Darren Michaels was a short-term boyfriend of Candice Stowe who dated between 2000 and 2001. Candice turned up with Darren at 8 Coronation Street in August 2000 in order to attend Bethany Platt's christening.

In March 2001 he dumped Candice when he found out that she was also dating Todd Grimshaw and he told Todd to get rid of her as she was a two-timer.

Darren was played by Bruno Langley, who five months later would debut in the regular role of Todd Grimshaw. Upon Darren's next appearance in March 2001 he was recast as Nicholas Zabel, and almost uniquely to the show, Todd appeared alongside Darren, a character Langley previously played. The only other instance is Linus Roache (who played Peter Barlow in 1973 and 1975) appearing alongside Chris Gascoyne as Peter in Episode 7419 (6th September 2010)
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