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Andrew "Drew" Spellman was the ex-boyfriend of Billy Mayhew and adoptive father to Summer.

In 2017, Drew discovered that he had multiple tumours in his lungs and brain after visiting his GP and was warned that he only had a few months left until his illness would kill him.

Fearing for the stability of his adopted daughter Summer's life, Drew turned up at 11 Coronation Street to ask Billy - his ex-boyfriend and Summer's godfather - if he'd be able to take over the duties as Summer's guardian. Discovering that Billy was in a relationship with Todd Grimshaw, Drew sought to test their relationship to ensure that it was stable enough to leave Summer in their care.

Eventually, Billy (who feared that Drew was trying to break him and Todd up) assured Drew that the couple's relationship was stronger than ever. Pleased with the response, Drew revealed his true intentions and asked the pair if they would think about taking care of Summer.

While Summer was spending the day with Billy and Todd, Drew suffered complications and was rushed to Weatherfield General but died as a result of heart failure. His mother collected a distraught Summer from the hospital.

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