Crimea Street is a Weatherfield street close to Coronation Street. It was home to an air raid shelter during World War II where Hilda Crabtree met Stanley Ogden. Mike Baldwin invested in some flats in Crimea Street, which was overseen by Deirdre Rachid. Tenants included Bill Webster, Tricia and Jamie Armstrong.

The Ridings was also a set of flats which Richard Hillman and Duggie Ferguson started to develop. Richard left for dead after falling down the stairs and Richard also killed ex-wife Patricia and buried her in the foundations. He caught Karen and Steve McDonald in bed together whilst showing a couple of potential buyers round.

Crimea Street was also home to a dyeworks where Kelly Smith worked, having also lived on Coronation Street with her family. She met her husband Joe Buck there, who had worked at Hardcastle's Mill at the time.

Although Crimea Street is hardly seen, characters refer to it quite a lot and builders often land contracts with houses on that street.
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