Dr Crawford treated several residents of Coronation Street in the 1980s. In July 1980 he examined Elsie Tanner after she was pulled unconscious from her burning living room by the Ogdens after she fell asleep with a burning cigarette that fell from her hands. Elsie refused to go to hospital and all that the doctor could do was to suggest that she give up smoking.

In December of the same year he treated Stan Ogden when he started to develop an allergic rash. Stan was horrified at the suggestion that he might be allergic to beer (although everyone else thought it hysterical) and was exultant when the tests proved that eggs were the cause.

Nine years later, he was called upon by Alf Roberts in October 1989, after he had suffered a dizzy turn at the thought of selling No.11. Dr Crawford advised Alf to go on a diet and also told him that buying a new flat would do him good as he could walk to work at the Corner Shop.

The "TV Times" for the last of the appearances below credits the actor as playing "Dr Lockwood". It is probable that the production team changed the name when they cast Paul Lally in the role and realised that he'd played another doctor nine years previously.

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