Doctor Shardlow was a paediatrician based at Weatherfield General who treated three ill children who lived in or near Coronation Street.

Her first patient in November 2017 was Mary Taylor's grandson George Appleton. He had shown signs of an seizures for several weeks but an earlier visit to the hospital had resulted in a diagnosis by a doctor there as being a viral infection. Although tests were taken, George's condition continued, causing friction between Mary and her daughter-in-law Angie Appleton who suspected her Mary of being behind the undiagnosed problem. When George had a bad fit while in the hospital, Doctor Shardlow and her team managed to stabilise him, pending the results of the tests. As Mary had been alone with him at the time, Angie accused her of harming the child and social services and the police were called in. After several weeks, George had another seizure when Mary was nowhere near the child, proving her innocence and Angie was forced to apologise as further tests were made. These proved positive and Doctor Shardlow diagnosed him as having a severe fructose intolerance.

The next patient was of a more sinister nature. Jade Rowan had entered the lives of Fiz Stape and Tyrone Dobbs without revealing that she was the daughter of Fiz's deceased husband, the murderer John Stape. Unbalanced by the revelations as to her father's true nature, she fixated on her half-sister Hope and was determined to take her away from her parents by legal means and begin a new life with the two of them together. She therefore took any opportunity she could to poison the child's mind against her family and saw such an instance when Tyrone's small daughter Ruby pushed her off a bench in Victoria Gardens in January 2019, hurting her arm. Jade filled Hope's head with stories that the police would take Ruby away from her if they thought she had hurt her and persuaded the gullible child to claim that a door closed on her arm, thus causing Doctor Shardlow to suspect she was being abused. Hope was sent for an x-ray which showed a small fracture. When Fiz arrived at the hospital, she failed to provide an adequate explanation as to why Hope had lied about the fall and further machinations by Jade, this time involving Doctor Gaddas, led to both Hope and Ruby being taken away by social services until the truth about Jade's plotting came out.

In May 2020, Oliver Battersby also started to fall ill with fits and seizures. After a second particularly bad bout, he was rushed to A&E where Doctor Shardlow ordered an EEG and blood tests. His case was passed on to consultant Katrina Ward who eventually diagnosed the serious genetic mitochondrial disorder.

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