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Dane Arnold Hibbs was the father of Clayton Hibbs and stepfather of Macca.

Around 2001, Dane was involved in an abusive relationship with underage Shona Ramsey. Their relationship broke down after the birth of their son, Clayton. After parting, Shona tried to prevent her son from having any contact with his father or stepbrother Macca. However, at the age of eleven Clayton found himself in contact with his estranged father. Over the next few years Shona and Clayton argued about his involvement with his father and she could notice changes in the once good child she had known. Their arguments ended with Clayton leaving home to live with his father.

Shona never gave up on her son, hoping he'd see sense, but when Clayton murdered Kylie Platt in 2016, Shona's hopes vanished. Shona blamed Dane and Macca as being bad influences, but still Clayton sided with his father. In 2017, Dane was the one who sat by his son's bedside after he'd been through an operation on his wrist following a fight at Larchfield Young Offenders Institute.

It was reported that Dane had died of a drug overdose in February 2019 - his funeral was held later in the month at St. Thomas's Church, attended by Shona and Billy Mayhew as well as Macca and Clayton, who had been granted special release from Highfield Prison to attend. At the graveside, Macca and Clayton executed a plan to allow Clayton to escape although Macca was caught and Clayton ended up on the run on his own. After Clayton was located and took Shona hostage, he revealed the truth about his father's demise: Dane had been smuggling drugs into prison for Clayton to sell, and had died after a bag burst inside him.

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