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Curtis Delamere was a student who had ambitions to become a doctor and then a consultant cardiologist who came across the residents of Coronation Street when he took part in a charity cycling race and accidentally cut up Steve McDonald who then fell off his own bike and came last as a result.

Steve was taking part to raise funds in the name of his deceased son Oliver Battersby and was deeply embarrassed that he was even beaten by a child on stabilisers. A few days later, Curtis came to the street to look for Steve and return his phone which had become wedged in the frame of his own bike. He first came across Emma Brooker and, not knowing that she was Steve's daughter, helped her with a barrel delivery at the Rovers. Thoroughly taken with his good looks and charm, she invited him in for a drink later on as a thank-you and it was then that he met both a still-livid father and daughter at the same time and realised the family connection. Steve admitted afterwards that he had been too aggressive with the young man and asked him back to apologise. He and Emma discovered that he had an interview with Debbie Webster for a job at the Viaduct Bistro and the two of them took him through a mock interview to improve his chances, finding out in the process about his impressive ambitions and intelligence. Thanks in part to their help, his job application was successful, and Emma found herself even more smitten.

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