Damon Alexis-Rochefort (second left) with Unknown, Tony Warren, Jonathan Harvey and Antony Cotton.

Damon Alexis-Rochefort was born in Cardiff on 22nd February, 1965. His first job was as a music writer for Smash Hits and The Sun 's Bizarre column. He then became a songwriter, record producer with his international No.1 hit I Wanna Give You Devotion by Nomad, then a chat show host with his live BBC show Damon Rochefort Tonight. Turning to television writing, he has written for Birds of a Feather, Boyz R Us and Britannia High as well as contributing 245 episodes of Coronation Street since 2004 including three co-credited with Mark Wadlow, John Kerr and Ian Kershaw and three double episodes. The writer was credited under his birth name of "Damon Rochefort" until Episode 9043 (25th November 2016) when it was changed to reflect his recent marriage to Dan Alexis.

Episodes written by Damon RochefortEdit


2004 (1 episode)

2005 (10 episodes)

2006 (16 episodes)

2007 (14 episodes)

2008 (13 episodes)

2009 (17 episodes)


2010 (18 episodes)

2011 (14 episodes)

2012 (13 episodes)

2013 (17 episodes)

2014 (14 episodes)

2015 (20 episodes)

2016 (22 episodes)

2017 (19 episodes)

2018 (24 episodes)

2019 (13 episodes)


2020 (1 episode)

Other Coronation Street related worksEdit

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