Danielle (2021 character)

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Danielle was a member of a terminal illness support group who was assigned to meet with Curtis Delamere to help him deal with the issues surrounding him suffering from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a heart condition which had killed his father and which could also affect him at any time.

On his very first visit to Coronation Street, Curtis had met and was instantly smitten by Emma Brooker, and she with him. However, the beginning to their relationship was hesitant, in part because of Curtis's fears about his condition which he hid from all around him. Emma had made the cardinal error of taking advice from Tracy McDonald in how to entrap a man and had played hard to get with Curtis. After her father Steve McDonald had put her right, Emma made her way to the Viaduct Bistro where Curtis had obtained a job but was stopped from afar when she saw Curtis leave the establishment and get into Danielle's car. Emma thought that he had turned his attentions elsewhere and after Steve confronted the young man he lied and claimed that Danielle was a wine merchant who supplied the bistro. He went on to say that he knew her husband of old and she had offered him a lift home from work. Emma was easily taken in by the lie and the two youngsters became a couple.

A month later, Curtis met with Danielle at the bistro for a catch-up session where owner Debbie Webster became suspicious that Curtis was seeing another woman behind Emma's back. Barman Danny Tomlinson couldn't help but overhear the conversation between the two of them where they discussed Curtis's condition. Not knowing of this, Debbie told Steve in passing that the two of them were "cosying up" in her bistro and he went in there to confront them. Still trying to hide the truth, Curtis admitted to cheating and finished with Emma but Danny later told Steve that he had got things wrong and he needed to talk again to the young man. Steve did so and obtained the truth, as did Emma soon afterwards.

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