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DS Kerr was a detective sergeant working in the Weatherfield area who, in May 2016, investigated the death of Callum Logan after his body was found underneath the garage of 8 Coronation Street. Originally suspecting David Platt following a tip off from Gemma Winter, David shifted the blame onto Jason Grimshaw, another enemy of Callum.

DS Kerr became more suspicious of Jason as he had a motive for the murder after being attacked by Callum's heavies a few weeks before his death. Jason also had access to the Platt's house as he had been working on the garage conversion.

Jason's brother Todd ended up saving both his brother and the Platts from prison by telling DS Kerr that Jason's recently deceased father Tony Stewart had confessed to him about the murder. DS Kerr was suspicious as to why Todd had came forward so late and suggested that he, Jason and Tony may have planned the murder.

The police continued their search for evidence in the builder's yard where Tony used to work. Jason became worried that DS Kerr would find his Dad's tool bag and told his colleague Pat Phelan that he believed it may contain the murder weapon.

Phelan disposed of the tool bag in order to save Jason from having Tony accused of the murder. Eventually, Jason went back on his decision and asked Phelan to recover the tool bag in order to be given to the police. Following an inspection of the tool bag, DS Kerr found the weapon that was used to kill Callum and decided that Tony was responsible for his death.

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