Dr Carter was a consultant at Weatherfield General who had been overseeing the ongoing treatment of Ted Sullivan after an initial diagnosis of a brain tumour in 1987.

On the morning of his wedding to Rita Fairclough in June 1992, Ted had developed numbness in his right hand and the bride-to-be insisted that she took him to the hospital. There, Dr Carter confirmed that he was displaying a classic early symptom of a new tumour, and could expect symptoms including dizzy spells and headaches in the short-term, but more serious symptoms such as blackouts, fits or minor strokes as his condition deteriorated over time - although the consultant reassured the couple that Ted would be monitored as closely as possible, it would impossible to say how long he had left to live.

Ted succumbed to his illness in September of that year, leaving his widow Rita to sort out the finances and estate as instructed in the will. Animosity soon followed when Ted's sister Sarah Brookes and her family believed their share of the inheritance was meagre in comparison to Rita's and took action to contest the legality of the will due to his mind-altering symptoms.

The case was heard in the City Court in February 1993, where Dr Carter was called to give evidence and was cross-examined by the family's solicitor Andrew Hopkinson. Dr Carter duly testified that although his patient had been on two types of strong painkillers and would have experienced lapses of concentration as his condition worsened, Ted would have had the capacity to make a will and understand its involvements.

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