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Debi Scott was the widow of Brendan, and turned up following his death in August 1993, seeking a speedy sale of the Corner Shop, which she had inherited.

Debi offered assistant Deirdre Barlow, first refusal on buying the business at a knock down price of £60,000, before turning to Ken Barlow, who occupied the flat above the shop, offering to sell him the flat, but both refused. Debi was then pursued by Reg Holdsworth, who hoped to flatter her into agreeing a low price for the shop. He invited her to his flat to wine and dine her, but the evening was cut short when Reg's fiancée Maureen Naylor walked in on them, and - believing Reg was cheating on her - called off their engagement. Reg's sacrifice proved to be in vain when savvy Debi refused to accept his £48,000 offer.

Seemingly unaffected by her recent bereavement, Debi was keen to be rid of the shop and refused to replenish the dwindling stocks, selling off the remainder to rival shopkeeper Mr Patel, and leaving assistant Deirdre Barlow to turn away customers before paying her off and putting the shop up for auction, where it was purchased by former proprietor Alf Roberts.

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