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2021 was Coronation Street's sixty-second year.

Main characters

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1 Tyrone Dobbs Alan Halsall Full year 144 2251 27
2 Abi Franklin/Webster Sally Carman Full year 133 375 12
3 Nina Lucas Mollie Gallagher Full year 126 210 24
4 Kevin Webster Michael Le Vell Full year 124 3273 32
5 Jenny Connor Sally Ann Matthews Full year 121 912 21
6 Leanne Battersby Jane Danson Full year 120 2357 4
7 Fiz Stape Jennie McAlpine Full year except for October 119 2210 41
8 Alina Pop Ruxandra Porojnicu Until September 113 164 62
9 Daisy Midgeley Charlotte Jordan Full year 110 117 87
10 Asha Alahan Tanisha Gorey Full year except for July 108 369 61
11 Nick Tilsley Ben Price Full year except for September 102 2175 5
11 Debbie Webster Sue Devaney Full year except for June 102 175 58
13 Roy Cropper David Neilson Full year 101 2385 29
14 Dev Alahan Jimmi Harkishin Full year 98 1788 38
15 Summer Spellman Harriet Bibby Full year 93 246 72
16 David Platt Jack P. Shepherd Full year 92 2701 2
17 Carla Connor/Barlow Alison King Full year except for September 88 1622 15
18 Sally Metcalfe Sally Dynevor Full year 85 3510 9
19 Emma Brooker Alexandra Mardell Full year 84 304 21
20 Imran Habeeb Charlie De Melo Full year 83 337 23
21 Simon Barlow Alex Bain Full year except for December 81 777 51
21 Toyah Battersby Georgia Taylor Full year except for June 81 1087 25
21 Daniel Osbourne Rob Mallard Full year 81 652 14
24 Aadi Alahan Adam Hussain Full year 80 300 72
24 Billy Mayhew Daniel Brocklebank Full year 80 585 18
24 Kelly Neelan Millie Gibson Full year except for June 80 105 74
27 Sarah Barlow Tina O'Brien Full year 77 2197 6
27 Steve McDonald Simon Gregson Full year 77 3427 8
29 Todd Grimshaw Gareth Pierce Full year except for October and November 74 935 54
30 Michael Bailey Ryan Russell Full year 71 174 38
30 Yasmeen Metcalfe Shelley King Full year except for June 71 531 13
32 George Shuttleworth Tony Maudsley Full year except for October 68 80 84
33 Ed Bailey Trevor Michael Georges Full year except for November 65 154 51
33 Tim Metcalfe Joe Duttine Full year except for September 65 920 2
33 Alya Nazir Sair Khan Full year except for April 65 618 7
36 Peter Barlow Chris Gascoyne Full year except for September 62 1697 17
37 Sam Blakeman Jude Riordan Full year except for August and September 61 76 82
37 Eileen Grimshaw Sue Cleaver Full year except for October 61 2193 34
37 Evelyn Plummer Maureen Lipman Full year except for March, April, October and November 61 233 31
40 Adam Barlow Samuel Robertson Full year 59 698 11
41 Ryan Connor Ryan Prescott Full year except for April 58 639 28
41 Craig Tinker Colson Smith Full year except for May 58 503 48
43 Ronnie Bailey Vinta Morgan February to August and from October 56 56 -
43 Johnny Connor Richard Hawley January to June, August and October 56 587 45
43 Maria Connor Samia Longchambon Full year except for March and October 56 1801 34
46 James Bailey Nathan Graham Full year 55 133 57
46 Gemma Winter Dolly-Rose Campbell Full year except for February and October 55 552 16
48 Bernie Winter Jane Hazlegrove Full year except for July 54 151 42
49 Shona Platt Julia Goulding Full year 53 456 36
50 Aggie Bailey Lorna Laidlaw Full year except for May 51 141 51
50 Gary Windass Mikey North Full year except for October 51 1145 10
52 Tracy McDonald Kate Ford Full year except for May, September and October 50 2335 18
53 Paul Foreman Peter Ash Full year except for October 48 213 26
53 Gail Rodwell Helen Worth Full year except for March and August 48 4420 44
55 Grace Vickers Kate Spencer Full year except for June and October 46 70 75
56 Kirk Sutherland Andrew Whyment Full year except for February 45 1451 49
57 Mary Taylor Patti Clare Full year 44 864 42
57 Sean Tully Antony Cotton Full year except for February and April 44 1788 30
59 Amy Barlow Elle Mulvaney Full year 43 813 47
59 Hope Stape Isabella Flanagan April, June to September and from November 43 357 59
61 Seb Franklin Harry Visinoni January to May and August 41 307 63
62 Natasha Blakeman Rachel Leskovac March to July and October 40 192 80
63 Chesney Brown Sam Aston Full year except for February, May and October 39 1309 33
64 Brian Packham Peter Gunn Full year except for June 37 448 55
65 Sharon Bentley Tracie Bennett April to June 36 209 -
66 Zeedan Nazir Qasim Akhtar From September 34 349 -
66 Audrey Roberts Sue Nicholls Full year except for March, April and August 34 3219 75
68 Max Turner Paddy Bever From September 33 518 79
69 Cathy Matthews Melanie Hill Full year except for February and June 32 439 37
69 Faye Windass Ellie Leach January to February, April and from November 32 626 38
71 Ken Barlow William Roache January to March and from September 31 4667 45
72 Ray Crosby Mark Frost January to February and November 25 117 20
73 Rita Tanner Barbara Knox February, April to June, September to October and from December 24 3838 83
73 Jack Webster Kyran Bowes February and from August 24 224 91
75 Ruby Dobbs Macy Alabi April, June to September and from November 21 278 68
76 Beth Sutherland Lisa George From July 15 783 63
77 Izzy Armstrong Cherylee Houston April and June to August 11 751 88
78 Liam Connor Charlie Wrenshall August and from November 6 205 92
78 Aled Winter-Brown Joseph Woods June, September and November 6 40 63
80 Joseph Brown William Flanagan June and September 4 179 88
81 Claudia Colby Rula Lenska September only 3 146 59
81 Bertie Osbourne Rufus Morgan-Smith August and from November 3 95 63
83 Harry Platt Freddie & Isaac Rhodes December only 2 118 88
83 Lily Platt Brooke Malonie November only 2 233 75
83 Alex Warner Liam Bairstow July and October 2 128 85
86 Geoff Metcalfe Ian Bartholomew February only 1 236 1
86 Jake Windass Bobby Bradshaw April only 1 105 -


