Doctor Biffen attended Fiz Stape when she was brought into the ICU department of Weatherfield General on New Year’s Eve 2012. After questioning Tina McIntyre if she had recently had the boiler in her house fixed (inexpertly by Tyrone Dobbs), he quickly diagnosed carbon monoxide poisoning and put her in a hyperbaric chamber to regulate the flow of oxygen in her brain and then to see if she had suffered any neurological damage, something which he feared.

When Fiz recovered consciousness, Doctor Biffen conducted some simple tests on her including her name and which year it was. When she correctly answered that it probably 2013, he told her she was thinking clearly, which was an excellent sign, but more tests would be needed. These showed that there was no permanent damage and she was soon released.

Doctor Biffen was in attendance of the A & E department in December 2014 when Gary Windass was admitted after being attacked by Roy Cropper with a cricket bat. In a desperate attempt to get money from the cafe's till, Roy mistakenly believed that Gary was one of the teenagers who'd been tormenting him over the past few weeks and repeatedly struck him. In hospital, Doctor Biffen came to speak to his anxious mother Anna and her partner Owen Armstrong regarding the level of injuries. He confirmed that although Gary's spine was badly bruised and he was in some level of discomfort, there was no sign of any significant spinal damage. He further informed them that Gary had requested no visitors.

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