Disco Des was a friend of Jenny Connor who drove a luxury party bus and who was hired by her to take herself, Rita Tanner and a group of Rita's friends to Blackpool to scatter the ashes of the recently deceased Dennis Tanner.

Although he was a competent driver, Des had a bladder problem and frequently needed trips to the toilet, using tasteful statements such as "I just need to water me weasel", "I need to shake hands with the mayor" and "I need to go and strain me spuds again"!

Ever the born organiser, Mary Taylor pushed herself in on the trip, saying that Des might need a navigator and asking what would happen to his satnav if it was sabotaged by the malign influence of a foreign power. Sizing her up as "one of those", Des reluctantly allowed her on board but soon regretted it when she criticised his speed and chosen route on the bad roads, telling her he wasn't surprised when he found out she was divorced. As the journey continued and the music played, Des began to enjoy the sunnier side of Mary's nature.

It was on yet another pitstop that Des complained of trapped wind, only to suffer a heart attack soon afterwards. An ambulance was called for him but, using her HGV driving skills, Mary was able to take the coach home.

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