Dianne was a young woman who asked Jamie Baldwin if she could have a lift to Carlisle. Although she said she would be happy to be dropped off at a nearby service station, Jamie offered to drive her all the way.

When Jamie pulled in to go to a toilet, Dianne stole the van and drove off. This annoyed Jamie's dad Danny Baldwin as the van was property of Underworld. When Jamie rang to ask if he could be picked up, Danny refused and told him to call the police.

Jamie had promised Leanne that he would take her out for a meal at the Clock restaurant once he had returned from Carlisle. As he was stranded, Danny took Leanne instead and the two hit it off, showing that they were attracted to each other.

Eventually, Jamie returned with the van. He claimed that the local police had found it a few miles from where it was stolen. When it was found, Dianne was no longer in the vehicle.

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