DC Hooch was the detective who led the investigation involving Becky Granger after she'd gone on rampage after being dumped by Jason Grimshaw. Hooch also appeared to have been one of Becky's old adversaries. Becky planned to obtain an alibi by lying that she was having an affair with a "married man" Steve McDonald. It appears that that during his previous encounter with Becky he had enforced her to do something she didn't want to do, but instead she gave him a black eye, this indicates that Hooch was actually a "bent copper". DC Hooch last appeared during Becky's court case, where, aided by Steve, was found innocent, much to Hooch's disgust.

DC Hooch arrived back in July 2009 once again to frame Becky, and this time used her ex-boyfriend drug dealer Slug to plant drugs in the Rovers during her wedding day. She was arrested and possibly faced a sentence in prison, but when Steve and Lloyd Mullaney managed to track down Slug and forced him to confess, Hooch got scared and called off the case. Becky was off the hook.

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