoming Landlord and Landlady of the Rovers Return Inn until late 1998. When Alec Gilroy asked them to leave, giving Natalie Barnes the job of Pub Manager, they then started running a Bed and Breakfast for Eunice Gee. They ran the establishment as Managers until halfway through 2000. When Gary Mallett decided to leave the Street that year, to live in Blackpool after the death of his wife Judy Mallett the year before, the Duckworths moved back in. They agreed to have Tyrone Dobbs stay there with them as a lodger. The Duckworths stayed at No. 9 until 2008, when Vera sadly passed away. Jack stayed there with Tyrone and his wife Molly Dobbs until he died in November 2010.

Jack Duckworth and his brother Clifford, sons of Harry and Maggie Duckworth, grew up in Butler Street. In 1957 Jack married Veronica "Vera" Duckworth and they had a son, Terry, in 1964. Jack and Vera were married until Vera's death in 2008, in which time they moved from Inkerman Street to Coronation Street, had a three-year stint as owners of local pub the Rovers Return between 1995 and 1998 before selling up to Alec Gilroy, and were grandparents to Paul Clayton, Tommy Duckworth and Brad Armstrong, though they were only close to Tommy.

In 2010, Jack passed away from Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The last member of the clan to reside in Coronation Street was Tommy, who departed to the Canary Islands in 2013 for pastures new.

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