DC Ahmadi investigated the case of Michelle Connor's kidnap at the hands of Will Chatterton which saw Michelle tied up and gagged in the back of a car, that she later found out was her own car, getting freed by an unnamed woman. Michelle gets checked by the police for rape, as she is afraid that she was raped whilst in the back of her own car boot. Robert Preston later blamed himself about the fact that the incident happened, due to the fact that he had brought Rich Collis into both his and Michelle's life, and believes that Rich was responsible for this incident.

Approximately seven months later he went to the site of Pat Phelan's dockland fall, to check up on his wife Eileen, and to search for evidence of Pat's death. Eileen told DC Ahmadi and the other police officers what Phelan had bragged to her about doing, which consisted of all of his crimes which included four murders over the last couple of years. Eileen hinted later however that she had not told the police the full extent of her then husband's crimes.

A year later he investigated the factory roof collapse, as he asked Carla for the underworld accounts, as she had ran out of 1 Coronation Street barefoot in an attempt to escape her grief of Rana Habeeb's death which occurred during Underworld's roof collapse, this event is also how Carla gained psychosis. He questioned Imran Habeeb over the missing report on the factory roof written up by Wayne Hayes, along with DS Beckett, after it had been stolen. As well as turning to Carla for the factory roof collapse he also turns to Nick Tilsley, as he arrested Nick Tilsley for theft and for the factory roof collapse, he is later kept in with solicitor Paula Martin for a four hour interview by DS Beckett and DC Ahmadi. He later returned with DS Beckett to investigate Nick, and Natalie Watkins stealing money from Audrey Roberts.

Imran went to DC Ahmadi and DS Beckett to inform them of a theory that both he and girlfriend Toyah Battersby had about Nick getting loans from Rick Neelan, although the police are sceptical of this they agree to look into Rick for other reasons. He gave David Platt a theft charge, for using Nicks secret to open up his dream barbers Trim Up North and Nick an charge of money laundering atop of the theft charge that he already had. DC Ahmadi informed David that he must sign in at the police station daily before his trial, whereas Nick did not have to do so. He also gives Nick bail conditions that he must not come into contact with Audrey, which David seems not to have.

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