DP was the enigmatic managing director of Barkers stationery wholesalers.

Working as one of the top members of the sales department, Derek Wilton idolised DP and made a few attempts to ingratiate himself with senior management, on two occasions arranging a soiree at The Kabin flat with DP as the star guest. The first, on Christmas Eve 1988, was broached by Derek to DP during a drinks session in DP's office when DP shared the contents of his drinks cabinet with several members of staff. DP agreed to attend, but with the party in full swing, he called the flat and cancelled, much to Derek's disappointment. Three months later, Derek tried again, planning an exclusive dinner party at the flat, but DP and his wife pulled out at the last minute.

In April, furious at being moved to dispatch by Head of Personnel Ray Griffiths, Derek tried to take the matter up with DP. Hanging around outside the office all day (much to the amusement of DP's Secretary), Derek awaited his boss's attention, expressing his frustration as managers came and went from DP's office, the man himself remaining perpetually unavailable. To force the issue, Derek sent a memo through to DP's office threatening to resign if he didn't remain in his current position in sales, however this failed to elicit a response from DP. After missing DP at the office, Derek waited for him in the building car park, where he was met by Ray Griffiths, who distracted him long enough for DP to drive off in his car. Ray then took Derek to his office, where, with a thinly-veiled amusement, he told Derek that DP had accepted his resignation, and that in fact it was the last thing he did before he left.

DP was a golfer, and president of a golf club.

In the main, DP was an unseen character, being frequently referred to but never appearing. He was glimpsed once, very briefly, as he got into his car in Episode 2930 (26th April 1989) (pictured in infobox), although this appearance was uncredited and the actor who played him unknown.
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