Derek was a drayman who delivered at the Rovers Return Inn. Landlady Liz McDonald immediately took a shine to him. He appeared to feel the same way, so she attempted to get closer to him. Liz became more keen on Derek as Vernon Tomlin's lazy behaviour started to annoy her, and she continued to feel this way even after she and Vernon got engaged. The fact that Derek was married failed to stop her.

Liz asked Derek on a dinner date as Vernon was too drunk to turn up. They both had a good time and on the way back to the Rovers, they shared a passionate kiss. Liz continued to play around with Derek and eventually slept with him. The two then later agreed to continue seeing each other when Derek showed up at the pub pretending to be working. Derek's wife Linda suspected he was having an affair and turned to Liz for support. Liz was left feeling guilty and confessed that she was the other woman but it was over. Derek also confessed to Vernon that it was Liz whom he was cheating with.

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