DC Yates was a policeman who investigated the murder of Luke Britton in January 2018. Luke had been killed by Pat Phelan at the Legacy Reach Paper Mill after he had got too close to discovering the truth about Phelan's previous murder of Andy Carver.

Luke had been found shot and in a burnt-out vehicle that was the courtesy car for Webster's Autocentre and DC Yates came to Coronation Street having traced it to its owners, having previously identified who the corpse inside the car was. Directed to Alya Nazir, Luke's girlfriend, Yates broke the news to the devastated girl, asking her when she had last heard from him and promising her that he wouldn't rest until he had caught the murderer. Alya sent Yates in the direction of to Justin and Dale Parker, two racist brothers who had been involved in a punch-up with Luke and who she considered the prime and only possible suspects in the case. Yates later ascertained that the two men were not involved in the killing.

Seb Franklin was one person who rightly suspected Phelan of the murder, having seen him burning the evidence the day after and later finding the gun he used in the crime. Phelan however turned the tables on the lad by pointing out that his fingerprints were now the only ones on the previously wiped weapon and made it clear that he would claim him to be the murderer if he didn't keep silent. After a period of time in a blind panic, Seb told Gary Windass what he knew and he, in turn, reported Phelan to the police. DC Kent took him to Weatherfield Police Station where he claimed that although he and Luke didn't really know each other well, they nevertheless got on well and he was at home on the night of the murder. Phelan made guesses as to who had reported him and pointed out why the individuals he suspected all had grievances against him. Phelan was duly let go.

Three months later, Yates interviewed David Platt after he assaulted Gary in a charity boxing match when he continued the blows after being called off by the referee, Josh Tucker. Yates put it to David that he lashed out at Gary for getting his sister, Sarah, pregnant. After being charged, David was sentenced eighteen months in prison, suspended for two years, and one hundred hours community service. What no one involved knew was that David was at the time traumatised after being drugged and raped by Josh after a night out.

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