Dave Deakin was the alias used by "Whispering Geoff", a friend of Pam Hobsworth's who arranged to buy stolen sunglasses from Tyrone Dobbs at The Flying Horse in January 2009. Dave first met Tyrone at the pub on Tyrone's stag night and insisted that the deal be carried out on Monday 12th, even though it was Tyrone's wedding day. Tyrone managed to make the meeting but Dave produced a fake police ID and got Tyrone to hand over the sunglasses. He then encouraged Tyrone's hapless friends Jack Duckworth and Kirk Sutherland to bribe him to release Tyrone from custody so that he could go to his wedding, which they did. None of them suspected he was lying about being a police officer, even when he flouted the smoking ban by smoking in the pub, and handcuffed Tyrone to a partition. It was only later that Tyrone learned from Pam that "Dave" had scammed him so that he could get the sunglasses for free.

The character was credited as Dave.

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