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Viewing figures

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# Ep.
Date Part Writer Director Viewing
1 10211/2 Friday 1st January Steven Fay Duncan Foster 6,497,012 9
2 10213 Monday 4th January 1 Jonathan Harvey Duncan Foster 6,887,823 5
3 10214 Monday 4th January 2 Damon Alexis-Rochefort Duncan Foster 6,578,944 10
4 10215/6 Wednesday 6th January Mark Wadlow
Mark Burt
Vicky Thomas 6,469,436 11
5 10217 Friday 8th January 1 Ellen Taylor Vicky Thomas 6,674,520 8
6 10218 Friday 8th January 2 Ellen Taylor Vicky Thomas 6,174,782 15
7 10219 Monday 11th January 1 John Kerr Tim O'Mara 6,803,072 8
8 10220 Monday 11th January 2 Simon Crowther Tim O'Mara 6,579,246 10
9 10221 Wednesday 13th January 1 Nessah Muthy Tim O'Mara 6,609,225 9
10 10222 Wednesday 13th January 2 Ian Kershaw Tim O'Mara 6,054,580 17
11 10223/4 Friday 15th January David Isaac Leon Lopez 6,906,064 7
12 10225 Monday 18th January 1 Emily Gascoyne Leon Lopez 6,835,970 8
13 10226 Monday 18th January 2 Cameron McAllister Leon Lopez 6,784,088 10
14 10227 Wednesday 20th January 1 Alasdair Morrison Leon Lopez 6,865,555 7
15 10228 Wednesday 20th January 2 Carmel Morgan Leon Lopez 6,151,158 12
16 10229/30 Friday 22nd January Ellen Taylor Brett Fallis 6,806,947 9
17 10231 Monday 25th January 1 Owen Lloyd-Fox Brett Fallis 7,045,181 3
18 10232 Monday 25th January 2 Susan Oudot Brett Fallis 6,849,976 6
19 10233 Wednesday 27th January 1 Jayne Hollinson Becky Wild 6,451,375 8
20 10234 Wednesday 27th January 2 Julie Jones Becky Wild 5,802,652 13
21 10235/6 Friday 29th January Debbie Oates Becky Wild 6,907,384 5
22 10237 Monday 1st February 1 Chris Fewtrell John Anderson 6,660,588 5
23 10238 Monday 1st February 2 Jan McVerry John Anderson 6,474,350 8
24 10239 Wednesday 3rd February 1 Damon Alexis-Rochefort John Anderson 6,318,922 11
25 10240 Wednesday 3rd February 2 Mark Burt John Anderson 5,659,557 18
26 10241/2 Friday 5th February Jonathan Harvey Afia Nkrumah 6,425,330 9
27 10243 Monday 8th February 1 Mark Wadlow Neil Alderton 6,834,983 4
28 10244 Monday 8th February 2 Joe Turner Neil Alderton 6,605,137 6
29 10245 Wednesday 10th February 1 Ella Greenhill Neil Alderton 6,607,529 5
30 10246 Wednesday 10th February 2 Sam Holdsworth Neil Alderton 5,918,895 10
31 10247/8 Friday 12th February Joe Turner Matt Hilton 6,547,170 7
32 10249 Monday 15th February 1 Damon Alexis-Rochefort Matt Hilton 6,790,168 5
33 10250 Monday 15th February 2 Emily Gascoyne Matt Hilton 6,778,384 6
34 10251 Wednesday 17th February 1 John Kerr Matt Hilton 6,622,668 7
35 10252 Wednesday 17th February 2 Alasdair Morrison Matt Hilton 6,467,192 9
36 10253/4 Friday 19th February Ian Kershaw Sasha Ransome 6,582,249 8
37 10255 Monday 22nd February 1 Sam Holdsworth Pip Short 5,916,496 12
38 10256 Monday 22nd February 2 Julie Jones Pip Short 6,316,154 8
39 10257 Wednesday 24th February 1 Cameron McAllister Pip Short 6,465,753 6
40 10258 Wednesday 24th February 2 David Isaac Pip Short 5,731,667 14
41 10259/60 Friday 26th February Owen Lloyd-Fox Duncan Foster 6,347,221 7
42 10261 Monday 1st March 1 Mark Wadlow Vicky Thomas 6,640,620 4
43 10262 Monday 1st March 2 Nessah Muthy Vicky Thomas 6,557,612 5
44 10263 Wednesday 3rd March 1 Carmel Morgsan Vicky Thomas 6,415,710 6
45 10264 Wednesday 3rd March 2 Jonathan Harvey Vicky Thomas 5,749,211 9
46 10265/6 Friday 5th March Ella Greenhill
Steven Fay
Peter Rose 6,370,951 7
47 10267 Monday 8th March 1 Susan Oudot Peter Rose 6,699,389 8
48 10268 Monday 8th March 2 Mark Burt Peter Rose 6,701,929 7
49 10269 Wednesday 10th March 1 Simon Crowther Alex Browning 6,657,340 9
50 10270 Wednesday 10th March 2 Chris Fewtrell Alex Browning 5,811,369 13
51 10271/2 Friday 12th March Debbie Oates
Ellen Taylor
Karl Neilson 6,187,098 10
52 10273 Monday 15th March 1 Emily Gascoyne Karl Neilson 6,384,083 6
53 10274 Monday 15th March 2 Cameron McAllister Karl Neilson 6,227,096 9
54 10275 Wednesday 17th March 1 Damon Alexis-Rochefort Tim O'Mara 6,339,369 8
55 10276 Wednesday 17th March 2 Nessah Muthy Tim O'Mara 5,531,475 13
56 10277/8 Friday 19th March Julie Jones
Susan Oudot
Tim O'Mara 6,180,230 10
57 10279 Monday 22nd March 1 Simon Crowther Tim O'Mara 6,263,838 8
58 10280 Monday 22nd March 2 Ian Kershaw Tim O'Mara 6,239,674 9
59 10281 Wednesday 24th March 1 Chris Fewtrell Emma Lindley 5,937,999 10
60 10282 Wednesday 24th March 2 John Kerr Emma Lindley 5,651,665 12
61 10283/4 Friday 26th March Owen Lloyd-Fox
Jonathan Harvey
Emma Lindley 6,348,157 6
62 10285 Monday 29th March 1 Mark Wadlow Jordan Hogg 6,199,000 4
63 10286 Monday 29th March 2 Alasdair Morrison Jordan Hogg 5,878,000 7
64 10287/8 Thursday 1st April David Isaac
Mark Burt
Jordan Hogg 5,777,000 9
65 10289/90 Friday 2nd April Carmel Morgan
Jayne Hollinson
Gary Williams 6,101,000 5
66 10291 Monday 5th April 1 Steven Fay Gary Williams 6,303,000 2
67 10292 Monday 5th April 2 Steven Fay Gary Williams 5,948,000 6
68 10293 Wednesday 7th April 1 Jan McVerry Gill Wilkinson 6,052,000 5
69 10294 Wednesday 7th April 2 Joe Turner Gill Wilkinson 5,912,000 7
70 10295 Monday 12th April 1 Sam Holdsworth Gill Wilkinson 5,727,000 9
71 10296 Monday 12th April 2 Sam Holdsworth Gill Wilkinson 5,357,000 14
72 10297/8 Tuesday 13th April John Kerr
David Isaac
Lee Trevor
Ian Barber
4,827,000 19
73 10299 Wednesday 14th April 1 Susan Oudot Ian Barber 5,725,000 10
74 10300 Wednesday 14th April 2 Jan McVerry Ian Barber 5,363,000 13
75 10301/2 Friday 16th April Julie Jones
Damon Alexis-Rochefort
Ian Barber 5,800,000 7
76 10303 Monday 19th April 1 Alasdair Morrison Jason Wingard 5,946,000 7
77 10304 Monday 19th April 2 Owen Lloyd-Fox Jason Wingard 5,811,000 8
78 10305 Wednesday 21st April 1 Simon Crowther Jason Wingard 6,133,000 4
79 10306 Wednesday 21st April 2 Ellen Taylor Jason Wingard 5,624,000 11
80 10307/8 Friday 23rd April Cameron McAllister
Nessah Muthy
Lee Trevor 5,731,000 10
81 10309 Monday 26th April 1 Chris Fewtrell Lee Trevor 6,520,000 4
82 10310 Monday 26th April 2 Emily Gascoyne Lee Trevor 5,941,000 8
83 10311 Wednesday 28th April 1 Mark Wadlow Pip Short 6,097,000 6
84 10312 Wednesday 28th April 2 Jonathan Harvey Pip Short 5,251,000 13
85 10313 Friday 30th April 1 Debbie Oates Pip Short 6,010,000 7
86 10314 Friday 30th April 2 Debbie Oates Pip Short 5,569,000 11
87 10315 Monday 3rd May 1 Mark Burt Chantelle Kayll 6,297,897 3
88 10316 Monday 3rd May 2 Jayne Hollinson Chantelle Kayll 5,717,898 10
89 10317 Wednesday 5th May 1 Ian Kershaw Clive Arnold 6,128,904 5
90 10318 Wednesday 5th May 2 Ian Kershaw Chantelle Kayll 6,002,785 8
91 10319 Friday 7th May 1 Carmel Morgan Clive Arnold 5,908,828 9
92 10320 Friday 7th May 2 Ella Greenhill Clive Arnold 6,061,103 6
93 10321 Monday 10th May 1 Joe Turner Chantelle Kayll 6,195,294 7
