The unnamed Desk Sergeant was stationed at the desk at the front of Weatherfield Police Station on two occasions involving Coronation Street residents.

The sergeant was manning the front desk when Steve and Becky McDonald arrived at the station in September 2009 concerning the drug charges against Becky. However, he explained to them that Becky was free to go since DC Hooch had called off the case.

Over two years later he was on duty when Rita Sullivan had been caught speeding in January 2012, having been set up by Kirsty Soames who thought Tina McIntyre would be driving the car when it was pulled over. Rita, accompanied by Tina, arrived at the station and handed over her driving license to the desk sergeant. He then told her that she had been driving illegally for over a year, and explained that people over 70 must renew their license every three years. When the sergeant claimed that she had been sent a reminder of this in December 2010, Tina protested that Rita may not have received her post since The Kabin was wrecked in the tram crash during this month. Despite this, he informed Rita that she was looking at a possible ban and fine.

Simon Harvey also portrayed an office-based sergeant named Mackie in September 2008. It is possible that the two characters are one and the same, despite their slightly different roles.
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