Diggory Compton was the local baker, owning Comptons in Victoria Street. He tried wooing Liz McDonald by inviting her to a Christmas dinner party in 2005, however she ended up meeting her future drummer husband Vernon Tomlin at the event. He left Weatherfield when his business failed. Diggory's daughter, Molly visited him in 2008 after falling out with her fiancé Tyrone Dobbs.

On 5th January 2009, Molly received a call from the hospital that Diggory's appendix had burst. Several days later, it was revealed that Diggory would recover but would ultimately miss the wedding due to being hospitalised for a week.

After Molly died following a tram crash in December 2010, Diggory was devastated by what happened. He didn't attend the funeral as he was too upset.

First and last lines

"Thank-you. Get in there.... Yee-haw!" (First line)


"How'd you get one of them, eh? 'Cos I'll tell yer, no-one has tried harder than me. Had me eye on that Liz McDonald for a while but oh no... was no more of a success there than I've been with the shop." (Final line, to Roy Cropper)

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