94 10322 Monday 10th May 2 Steven Fay Clive Arnold 6,146,571 9
95 10323 Wednesday 12th May 1 Nessah Muthy Peter Rose 6,348,918 4
96 10324 Wednesday 12th May 2 Chris Fewtrell Peter Rose 6,288,592 5
97 10325/6 Friday 14th May David Isaac
David Proud
Peter Rose 6,183,982 8
98 10327 Monday 17th May 1 Damon Alexis-Rochefort Karl Neilson 5,922,315 12
99 10328 Monday 17th May 2 Damon Alexis-Rochefort Karl Neilson 5,607,317 15
100 10329 Wednesday 19th May 1 Cameron McAllister Karl Neilson 5,733,433 14
101 10330 Wednesday 19th May 2 Susan Oudot Karl Neilson 5,321,196 16
102 10331/2 Friday 21st May Alasdair Morrison
Julie Jones
Tim Finn 5,832,914 13
103 10333 Monday 24th May 1 Joe Turner Tim Finn 5,986,997 3
104 10334 Monday 24th May 2 Joe Turner Tim Finn 6,019,864 2
105 10335 Wednesday 26th May 1 John Kerr Audrey Cooke 5,729,277 5
106 10336 Wednesday 26th May 2 Mark Wadlow Audrey Cooke 5,305,687 9
107 10337/8 Friday 28th May Ellen Taylor
Jonathan Harvey
Audrey Cooke 5,652,451 6
108 10339/40 Monday 31st May Emily Gascoyne
Carmel Morgan
David Kester 5,668,266 3
109 10341 Tuesday 1st June Owen Lloyd-Fox David Kester 5,433,812 5
110 10342 Thursday 3rd June Steven Fay David Kester 5,417,529 6
111 10343 Friday 4th June Simon Crowther David Kester 5,382,598 7
112 10344 Monday 7th June 1 Mark Burt Nickie Lister 5,498,368 5
113 10345 Monday 7th June 2 Jan McVerry Nickie Lister 5,573,451 4
114 10346 Wednesday 9th June 1 Berri George Nickie Lister 5,490,124 6
115 10347 Wednesday 9th June 2 Ella Greenhill Nickie Lister 5,285,963 9
116 10348/9 Friday 11th June Chris Fewtrell Abe Juckes 5,303,290 8
117 10350/1 Monday 14th June Susan Oudot Abe Juckes 5,372,864 8
118 10352/3 Thursday 17th June Ian Kershaw Alex Jacob 4,978,012 10
119 10354/5 Sunday 20th June Jan McVerry Alex Jacob 4,782,929 16
120 10356/7 Monday 21st June Jonathan Harvey Emma Lindley 5,233,772 9
121 10358/9 Wednesday 23rd June Julie Jones Emma Lindley 5,117,856 10
122 10360/1 Friday 25th June Joe Turner Jane Ashmore 5,601,166 6
123 10362 Tuesday 29th June 1 Sam Holdsworth Jane Ashmore 4,825,401 18
124 10363 Tuesday 29th June 2 Jayne Hollinson Jane Ashmore 4,914,629 17
125 10364 Wednesday 30th June 1 David Judge Tom Poole 5,042,580 13
126 10365 Wednesday 30th June 2 Damon Alexis-Rochefort Tom Poole 4,922,005 16
127 10366/7 Friday 2nd July Simon Crowther Tom Poole 4,027,955 31
128 10368 Monday 5th July 1 Cameron McAllister Mickey Jones 5,512,754 5
129 10369 Monday 5th July 2 Ellen Taylor Mickey Jones 5,193,181 8
130 10370/1 Tuesday 6th July Debbie Oates Mickey Jones 4,758,152 12
131 10372/3 Friday 9th July David Isaac Clive Arnold 5,440,873 7
132 10374 Monday 12th July 1 Mark Wadlow Clive Arnold 5,911,974 2
133 10375 Monday 12th July 2 Emily Gascoyne Clive Arnold 5,543,189 4
134 10376 Wednesday 14th July 1 David Isaac David Beauchamp 5,594,861 3
135 10377 Wednesday 14th July 2 Simon Crowther David Beauchamp 5,433,313 5
136 10378/9 Friday 16th July Alasdair Morrison David Beauchamp 5,159,479 7
137 10380 Monday 19th July 1 Steven Fay Tim Finn 5,590,968 2
138 10381 Monday 19th July 2 Chris Fewtrell Tim Finn 5,425,603 4
139 10382 Wednesday 21st July 1 Punam Ramchurn Tim Finn 5,645,794 1
140 10383 Wednesday 21st July 2 Ian Kershaw Tim Finn 5,233,630 5
141 10384/5 Friday 23rd July Owen Lloyd-Fox Jason Wingard 5,556,655 3
142 10386 Monday 26th July 1 David Proud Jason Wingard 5,615,110 2
143 10387 Monday 26th July 2 Nessah Muthy Jason Wingard 5,353,097 5
144 10388 Wednesday 28th July 1 Jan McVerry Becky Wild 5,383,207 4
145 10389 Wednesday 28th July 2 Jonathan Harvey Becky Wild 5,538,337 3
146 10390/1 Friday 30th July Ella Greenhill Becky Wild 5,714,479 1
147 10392 Monday 2nd August 1 Mark Burt Diana Patrick 5,623,275 2
148 10393 Monday 2nd August 2 Jayne Hollinson Diana Patrick 5,528,142 3
149 10394 Wednesday 4th August 1 Julie Jones Diana Patrick 5,509,367 4
150 10395 Wednesday 4th August 2 Susan Oudot Diana Patrick 5,377,798 5
151 10396/7 Friday 6th August Debbie Oates
Carmel Morgan
David Kester 5,770,670 1
152 10398 Monday 9th August 1 John Kerr Alex Browning 5,876,824 1
153 10399 Monday 9th August 2 John Kerr Alex Browning 5,607,842 3
154 10400 Wednesday 11th August 1 Damon Alexis-Rochefort Nickie Lister 5,314,032 5
155 10401 Wednesday 11th August 2 Cameron McAllister Nickie Lister 5,032,787 9
156 10402/3 Friday 13th August Mark Wadlow
Emily Gascoyne
Nickie Lister 5,582,073 4
157 10404 Monday 16th August 1 Mark Burt Dominic Keavey 5,570,601 1
158 10405 Monday 16th August 2 Julie Jones Dominic Keavey 5,525,324 2
159 10406 Wednesday 18th August 1 Sam Holdsworth Dominic Keavey 5,522,887 3
160 10407 Wednesday 18th August 2 Ella Greenhill Dominic Keavey 5,050,047 6
161 10408/9 Friday 20th August Damon Alexis-Rochefort Amanda Mealing 5,200,099 4
162 10410 Monday 23rd August 1 Chris Fewtrell Amanda Mealing 5,471,312 5
163 10411 Monday 23rd August 2 Simon Crowther Amanda Mealing 5,634,519 3
164 10412 Wednesday 25th August 1 John Kerr Kevin Boyle 5,452,814 6
165 10413 Wednesday 25th August 2 David Proud Kevin Boyle 5,152,384 8
166 10414/5 Friday 27th August David Isaac Kevin Boyle 5,481,548 4
167 10416 Monday 30th August 1 Ian Kershaw Abe Juckes 5,534,187 9
168 10417 Monday 30th August 2 Ian Kershaw Abe Juckes 5,666,831 6
169 10418 Wednesday 1st September 1 Joe Turner Mickey Jones 5,633,748 7
170 10419 Wednesday 1st September 2 Owen Lloyd-Fox Mickey Jones 5,606,307 8
171 10420 Friday 3rd September 1 Steven Fay Mickey Jones 5,676,521 5
172 10421 Friday 3rd September 2 Alasdair Morrison Mickey Jones 5,687,848 4
173 10422 Monday 6th September 1 Ellen Taylor Tim Royle 5,726,364 9
174 10423 Monday 6th September 2 Emily Gascoyne Tim Royle 5,851,415 7
175 10424 Friday 10th September 1 Debbie Oates Tim Royle 5,885,763 5
176 10425 Friday 10th September 2 Debbie Oates Tim Royle 5,806,884 8
177 10426 Monday 13th September 1 Nessah Muthy Paul Riordan 6,191,838 5
178 10427 Monday 13th September 2 Carmel Morgan Paul Riordan 5,752,024 6
179 10428 Wednesday 15th September 1 Mark Wadlow Paul Riordan 5,721,187 7
180 10429 Wednesday 15th September 2 Jonathan Harvey Paul Riordan 5,368,556 11
181 10430/1 Thursday 16th September Chris Fewtrell Ian Curtis 5,310,262 12
182 10432 Friday 17th September 1 Simon Crowther Ian Curtis 5,412,439 10
183 10433 Friday 17th September 2 Ella Greenhill Ian Curtis 4,950,119 15
184 10434 Monday 20th September 1 Cameron McAllister Michael Lacey 5,839,058 10
185 10435 Monday 20th September 2 Alasdair Morrison Judith Dine 5,419,981 12
186 10436 Wednesday 22nd September 1 Debbie Oates Michael Lacey 5,464,663 11
187 10437 Wednesday 22nd September 2 Debbie Oates Michael Lacey 5,146,626 18
188 10438 Friday 24th September 1 Damon Alexis-Rochefort Michael Lacey 5,398,429 13
189 10439 Friday 24th September 2 Damon Alexis-Rochefort Judith Dine 5,189,645 16
