The Doctor dealt with several residents of Coronation Street at Weatherfield General. In July 2012, she attended to a pregnant Izzy Armstrong when she was rushed in with abdominal pains. Father Gary Windass and other family members waited for news and the doctor told them that Izzy was going to be alright and wanted to see Gary. He had bad news waiting for him though - Izzy had miscarried and had wanted to break the news to Gary herself. The doctor was unable to give the couple a reason for the miscarriage, saying there were many possible reasons and sometimes the body just said that it was wasn't the right time. Izzy's father Owen Armstrong hadn't been pleased to hear that her daughter was expecting and she insisted he leave her alone. The doctor had no option but to ask him to leave to save the patient further stress.

Six weeks later there was a successful though frantic delivery when Kirsty Soames's waters broke after she was pushed into a table by Tina McIntyre in an altercation in the Rovers. Baby Ruby Dobbs was delivered by Marcus Dent in the pub's back room and then taken by ambulance to the hospital where the doctor told Kirsty she had some bruising to the spine but otherwise mother and daughter were okay. She would be kept in overnight and see a physiotherapist in the morning to ensure that her mobility wouldn't be impaired over the next few days. For good measure, she told then to enjoy the first few years of parenthood as teenagers were a complete nightmare.

Her patient in January 2017 was Simon Barlow when Peter Barlow and Nick Tilsley accompanied him to the casualty department after he suffered an injury to his finger. The doctor told him that he had dislocated it and she would reset it after giving him an anaesthetic.

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