Craig Lee was a van driver who met Tracy Barlow in October 1993, whilst she was working at Maggie's Flowers. Because of conflict at 1 Coronation Street, Tracy had already packed her bags and left the previous day. After being informed by shop owner Maggie Redman about their relationship, Tracy's mother Deirdre saw the pair kissing and was stunned to find out that Tracy had moved in with Craig.

Ken was horrified at the thought of Tracy living with a twenty-two-year-old and was angry that she was being so hostile towards Deirdre, but he persuaded her to give him their address. When Tracy and her parents eventually made the peace in November, Tracy moved Craig into the family home. Deirdre and Ken let him stay on the condition that he slept in the front parlour.

Deirdre made an effort with Craig but he proved to be a frustrating house guest, spending most of his time lazing around the house or playing his guitar, offering only one-word answers when spoken to. It became obvious that the pair were taking the Barlows for granted and, not wanting Craig to spoil their Christmas, Deirdre asked Craig to leave. She felt helpless though when Tracy packed her bags again and left with him.

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