Coronation Terrace was a street in Weatherfield that was due to be demolished in 1961. Ena Sharples saw a notice at Weatherfield Town Hall announcing the forthcoming demolition, however she misread it thinking it said that Coronation Street that was to be pulled down. She rushed to the Rovers and told Minnie Caldwell and Martha Longhurst what she had seen. The rumour spread and the residents complained to the council about the decision. They responded by sending a representative, Mr Harper, who traced the source to Ena, pointing out the truth of the matter. She temporarily lost her job as caretaker of the Mission of Glad Tidings due to spreading false rumours.

Either the demolition didn't take place or there was a second road of the same name in Weatherfield as forty-one years later in July 2002 Norris Cole deliberately mis-directed Claudette Munro and her friends from a party at the next door No. 5 to the Terrace which he identified as being on the other side of Victoria Street.

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