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Dennis Stringer was a former Hells Angel who befriended Les Battersby before having an affair with his wife Janice in the early 2000s.

Dennis met Les in February 2000 while attending community service for non-payment of parking fines. Dennis was invited to live with the Battersbys at No.5 but soon entered into a short-term relationship with Eileen Grimshaw and moved in with her at No.11.

In 2001, Dennis and Les' wife Janice fell for each other and left their respective partners to live together. Following this, a devastated Les attempted suicide in January 2002 by gassing himself in his car. Dennis prevented the suicide, but while driving Les to Weatherfield General, he died in a road accident after a near-miss with a drunk driver which caused his vehicle to careen down a hill.



Before arriving on the street Dennis had been a member of the Hells Angels until he was forced to sell his motorbike after a costly divorce. His replacement vehicle, a Morris Traveller, didn't quite capture the image the Chapter were looking for and they threw him out.

On the street

He developed from a friend of Les into the partner of Eileen Grimshaw.

Dennis ended up living with the Battersbys, and in 2001 he and Janice Battersby fell for one another in the process. They left their respective partners to live together on Chapman Street.

Dennis prevents Les Battersby's suicide attempt

In the new year Les attempted to convince Janice one last time to give their relationship another go but she remained adamant that she wanted a divorce. Having decided that his life wasn't worth living, Les drove his taxi to a wasteland and connected a hosepipe in an attempt to commit suicide by gassing himself inside the vehicle. Dennis became concerned about Les and searched for his former friend, and upon finding him unconscious, Dennis forced Les into the passenger seat of his own car and attempted to drive him to Weatherfield General. En route Dennis narrowly avoided a head-on collision with another vehicle but ended up flipping the car and rolling down a hill.

Dennis dies with Janice Battersby by his side

While Les escaped the incident unscathed, Dennis was rushed to intensive care. When Janice learned about Les' suicide attempt from Toyah she was furious and blamed him for Dennis' condition. Les was left beside himself with guilt. Eileen turned up at the hospital in time to see the crash team's attempt to revive him with Janice crying by his bedside. Their attempts were unsuccessful and Dennis passed away leaving Janice and Eileen distraught.

In the immediate aftermath Janice was comforted by Toyah. Rita Sullivan called at the hospital to show support and opened up about her own husband's death in a similar accident. Mike Baldwin was sympathetic towards Janice and told her to take as much time off from Underworld as she needed. Toyah gave a reading at Dennis' funeral.


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Background information

Charles Dale as Dennis Stringer in 2000

The character was credited as Denis Stringer in his first three appearances.

First and last lines

"Charming." (First line)


"...I love you." (Final line, to Janice Battersby)


List of addresses

Address Duration
5 Coronation Street 23rd July 2000 to 24th January 2001
11 Coronation Street 24th January 2001 to 25th November 2001
Chapman Street 26th November 2001 to 2nd January 2002

Employment history

Role Institution Duration
Mechanic Coronation Street Garage 14th August 2000 to 2nd January 2002

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