190 10440 Monday 27th September 1 Ellen Taylor Judith Dine 5,675,289 11
191 10441 Monday 27th September 2 Ellen Taylor Judith Dine 5,533,947 13
192 10442 Wednesday 29th September 1 Owen Lloyd-Fox Jason Wingard 5,869,735 10
193 10443 Wednesday 29th September 2 Mark Wadlow Jason Wingard 5,150,248 15
194 10444 Friday 1st October 1 Joe Turner Jason Wingard 5,572,480 12
195 10445 Friday 1st October 2 Julie Jones Jason Wingard 5,311,242 14
196 10446 Monday 4th October 1 Jayne Hollinson Neil Alderton 5,979,309 8
197 10447 Monday 4th October 2 John Kerr Neil Alderton 5,651,417 12
198 10448 Wednesday 6th October 1 Carmel Morgan Neil Alderton 5,428,187 15
199 10449 Wednesday 6th October 2 Steven Fay Neil Alderton 4,984,311 21
200 10450 Friday 8th October 1 David Proud Ian Bevitt 5,634,359 13
201 10451 Friday 8th October 2 Susan Oudot Ian Bevitt 5,729,851 11
202 10452 Monday 11th October 1 Nessah Muthy Ian Bevitt 5,304,863 10
203 10453 Monday 11th October 2 Sam Holdsworth Ian Bevitt 5,173,208 13
204 10454 Wednesday 13th October 1 Emily Gascoyne Diana Patrick 5,597,720 7
205 10455 Wednesday 13th October 2 David Isaac Diana Patrick 5,193,514 12
206 10456 Friday 15th October 1 Jan McVerry Diana Patrick 5,605,747 6
207 10457 Friday 15th October 2 Jan McVerry Diana Patrick 5,290,742 11
208 10458 Monday 18th October 1 Alasdair Morrison Brett Fallis
Suri Krishnamma
George C. Siougas
Pip Short
6,126,785 7
209 10459 Monday 18th October 2 Susan Oudot Brett Fallis
Suri Krishnamma
George C. Siougas
Pip Short
5,974,370 8
210 10460 Wednesday 20th October 1 Jonathan Harvey Suri Krishnamma
George C. Siougas
Brett Fallis
Pip Short
5,950,327 9
211 10461 Wednesday 20th October 2 Ellen Taylor Suri Krishnamma
George C. Siougas
Brett Fallis
Pip Short
5,359,650 16
212 10462 Friday 22nd October 1 Emily Gascoyne George C. Siougas
Suri Krishnamma
Pip Short
Brett Fallis
5,948,207 10
213 10463 Friday 22nd October 2 Owen Lloyd-Fox George C. Siougas
Suri Krishnamma
Pip Short
Brett Fallis
5,718,400 11
214 10464 Monday 25th October 1 David Isaac Pip Short
Suri Krishnamma
Brett Fallis
George C. Siougas
6,279,266 8
215 10465 Monday 25th October 2 David Proud Pip Short
Suri Krishnamma
Brett Fallis
George C. Siougas
5,923,693 11
216 10466 Wednesday 27th October 1 Nessah Muthy Pip Short
Suri Krishnamma
Brett Fallis
George C. Siougas
5,868,579 12
217 10467 Wednesday 27th October 2 Ella Greenhill Pip Short
Suri Krishnamma
Brett Fallis
George C. Siougas
5,383,013 16
218 10468/9 Friday 29th October Sam Holdsworth
Chris Fewtrell
Pip Short
Suri Krishnamma
Brett Fallis
George C. Siougas
5,805,603 13
219 10470 Monday 1st November 1 Mark Wadlow John Anderson 6,246,089 5
220 10471 Monday 1st November 2 Jan McVerry John Anderson 5,747,107 9
221 10472 Wednesday 3rd November 1 Ian Kershaw John Anderson 6,031,278 6
222 10473 Wednesday 3rd November 2 Damon Alexis-Rochefort John Anderson 5,387,320 12
223 10474/5 Friday 5th November John Kerr
Joe Turner
John Greening 5,801,511 8
224 10476 Monday 8th November 1 Cameron McAllister John Greening 5,893,289 7
225 10477 Monday 8th November 2 Julie Jones John Greening 5,647,209 10
226 10478/9 Tuesday 9th November Steven Fay Tim Royle 4,983,187 18
227 10480 Wednesday 10th November 1 Simon Crowther Tim Royle 5,757,397 9
228 10481 Wednesday 10th November 2 Carmel Morgan Tim Royle 5,512,792 11
229 10482/3 Tuesday 16th November Joe Turner Penelope Shales-Slyne 5,516,145 9
230 10484 Wednesday 17th November 1 Nessah Muthy Penelope Shales-Slyne 5,638,083 8
231 10485 Wednesday 17th November 2 Ella Greenhill Zah Ahmad 5,297,941 11
232 10486 Friday 19th November 1 Sam Holdsworth Chantelle Kayll 5,402,246 10
233 10487 Friday 19th November 2 Alasdair Morrison Chantelle Kayll 5,017,474 14
234 10488 Monday 22nd November 1 Debbie Oates Chantelle Kayll 5,884,806 13
235 10489 Monday 22nd November 2 John Kerr Chantelle Kayll 5,902,777 12
236 10490 Wednesday 24th November 1 Julie Jones Zah Ahmad 5,765,092 14
237 10491 Wednesday 24th November 2 Julie Jones Clive Arnold 5,408,432 16
238 10492 Friday 26th November 1 Susan Oudot Clive Arnold 5,914,379 11
239 10493 Friday 26th November 2 Susan Oudot Clive Arnold 5,696,259 15
240 10494 Monday 29th November 1 Simon Crowther Gill Wilkinson 5,804,056 9
241 10495 Monday 29th November 2 Simon Crowther Gill Wilkinson 5,546,639 13
242 10496 Wednesday 1st December 1 Ian Kershaw Gill Wilkinson 5,611,808 12
243 10497 Wednesday 1st December 2 Ian Kershaw Gill Wilkinson 5,346,835 16
244 10498 Friday 3rd December 1 Cameron McAllister Neil Alderton 5,732,815 10
245 10499 Friday 3rd December 2 Cameron McAllister Neil Alderton 5,247,300 17
246 10500 Monday 6th December 1 Ellen Taylor Neil Alderton 5,472,993 16
247 10501 Monday 6th December 2 Mark Wadlow Neil Alderton 5,257,822 18
248 10502 Wednesday 8th December 1 Chris Fewtrell Richard Lynn 5,683,133 14
249 10503 Wednesday 8th December 2 Carmel Morgan Richard Lynn 5,275,334 17
250 10504 Friday 10th December 1 David Isaac Richard Lynn 5,655,770 15
251 10505 Friday 10th December 2 David Proud Richard Lynn 5,193,670 19
252 10506 Monday 13th December Damon Alexis-Rochefort Vicky Thomas 5,792,070 3
253 10507 Tuesday 14th December Jonathan Harvey Vicky Thomas 5,454,793 8
254 10508 Wednesday 15th December Emily Gascoyne Vicky Thomas 5,686,462 5
255 10509 Thursday 16th December Emily Gascoyne Vicky Thomas 5,577,650 7
256 10510/1 Friday 17th December Nessah Muthy
David Proud
David Beauchamp
Brett Fallis
Duncan Foster
5,610,223 6
257 10512 Monday 20th December 1 Ellen Taylor David Beauchamp
Brett Fallis
Duncan Foster
5,971,668 9
258 10513 Monday 20th December 2 John Kerr David Beauchamp
Brett Fallis
Duncan Foster
5,790,119 12
259 10514 Wednesday 22nd December 1 David Isaac David Beauchamp
Brett Fallis
Duncan Foster
5,900,890 10
260 10515 Wednesday 22nd December 2 Cameron McAllister David Beauchamp
Brett Fallis
Duncan Foster
5,555,094 16
261 10516 Friday 24th December Jonathan Harvey David Beauchamp
Brett Fallis
Duncan Foster
5,463,006 18
262 10517/8 Saturday 25th December Damon Alexis-Rochefort David Beauchamp
Brett Fallis
Duncan Foster
5,762,908 13
263 10519 Sunday 26th December Carmel Morgan David Beauchamp
Brett Fallis
Duncan Foster
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  • Finding out that Faye Windass previously willingly slept with Ray Crosby and therefore doesn’t think an allegation of rape would stick for her defence, Gary attempts to smuggle the trophy weapon out of No.4 but is discovered in the act by Craig Tinker and arrested for assault, being remanded in prison. When Faye thinks she’s pregnant, Tim finds out what really happened. Supported by Craig, she confesses to being Adam Barlow’s assailant to the police, and to Adam himself who forgives her. She’s released pending a formal charge.

