Denise's was a hair salon owned and run by Denise Osbourne at 2 Coronation Street.

History Edit

In 1992, Denise opened a salon in the business unit. Denise took on Fiona Middleton as a hairdresser.

In 1993, Denise grew close to Don Brennan after they bonded over their injuries. Don subsequently invested in the salon.

Jon Welch was given a job in 1994 and turned down Denise's offer of the business. In April 1995, Denise and Jon grew closer but when Denise turned him down, Jon left the salon immediately.

Denise decided to sell up in February 1996 due to an affair she'd had in the past. Jon returned to buy the salon off Denise but Fiona, who would have lost her job, pleaded with Denise and Fiona bought the salon, naming it Hair by Fiona Middleton.

Staff Edit

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