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Debbie Dawson was the best friend of Tracy Barlow from 1990 to 1993.

In June 1990, Tracy complained to Debbie about the possibility that her mum was going to sell 1 Coronation Street and move in with Dave Barton.

In January 1993, Tracy's mother Deirdre was aghast to discover Tracy and Debbie drinking lager at No.1 and although Debbie claimed she was allowed to drink at home, Deirdre insisted she wouldn't have it under her roof. Tracy responded by defiantly downing the can in front of Deirdre. A few days later, Tracy and Debbie attended The Sportsman club together, despite being underage but Debbie left a drunk Tracy to the care of Doug Murray.

The following month, Tracy attempted to convince a disbelieving Debbie that Doug fancied her by engineering a situation where he had to break off a date with Deirdre to meet her.

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