Evicted by Ray Crosby, the Platt family prepare to leave 8 Coronation Street.

  • The planning application is granted after Ray bribes the panel’s chairperson, Susan, and he begins proceedings to evict the tenants from their properties as soon as possible. They discover the agreements they have signed for alternative properties are not as watertight as they’d assumed and their protests continue. Roy Cropper applies for a judicial review of the application. Debbie Webster is aghast to find out about the bribe and even more so when Ray is arrested for the attempted rape of Faye. Abi Franklin obtains taped evidence of the bribe and it makes its way to social media after Ray tries to drug her to get it back. Susan is arrested and Debbie hides Ray from the police, planning to spirit him away to a new life in Turkey on condition he signs over all the business to her. The application is rescinded. Forced by Abi, Debbie arranges to sell all the properties back to their former owners. She hides her part in Ray's escape by telling Abi she murdered Ray in self-defence.
  • Grace Vickers is released from prison and Michael Bailey discovers she is pregnant with his child. Delighted at the thought of being a father, he decides to take an active part in the birth and upbringing of the baby. He announces to his shocked parents that Grace is moving into No.3. Aggie Bailey and Grace declare an uneasy truce for appearances's sake.
  • Arthur Medwin’s wife dies. He decides to move to Canada and asks Evelyn Plummer to go with him. She decides to stay in Weatherfield and they say their goodbyes.
  • Simon Barlow discovers Leanne Battersby has been alone in the flat and not ready to face the outside world. He decides to support her alone.
  • Johnny Connor is sentenced to eight months in the same prison as Gary. Once inside, he struggles with his MS.
  • Asha Alahan does badly in her mock GCSE’s. With Nina Lucas’s support she finishes with Corey Brent when she realises that he’s using her. She and Nina grow close.
  • Peter Barlow returns from Scotland, his liver still not recovering from the abuse. He refuses a transplant from Daniel Osbourne and continues to drink. Jenny Connor asks him to leave the Rovers and he moves into No.1. He rejects Carla Connor’s support and accepts he’s going to die. Feeling rejected, Carla is tempted by an old flame, Lucas Kempton, but Peter changes his mind and begs her to stay with him. She does so.
  • Momentarily homeless because of the development, Alina Pop moves briefly into No.9. Tyrone supports her in taking up a college course to support her beautician ambitions.
  • Dylan Wilson is suspended from school in London for standing up for Sean Tully when his friends find out he has a gay father and fighting them. Violet Wilson sends him up north to spend time with Sean. He decides to buy his own flat for the two of them and pushes Chesney Brown hard for his money from Double Glammy.
  • Gail Rodwell discovers that George Shuttleworth is a distant relative and they become friends, making Eileen Grimshaw and Mary Taylor jealous.


  • Leanne falls behind with her household bills and quits her job at the solicitors as she’s unable to face the outside world. Jacob Hay, who works alongside Simon at the chip shop as a delivery cyclist, lends him money but in reality he is a drugs courier and slowly enmeshes Simon into owing him a large debt and having to pay it off by also delivering for his boss, Harvey, a local drugs lord. Simon tries to obtain Nick Tilsley ’s help but he is too caught up with continuing his relationship with Sam. The boy witnesses Simon and Jacob assaulting a lad who owes them money and flees in terror from the scene with some of their drugs.
  • Leanne becomes convinced she is receiving messages from Oliver and spends money on mediums. Simon encourages the belief as it makes her happier, but Toyah Battersby makes her see that a visiting medium, Jeremy, is a charlatan.
  • Paul is given a community order for assaulting the man he thought was Will’s father. Whilst at court, Todd gets Will to smash up Paul and Billy Mayhew’s flat. Summer Spellman is injured in the process. Billy blames Paul for bringing Will into their lives and asks him to move out. Paul can't stand being near Todd and quits Underworld, taking on a labouring job with Ed Bailey.
  • Tyrone begins to find Alina a distraction and arranges with Debbie for her to move back into the salon flat.
  • Peter struggles with his recovery. He comes home from detox and the family take turns looking after him. Lukas brings more business the way of the factory and Peter thinks Carla is seeing him behind his back. She struggles to convince him of the truth.
  • Asha and Nina begin a relationship. Pleased that Corey is out of the picture, Dev Alahan supports his daughter who is embarrassed at her father’s over-the-top behaviour towards her girlfriend.
  • Daisy Midgeley tries to get Jenny to forget Johnny but her stepmother makes it clear that she's staying loyal.
  • Johnny’s MS causes problems with his eyesight and his medication is strengthened. Depressed at the sudden death of a fellow prisoner, he starts to have visions of Aidan Connor. Alarmed at his state, Carla reports him to the prison authorities for psychiatric treatment. He is diagnosed with Charles Bonnet syndrome, a treatable condition, but Johnny wants the visions of his son to continue and stashes his pills rather than take them.
  • Ted Page passes away and Gail uses the money he left her to buy No.8 back. David is furious that his mother is again his landlady instead of vice versa and insults her. He has to grovel to be allowed to live in the house again.

The frosty atmosphere between Kevin and Debbie thaws in the face of adversity.

  • Debbie plans to hand Ray over to the police and take over all of his outstanding business empire herself. Abi struggles to deal with the knowledge that Debbie killed someone and confesses to Kevin Webster who orders his sister to come clean to the police. Miles Ingham proves loyal to his old friend and tells Ray what Debbie’s up to. Furious at the betrayal, he follows her to the bistro at night and locks her and Kevin in the walk-in fridge to freeze to death. They survive several days in there, becoming closer again in the process, until Abi rescues them. As they recover, Abi proposes to Kevin. Ray is arrested for attempted murder.
  • Faye is bailed to appear on trial while Gary is remanded in custody awaiting his own trial for perverting the course of justice.
  • Aggie is on edge when Ed’s flash brother, Ronnie Bailey, arrives on a visit.
  • Yasmeen Metcalfe finds it difficult returning to work at Speed Daal. However, Alya Nazir finds a stack of final demand letters that her gran has been ignoring that relate to debts that Geoff took out in her name. Bailiffs force her to agree to a repayment plan. Tim is left everything in Geoff’s will, including half of No.6 and a quarter of Speed Daal.
  • George has no driver for Ted’s funeral hearse and Eileen volunteers her services to get in his good books. She messes up the event when she drives over Gail’s wreath to her father and George says he wants nothing more to do with her when she finds the situation amusing.


