Dr Jaiswal talked to Ken and Deirdre Barlow about the options of kidney transplants and dialysis, after Tracy had taken a bad ecstasy tablet on a night out in March 1995 - her kidneys were damaged. Dr Jaiswal also advised them that Tracy would be put on the waiting list for a transplant and that her prospects were good as she had blood type O, but advised them that she would need a great deal of practical and emotional support, and a stable home environment. Dr Jaiswal also explained to Tracy what dialysis was when Ken and Deirdre broke of her kidney problems the news to her.

In June, when Tracy discharged herself from Weatherfield General after receiving a transplant from Samir Rachid, Ken saw Dr Jaiswal as he wanted Tracy to remain in hospital but he was told that Tracy could leave if she wanted and she had two weeks of medication with her.

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