Daisy Hibbert (née Marsden, previously Bradshaw) was the mother of Renee and Terry Bradshaw. In March 1978 she attended Renee and Alf Roberts's wedding with her second husband, Joe Hibbert. Daisy and Joe married in 1972, three years after the death of her first husband Harold Bradshaw in 1969. Their wedding day set the precedent for their marriage; Joe was so drunk that Daisy had to hold him up as they gave their vows.

At Renee and Alf's wedding, Daisy could barely hold back tears of joy and gave Renee her garter to wear under her dress. Joe's behaviour was typically coarse, but Daisy only took him to task for it when he tried to flirt with Bet Lynch in front of his own wife. Later at the reception, Alf took less kindly to Joe's crass comments and shoved him to the floor when he accused him of marrying Renee for her money as she wasn't attractive.

Daisy took ill later in 1978 and Renee went to stay with her in Lancaster for an extended period. During this time Alf was left behind sharing a home with their lodger Bet Lynch who took advantage of the opportunity to amuse herself by flirting with Alf and making him uncomfortable. Later, Joe left Daisy, taking her money with him. Renee considered having Daisy live in the shop flat but decided to keep Bet on instead.

When Renee was killed in a car crash in July 1980, a grief-stricken Daisy blamed Alf for the death although she had no reason to do so.

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