When Zoe Tattersall took off with Fiona Middleton's son Morgan without anyone's knowledge in May 1998, she was eventually tracked down to the canal and although persuaded by Ashley Peacock to hand over Morgan, she climbed a bridge and jumped into the water when approached by police and dragged out of the canal by Gary Mallett and Nick Tilsley. Both Zoe and Morgan were taken to Weatherfield General for precautionary measures.

After being checked over, Dr Andrea Cannon handed over baby Morgan back to his relieved mother, telling her and Steve McDonald that he was absolutely fine with not a mark on him. Believing that Zoe's intention had not been to harm the child, She told Fiona and Steve that they could take the baby home as soon as they were ready.

She next spoke to Ashley Peacock - also present at the hospital, and enquired as to whether Zoe was in contact with her parents. Ashley explained that he was probably the closest thing to family that Zoe had got and was homeless before she moved into his house. Dr Cannon explained that although physically Zoe was fine, she was in mental distress and had to be sectioned for her own protection and other people's, but was unable to tell Ashley when Zoe would be allowed to return home as she'd committed a crime, and stated that the hospital team had no option but to hand Zoe over to police custody. Although Ashley pleaded with the doctor not to have Zoe locked up, she apologised but said that the matter was out of their hands.

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