  • Prison inmate Kai Mardin mistakes Johnny’s pill stash for him being a competitor for selling drugs and beats him up. The matter reveals that he’s not taking his medication. Jenny persuades him to continue with his course of treatment.

A scared Simon Barlow gains a new employer in form of drugs gangster Harvey.

  • A scared Sam tells Nick what he saw. When the information is passed on to Leanne, she finds a stash of cocaine in Simon’s bag and he has to confess the trouble he’s got himself in. Jacob treats her flat as his own, refusing to leave and showing Leanne no respect. Carla tries to intervene, but Jacob easily sees her off. She protects Peter from the news as to what’s happening to his son. Harvey discovers Jacob has been taking a cut and badly beats him up, putting him in hospital. Harvey tells Simon he’s been “promoted” to take his place. Leanne takes up the role to protect her son when she’s unable to pay Harvey off. She also returns to work at the solicitors. Realising how deep she’s getting, Leanne confesses all to the police who arrest her for drug dealing but also use her to entrap Harvey and his gang, even though it may mean that she and Simon have to live under a witness protection programme.
  • Tim tries to divert his legacy to Yasmeen, but she feels overwhelmed by all her money troubles and suffers a panic attack. She takes the house share back from him and happily agrees to Elaine Jones both buying the offered portion of Speed Daal and moving into No.6.
  • Ed takes Paul on as an apprentice and Daniel offers him his spare room in the corner shop flat. Todd attempts to divert him from getting back with Billy but only succeeds in making Billy realise he still has feelings for him when Paul tries to manipulate him by lying he’s moved on to someone else.
  • Nina gets cold feet with Asha when she declares her love for her, and her family also try to rush things between them. Corey’s ego can’t cope with being supplanted by another girl. Nina asks Asha to go back to being friends. Feeling rejected, she goes wild with drugs and Kelly Neelan ends up in Weatherfield General after taking some. She feels rejected when her foster parents don’t visit her and persuades Toyah and Imran Habeeb foster her instead. Asha agrees to go out with Corey again.
  • Daisy tries to set Jenny up with a date and is told off for meddling in her life.
  • Tyrone helps Alina with her course. Not realising he’s smitten, Fiz teases him about having an infatuation. Seb Franklin tries to take up with Alina again but she realises that she loves Tyrone. Fiz proposes marriage to Tyrone and is humiliated when he shows no happiness at the idea. She realises he’s in love with Alina. The two of them work hard to try to make things work again.
  • Sean’s selling activities start to alienate him from his friends. He tries to jack in Double Glammy but Rhydian persuades him to stay the course, though Todd and Abi spot holes in his claims of being a success that Sean can emulate. He quits Underworld when he’s caught storing his stock there. Daisy joins Sean and proves she’s a born saleswoman. Rhydian is delighted with his success and pushes him to take a flat at a reduced price in the Redbank Apartments.
  • Peter starts to wander the streets at night and slurring his words. A disgusted Steve McDonald thinks he’s drinking again and locks him in the house, refusing to listen to his claims that he’s ill. He collapses and is hospitalised. He is told that his disorientation was caused by toxins arising from his liver failure and everyone realises they failed to give him the benefit of the doubt.
  • Abi reluctantly takes up Debbie’s offer of the Chariot Square Hotel for her wedding. Sally appoints herself the wedding planner but to avoid the event going over-the-top, Abi asks her to perform the ceremony instead.
  • Looking after a relative in Birmingham, Aggie isn’t pleased when Ed and Ronnie start to socialise. Kat Bailey, Ronnie’s estranged wife, follows him to Weatherfield. She knows that he and Aggie had a fling over thirty years ago and Ronnie confesses that he needs to know if Michael is his son. Grace gives premature birth to a girl who is named Glory. Ronnie confesses the affair to a stunned Ed and Aggie confirms the awful truth. A devastated Michael learns that Ed might not be his father.
  • Steve’s fundraising for Oliver’s fund is publicised in the Gazette. Cathy Matthews, Brian Packham and Bernie Winter wonder how the McDonalds can afford an expensive skiing holiday and, stung by Tracy McDonald’s rudeness towards her, Cathy posts anonymous online comments suggesting the fund money is being mis-used. Amy traces the user to the Kabin and Brian takes the blame to protect Cathy. The newsagents suffers multiple vandalism attacks and a catastrophic boycott from the locals when word spreads about the comments.
  • Natasha Blakeman returns from London and asks Nick to move in with her and Sam.


  • Todd decides to leave, making Billy realise he wants to be with him. The two reconcile, angering Paul. Todd gets taken on at George’s new parlour on Victoria Street and starts to try to build the business up with hard selling in the face of his boss’s opposition. To get a further hold on the business, Todd tries to matchmake between him and Eileen but fails. George sacks Todd when he finds out about his unethical selling practices but relents when he sees how devastated he is by the death of a baby belonging to an old friend of his.
  • Fiz wants to Alina to move away but she refuses. Gemma Winter reports Alina to immigration, bringing her and Tyrone close together again. Forced by Fiz, he declares his love for Alina and the two split up again, with Tyrone moving into No.13. They try once more when they see the hurt that the girls are suffering but Alina entices him into her bed. Maria Connor realises the two are sleeping together. Fiz also discovers the affair is still on. Tyrone moves into the salon flat and Fiz keeps custody of the girls. In response to the events, Hope Stape attacks Joseph Brown in a fit of uncontrolled anger. Tyrone tries to maintain a relationship with the girls to keep the peace but resigns as Kevin's best man when he discovers that Alina is not welcome at his forthcoming wedding.
  • Leanne reports a drugs delivery that Harvey is planning to the police. His associates are arrested, as is he when he returns to Victoria Street intent on harming Simon who he believes grassed him up. The families find out what has been going on under their noses. Leanne and Simon plan to move into witness protection. Nick elects to go with them, hurting Natasha and Sam, and infuriating Gail. They leave Weatherfield and move to a flat in Warrington.
  • Dev finds out that Asha and Corey are back together and reacts badly. Asha succumbs to Corey’s pressure and plays truant from school to sleep with him. Dev meets Corey’s father, Stefan, to garner his support but finds that he approves of his son’s activities and even leases Leanne’s old flat for the couple to move into. Kelly makes her attraction to Corey obvious.
  • Michael takes a paternity test which confirms that Ed is his dad. He tells Ronnie they are no longer brothers. Ed buys an old camper van to go on occasional travels with Aggie and thus fulfil a long-held dream.
  • Resigned to a prison sentence, Faye pleads guilty of assaulting Adam at a hearing. Craig agrees to stick by her, no matter what but has to keep their relationship quiet when he is promoted to an attachment with CID. At a sentencing two weeks later, she receives three years in jail and Gary gets eight months but is released due to time on remand. He tries to bribe Miles Ingham to get Ray to change his plea of not guilty to rape, and thus give Faye’s appeal a chance, but Miles refuses such a paltry sum.
  • Cathy cannot take the pressure and admits that she was the one who posted the online comments, not Brian. Caught in the crossfire, Alex Warner starts to receive hurtful abuse and Nessa Warner insists he returns to her in Inverness. Hearing of this, Amy Barlow gets Steve to declare his forgiveness of Cathy however the abuse from other anonymous quarters continues. Unable to cope, she moves into, and hides, in No.6 with a reluctant Yasmeen and Elaine. Brian soon traces her but she refuses to leave.
  • Peter and Steve are reconciled. Carla resigns from Underworld, in part to avoid seeing Lucas who is doing business with the factory but she returns following Nick’s departure. Despite the loss of Simon, Peter starts to become more hopeful about the future. He’s told he must have a transplant as last hope as his liver is not recovering. The family support him through his assessment process, even though Tracy has doubts about Carla’s fidelity. They confess that her furtiveness is due to her and Peter organising a secret wedding. They are married, though Peter is ill throughout the ceremony. He is placed on the transplant list and, awaiting a possible donor in hospital, receives a visit from Simon who narrowly evades being kidnapped by one of Harvey’s heavies. Peter is taken off the list due to his unstable personal life.

