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Daniel James "Dan" Mason, along with his father Harry, ran the Betting Shop on Rosamund Street between 2007 and 2008.

While in Weatherfield, Dan dated Leanne Battersby and Kelly Crabtree and feuded with Steve McDonald. He left the area shortly after Harry, as he couldn't afford to keep the shop on his own.


Dan first arrived in Weatherfield in December 2007, along with his father Harry, in order to take over the betting shop on Rosamund Street. Dan's first act of business was to track down Lloyd Mullaney who owed the previous bookie Stan a debt of £300. He found Lloyd but Lloyd denied his identity. Later in the Rovers Return Inn, Dan called over Lloyd by name and Lloyd answered. Dan told him of his debt and that he was serious about recovering it. Later, Dan began flirting with barmaid Michelle Connor, which put Michelle's boyfriend Steve McDonald's nose out of joint.

Dan also fancied his chances with a few of the locals. Mel Morton's colleague Abi Sharpe and Dan took an interest in each other. They went back to his home, only for Harry to leave an impression of the wrong kind, leaving so much mess out Abi thought that there had been a robbery. Put straight, she beat a hasty retreat. Dan later lied to Harry about her occupation, saying that she was a nurse rather than a police officer.

Harry's interference in Dan's love life was a running theme as he ruined his chances of bedding Kelly Crabtree. Dan then began to flirt with Leanne Battersby. There was an instant attraction between the two and they began dating. As a joke Dan suggested that she burn down Valandro's, her restaurant, for the insurance money. However Leanne, desperate for cash, ended up doing it for real (manipulating Paul Clayton into helping her). Dan was frustrated with Leanne because she made him pretend they were not together and punched him in the face, seeing him humiliated in public by Dan's unpredictable nature. This aside he gave her a false alibi to the police. However, Paul became jealous of his relationship with Leanne and decided to turn himself in, along with Dan and Leanne. The pair were arrested for questioning but later released.

On 4th June 2008, Norris Cole scratched Steve McDonald's car. Steve was outraged and blamed Dan for what happened. In retaliation he stole Dan's mobile phone from his car and refused to return it unless Dan paid the damages bill. Dan protesting his innocence and refused. A fight in the Rovers Return resulted in Dan accidentally elbowing Steve in the eye whilst attempting to retrieve his phone. Steve threw Dan's phone down the cellar and locked him in the alcohol cellar overnight. During his ordeal Dan began to suffer chest pains - the cause was a ruptured spleen, which had to be removed. When he had recovered he lied to the police about what Steve did to him and he was swiftly arrested. After a few days Harry convinced Dan to tell the truth, ending the feud.

In September 2008, Dan discovered to his dismay that Harry was selling the business and leaving the street. Knowing that he could not afford to pay back the interest on a business loan, Leanne offered to give him the £10,000 that he needed as she and Janice had just won £25,000 in a lottery scam that Dan didn't know about. Dan delightfully accepted Leanne's offer. He eventually discovered the truth prior to Janice turning herself to the police and decided to break up with Leanne. This left her heartbroken. However, Dan soon moved on and began dating Kelly Crabtree.

Dan sold the bookies and the flat to Peter Barlow in November, broke up with Kelly and went away on holiday to Ayia Napa on his own, telling her that he wouldn't be returning. Before departing the street he warned Peter to stay clear of Leanne.


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Background information[]

"Licensed premises cannot be successfully run without constant hard work and unremitting attention"
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Before Dan's arrival, the media reported on the Masons because they were to be portrayed by actors that the viewing public were already quite familiar with. Matthew Crompton, who was cast as Dan, had portrayed Sam Harker in The Bill between 1997 and 2002. A source also stated that Dan would 'ruffle a few feathers' with residents.

After Harry and Dan's first six months on-screen, Crompton's contract was extended by one year due to Dan's popularity with the viewing public.

First and last lines[]

"Well, what's wrong with it?" (First line, to father Harry)


"Watch yourself with her, mate. She'll rob all your money!" (Final line, to Peter Barlow)


Duckworths 1983
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