Dickie was the boatman of Tatlock Towers who took people in his boat across a large lake-moat to reach the medieval castle. First seen emerging from the waters of the moat where he had been trying to improve his own record for holding his breath under water, he gave Mary Taylor and Norris Cole a ride across the waters, but Norris was worried as Dickie looked similar to the late serial killer Richard Hillman. Dickie further unnerved them as he told them of the story of the lake monster, "Old Albert", who was regularly seen and didn't like strangers.

Dickie's resemblance to Richard Hillman was further marked when it was spoken of his financial acumen, involving equity release schemes, and his wife being named Gail. Initially, only Norris could see a connection but eventually Curly Watts twigged and asked Dickie if he had ever been to Manchester. Dickie replied that he had, looking for a cousin of his but he had never found him.

Dickie was a deliberate in-joke on the part of writers Joe Turner and Mark Wadlow surrounding the iconic character of Richard Hillman and actor Brian Capron agreed to return specially to play the part.
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