A face from the past returns...

  • Sharon Bentley returns to the street, supposedly to make amends with Rita Tanner. Jenny is suspicious of her true motives. Rita is pleased to have her back. Sharon visits Harvey in jail. He is her nephew and threatens his aunt with her life to use her old contacts to find Leanne and Simon. Unable to find anything from Gail, she befriends Sam and persuades him to contact Nick and get him to emerge from hiding but his father refuses.
  • Gary arranges for a lonely and shielding Izzy Armstrong to be given a sewing machine so she can work from home but she keeps to herself the fact that she is suffering agonising pains.
  • Seb and Nina start to grow close. With Roy’s agreement, he starts to spend nights with Nina in the cafe flat and the two grow ever more in love.


  • Sharon tries to get Carla and Peter followed when he is discharged but Carla manages to slip her observer and make her way to Leanne and Nick’s hideout to make sure that Simon reached there safely. Sharon gets a hold of her phone and uses her maps tracking history to find out the location of the hideout, but Harvey’s thug is too late as they are one step ahead and have moved on to a safe hotel.

Nina is attacked.

  • Seb buys his mum a special necklace as a wedding present. Nina tries to warn Asha about Corey and Kelly, but her friend won’t listen. On the eve of the wedding, Seb and Alina are viciously attacked by a drunken Corey, Kelly and their mates. Both are hospitalised and Seb dies. Nina makes a slow recovery. Kelly is arrested for murder. Imran vows to protect her when Laura Neelan returns to the area having been kicked out by her latest boyfriend and proving to be a useless support. Asha refuses Corey's demands to provide a false alibi as when questioned by the police. He manages to cover his tracks in other ways and escape a formal charge whilst remaining under police suspicion. Abi blames Nina in part as the “motive” for the attack was Corey’s dislike of her Goth appearance. Devastated, Nina ditches her look. Abi relents and asks Nina to the funeral.
  • Summer is depressed about Seb’s death and starts to skip school where she is being bullied. Paul alerts Billy and Todd, who initially resents his interference but then changes his mind and thanks him for helping the girl.
  • Alina gets Tyrone to change his mind about being best man, but the wedding is cancelled following Seb’s death. Evelyn returns from a train trip away with James Woodgate and is furious about her grandson’s behaviour. Debbie puts the salon flat up for sale but Kevin asks Debbie to allow the couple to rent for a while longer. Tyrone starts to feel the financial strain of looking after two households. Evelyn is unhappy when Dev gives Tyrone a second job to help with the bills and tries to sabotage her grandson’s efforts to stay with Alina.
  • Michael and Grace bring Glory home. Ed annoys them with a constant stream of well-intended help and suggestions. He gives them space by visiting Aggie who is looking after a relative in Birmingham. To integrate himself with his brother, Ronnie pays for the campervan to be done up, obtaining the keys with Jenny’s connivance. Upon his return, Ed isn’t pleased that Ronnie has prevented him working on a pet project.
  • In helping Ronnie, Jenny throws caution to the wind and sleeps with him, almost instantly regretting her actions. She reconciles Ed and Ronnie but feels used when Kat returns and introduces herself to everyone as Ronnie’s wife. Ronnie sues for divorce while Daisy guesses what her stepmother did. Johnny arrives home unexpectedly. Daisy blackmails Ronnie to sell Double Glammy products but Jenny threatens to throw her out. She’s stopped when a tearful Daisy reveals that her own family have virtually cut her off and she has no one else in her life.
  • Daniel agrees to give Sam extra paid tuition in English and History. Growing closer to the Platt family, Natasha offers to pay for the sinkhole to be fixed and to set up Gail in her own cleaning business.
  • Sean bumps into his former homeless friend Carol Hill who has managed to turn her life around. Daisy tries to sign her up to be a Double Glammy agent but Sean objects, not wanting to entrap his friend. Carol thinks it’s because he doesn’t view her as being good enough but behind Sean’s back Daisy entraps Carol in the scheme.
  • Asha suddenly starts to defend Corey. She admits to Aadi that she knows her killed Seb and is gaining his trust to entrap him. Corey falls for the ruse and meets with Asha, wanting her to sleep with him again.
  • After discovering that Aadi Alahan is a gamer with Simon, Sharon tries to entice him out of hiding by pretending to seduce Dev and thus gain access to Aadi’s games console. Leanne sees the messages being exchanged in Aadi’s name and stops Simon replying.
  • All other avenues exhausted, Harvey orders Sharon to use Sam to bring Nick out of hiding. Reluctantly, she does as ordered and arranges for the boy to be kidnapped by Robbie, one of Harvey’s thugs, though Gary is an unknowing witness to part of the scheme. Nick falls for her trap and Robbie makes it clear to him that unless Leanne changes her evidence, his family is in danger. Leanne agrees to do so. Finding out about the witness protection programme, Natasha is furious with Nick for putting her son in danger and refuses him further access to the boy.
  • Cathy returns to Brian after beginning to hoard again and cause a mouse infestation in No.6, but the incidents have caused arguments between Yasmeen and Elaine who moves briefly into No.4 at Tim’s invitation. Seeing that she is in the way there, she moves back to Bolton.
  • Steve does a charity bike ride in which he is knocked over by Curtis Delamere, a student in the same race. He turns up on the street to apologise and Emma Brooker falls for him. Steve is livid with him but changes his attitude when Amy makes him see that he’s becoming obsessional. He helps Curtis obtain a job at the bistro.
  • Evelyn uses a fall in the corner shop to take advantage of Dev and Bernie Winter, making them do all her work and chores for her, under threat of legal action for compensation.
  • With help from Ronnie and Gary, Jenny gets closer to finding out what Sharon is up to and tries to warn a disbelieving Rita. She finally manages to find out the truth but is tasered by Sharon and put in hospital before she can use her knowledge. Sharon finds out about Jenny and Ronnie and tries to blackmail her into silence. Worried for Rita’s safety, Jenny has to tell Johnny everything that has been going on. The police close in on Sharon as Rita realises something is up and demands answers from her former foster daughter.
  • Peter is put back on the transplant list. Daniel gets Adam to join him in reiterating their willingness to be donors but a shocked Sarah objects to her husband putting himself in danger. A worried Sarah chases Lucas for money for a delivery and even Carla worries that her old friend has gone bust.
  • Although at first excluded, Roy persuades Abi to relent and allow his niece to attend Seb’s funeral. She asks Abi to dress as a Goth again as her son loved her like that.
  • Gary plans to move to Bristol to be near Zack Rubinstein.


