Darren Featherstone was a young boy whose budgie Boris went missing in 1990. When Mavis Wilton turned up at the Featherstone home to return the bird after it touched down at 4 Coronation Street, Darren dealt with her in his absent mother's place. He dealt with Mavis rather bluntly, shutting the door on her after she handed him a note with her name and address on it, and ignoring her pleas for him to return her bird cage. Later, Sybil paid a visit to No.4 to return the cage. Mavis was surprised and delighted to discover that Boris was still inside; as Sybil explained, a "soft-looking fella" had been at the house to return Boris ten minutes before her, so Mavis's bird wasn't theirs to take. In fact, the man in question was Derek Wilton, who had bought a bird to pass off as Boris to the Featherstones so that Mavis could keep Boris with a clear conscience.

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