Daran Little

Daran Little in the 2010 documentary Coronation Street: 50 Years, 50 Moments

Daran Little joined the Coronation Street production team in 1989 as official archivist. He later became a storyliner in November 2000 working on 56 episodes until February 2001. He then joined the scriptwriting staff and by the time he left Granada in 2006 he had scripted ninety-five episodes (including a double episode co-written with Peter Whalley). He returned for a six-month period in 2009 for a further nine episodes making 104 in total. Daran is also a prolific Street fiction and non-fiction writer, having penned two prequel novels, the 35th and 40th anniversary companions, and four other Coronation Street reference books.

Daran created, wrote and produced the twenty-part Channel 4 teen drama Hollyoaks: In The City, a spin-off from the soap opera Hollyoaks, of which he was a part of the writing team. The series's cast included many former and future Coronation Street actors; including Lee Warburton, Denise Welch and Debbie Rush. He was also hired by ABC Television in the United States of America to be a creative consultant on popular daytime soap All My Children.

Following his return to the UK and brief return to Coronation Street, Little moved to the BBC, becoming a writer for EastEnders and writing the BBC4 drama The Road to Coronation Street, a telemovie documenting the creation and casting of the show. He also wrote Children in Need's East Street, the first-ever crossover between Coronation Street and EastEnders.

Episodes storylined by Daran Little

2000 (28 episodes)

2001 (28 episodes)

Episodes written by Daran Little


2001 (14 episodes)

2002 (19 episodes)

2003 (18 episodes)

2004 (21 episodes)

2005 (16 episodes)

2006 (7 episodes)

2009 (6 episodes)


2010 (3 episodes)

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