The burns Doctor at Weatherfield General treated Anna Windass after she had been badly burned in October 2016. A car driven at high speed by David Platt had crashed, hitting his own daughter Lily and her rescuer Gary Windass. David had been trying to get to the Weatherfield Crown Court in an attempt to kill Clayton Hibbs who had knifed his wife, Kylie, to death. The residents lifted the vehicle off the two but leaked petrol ignited, injuring Anna's legs.

The Doctor told Gary and Kevin Webster that they were keeping her sedated until her condition improved enough for her to come off the ventilator. She would then need skin-graft surgery with the donated tissues coming from her back and they hoped to carry out the task the following week if she proved strong enough. She would be given painkillers and although she would walk again in time she would be on a frame or crutches to begin with. She would need physiotherapy to assist with this and exercises to keep her skin supple while it healed. He did however warn them that she might be distressed when she came round and there was a risk of psychological consequences: PTSD or flashbacks, and would probably need counselling as well.

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