The unnamed Doctor treated Sarah Platt after she was knocked over, when drunk, by Tim Metcalfe in December 2015. She was rushed to Weatherfield General where the Doctor told her relieved family that she only had a minor head injury and few cuts and scrapes but they were going to keep her in overnight for more tests, just in case. When those results came back, she was able to tell Sarah that she was fine - and so was the baby that she had been carrying for the past four months. A shocked Sarah realised that she was pregnant by the deceased Callum Logan who had been killed when attacking her by her sister-in-law Kylie.

In December 2016 she treated Sarah's daughter Bethany who was rushed to hospital having been found lying unconscious after overdosing on diet pills. Sarah questioned an upset Bethany as to whether she had intended to kill herself and the Doctor gently suggested that she leave the girl to her. She later told Sarah that her daughter could go home and that she would be referred to the primary care mental health team who would begin her therapy. Sarah told her aloud that she felt it was her fault but the Doctor assured her that she saw cases of such troubled teenagers all the time and the best thing she could do was fully support her.

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