Leonard "Danny" Kennedy was the father of Maureen Grimes.

Leonard was an American soldier during WWII. While posted in England he had an affair with Maud Grimes in 1944 sometime before his death during the Normandy landings. When he was alive he was unaware that he had conceived a child and his daughter Maureen was born in January 1945. Maud's husband Wilfred Grimes knew about the affair but still went on to raise Maureen as his own child.

In June 1994, Maud visited the D-Day cemeteries on the fiftieth anniversary alongside her fiancé Percy Sugden and Maureen. On this day Maud revealed the truth about Maureen's real father upon visiting the American burial site, and Maureen was left unsure how to feel about the revelation. After some time Maureen told her husband Reg Holdsworth about the revelation and, with his help, she was able to accept the truth. Maureen kept a picture of Leonard, but still thought of Wilfred as her real father.

When Percy noticed Maureen's change in behaviour since her visit to the graveyard he confronted Maud who revealed the truth about her affair with Leonard. Percy, who had also fought during WWII, condemned Maud's actions and called off their engagement.

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