  • Sharon comes clean to Rita about everything. She manages to get away before the police close in, though Gary is almost shot by Robbie in the attempt. Impressed with his heroism, Maria is reconciled with him.
  • Johnny declares that their marriage is over and moves out. Jenny takes her anger out on Ronnie and tells him to vacate his B&B lodging but later relents.
  • Seb’s funeral takes place. Corey puts on a show of sympathy, but Abi overhears him laughing about the attack and sets off to attack him. Asha intervenes and then drugs her former boyfriend’s drink to get access to his phone which gives evidence of his return to near the scene of the crime three days later. The police scan CCTV and use it to gain an admission that his disposed of a rucksack with bloodied clothing. He is charged with murder and GBH but granted bail.
  • Carla finds out that Lucas has defrauded her, though she manages to snatch back the delivered stock.
  • Under pressure from Sarah, Adam pulls out of being a donor for Peter, much to Carla’s disgust. Tests on Daniel show he is incompatible. Another liver becomes available, and Peter’s operation is successfully conducted.
  • Evelyn’s scam is revealed when Bernie catches her out happily walking on her supposed bad ankle.
  • Fiz returns to Underworld. She hits the roof when Alina babysits the girls without her knowledge. Hope tries to cause rows between Fiz and Alina, to get back at her for splitting up her parents. Fiz and Tyrone almost end up going to court for formal consent orders, alarming Evelyn as they edge closer to a complete breakdown of civility between them after Fiz reports Tyrone on suspicion of drink driving. Evelyn persuades Fiz to take a softer line. Alina starts to change Tyrone, reluctantly making him adopt a younger lifestyle.
  • Bernie and Dev sleep together when a joke to make Aadi think they are an item goes too far. Despite his remorse, Dev continues to have sex with her. Mary overhears Dev bad-mouthing Bernie, and outraged on her behalf, Mary informs her. Dev gets his drink poured over him for his troubles. He has to give Bernie a pay rise to recompense her.
  • Sean is appalled when he discovers that Daisy has got Carol selling Double Glammy products. She interrupts a seminar he runs for further recruits, begging him for money she owes on her rent as she can’t shift her gear. Daisy refuses to let her cancel her contract and Carol deliberately overdoses. Ashamed of his part in events, Sean gives all the details of the pyramid scam to Daniel who writes an exposing article, essentially shutting it down.
  • Aled is approved for a cochlear implant, but Gemma initially refuses, afraid of the risks of the operation. Freda is asked by Chesney to give her input, but she says they should only do research to make an informed choice. Work makes Chesney miss a sign-language lesson and Gemma reacts badly, spending the day out when she forgets that it’s Father’s Day and feels guilty as a result afterwards. After talking to Bernie, she agrees to the implant.
  • Summer begins to do badly at school and knocks back energy drinks. After seeing Dr Gaddas and passing out twice, she is rushed to hospital where she is diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Todd moves in with Billy who tries to help a reluctant Summer to come to terms with her daily insulin injections.
  • Nina turns to drink, stealing booze from the corner shop and ending up sleeping the night in the Victoria Street ginnel. After quitting her Underworld job, she runs across Corey beginning negotiations with Matt, a lucrative football sports agent. She deliberately ruins things by telling Matt about the charge hanging over the young player. The furious lad follows her back home and tries to attack her, being swiftly rearrested for breaking his bail conditions. Nina decides she wants a boring, normal life again.
  • Curtis shows an interest in Emma, but she makes the mistake of taking dating advice from Tracy and plays hard to get. Steve intervenes when Curtis asks Steve if he’s upset his daughter and brings the two youngsters together.
  • Nick, Leanne and Simon return for Harvey’s trial. Harvey gets Rhys, another of his gang, to fire warning shots at Nick’s car when he is with Sam, but it only has the effect of steeling Leanne’s resolve. Sharon tries to prevent the shooting and her nephew arranges for her to be beaten up as a punishment. She crawls back to Rita for help who turns her in to the police. Sharon turns Queen’s evidence against her nephew who is found guilty and jailed. Sharon makes plans to take over his empire but needs money to start. Rita refuses her request for cash, and she once more leaves the street.
  • Tired of the danger that Sam is being exposed to, Natasha refuses to let Nick see his son. David pressures Gail to let Nick see Sam when she is home-schooling him and a subsequent row between Nick and David triggers her having a heart attack. Tired of the stress, she resolves to go back to Thailand and enjoy life.
  • Aadi takes a fancy to Summer though the feeling is not reciprocated.
  • Johnny puts the Rovers up for sale and Daisy persuades Jenny that they ought to purchase it as partners. Daisy’s income stream from Double Glammy is cut off as a result of Daniel’s article but she doesn’t tell Jenny. Out of spite, she effectively also sacks Sean behind her stepmother’s back for exposing the scam and the other staff down tools in protest. A furious Jenny sorts matters out but cuts Daisy out of the partnership, deciding to buy the pub on her own. Johnny moves into his new place on Mawdsley Street, he and Jenny parting on good terms.

Alina reveals that Tyrone's life is going to take an unexpected turn

  • News reaches Tyrone that Kirsty Soames has died. Remembering his past torments, a sympathetic Fiz helps him deal with her estate. Alina realises she’s pregnant and is upset that Tyrone and Fiz seem to be closer again. She finds out from Sally about Kirsty’s history and Tyrone looks forward to being a father, but he tries to put off telling Fiz the news.
  • James is promoted to Weatherfield County FC's coveted No.9 shirt when Tommy Orpington retires. Danny Tomlinson makes his reacquaintance but will only stay with him if they can live an open life. Social media rumours once more abound about James’s sexuality and the matter dominates a press conference organised by the club. Supported by his family, James comes out publicly and declares his love for Danny.
  • Jamila House is repossessed by the bank to help pay off Yasmeen's debts. Alya is upset about the loss and cracks start to appear in her and Ryan's relationship. Daisy tries to cheer him up and encourages him to take up his DJ work again.


  • Fiz discovers that Alina is pregnant and feels used.
  • Danny cancels a move to France to be with James, getting a job at the bistro.
  • Daisy comes up with the idea of a mobile pub and DJ service, run from the Rovers, against opposition from Alya who starts to fear that Daisy has set her sights on Ryan. When a gig is cancelled, Daisy gets him drunk and he spends the night in her bed, though he doesn’t sleep with her. Daisy spitefully makes sure Alya finds out, hinting that more happened than was the case, and she finishes with Ryan. He moves into the Rovers where Jenny is furious with her stepdaughter for her behaviour. Ryan lands a DJ gig in Val d'Isère which Daisy is keen to join him on.
  • Nick offers to let Sarah buy him out of the factory and Adam raises the money, but Carla beats her to it and takes back controlling ownership of the business.
  • Peter is discharged from hospital.
  • Izzy produces sub-standard work from home. Carla insists she returns to the factory, or she’s sacked. Concerned neighbour Fergus Dunford tells Sarah that Izzy has had a difficult time in isolation, including a bad fall the previous year which she still hasn’t recovered from. After Izzy resigns, Carla relents and gives her easy work to do, getting the other reluctant staff to make up the shortfall but keeping the charitable move from her so that her pride isn’t hurt.
  • David and Nick try to persuade Gail to change her mind about the move, and Sam is upset to hear about her departure. After persuading Natasha to let Nick be a part of Sam’s life, Gail departs for Thailand. Nick and Leanne are delighted when Natasha lets Sam stay for several days though Nick panics when he thinks his son has gone missing and Sam makes him realise that he has to be more relaxed with him.
  • Paul gets a reluctant Summer to change her mind about insulin injections. Todd proposes to Billy who accepts. Will returns, blackmailing Todd for £5,000, or he will tell Billy about their previous actions. The boy inveigles himself into Summer and Billy’s lives who both forgive him for the previous year’s break-in. When other methods fail, Todd steals an expensive heat pump from the builder’s yard that Billy bought with church funds for a halfway house. Paul is initially blamed for the theft. With no insurance covering the heat pump, Billy resigns as archdeacon for messing up the project. Guilt-ridden, Todd takes back the resignation and gets a wage advance from George to pay for the heat pump getting an extra £1,000 for his own uses. Receiving his cash, Will records a conversation between him and Todd about their actions in splitting up Billy and Paul.
  • Eileen refuses to let a hard-up Sean move back into No.11. She discovers that Jason has lost all his money in an online scam. George offers to persuade Eileen to relent with Sean, if he can help George pursue Eileen romantically. Eileen is furious when she discovers the collaboration and George falls down when he angrily confronts him, breaking his wrist. She has to help out at the undertakers as a result.
  • Fiz joins an online dating site where she agrees to meet Chris Golding who turns out to be a reporter wanting to write a story for the Gazette about women dumped for younger girls. After some persuasion, Fiz agrees provided a pseudonym is used to hide her identity, but everyone easily recognises who the piece is about, angering Tyrone and Alina. Daniel is asked to write up their version of events, but he refuses. Kevin persuades Tyrone not to write up his own story as everyone’s sympathy is with Fiz.
  • Fiz meets divorcee Phill Whittaker and starts to date him. Tyrone is jealous and starts to stalk the pair. Alina is furious with him. Phill tries to be friendly but a drunk Tyrone tries to punch him. Alina demands he gets over his ex or else they are finished. Fiz finishes with Phill when she realises that she needs to concentrate on her daughters.
  • Steve is £4,000 short of his £100,000 target for Oliver’s fund and Curtis suggests a nude calendar of the local men. They prove reluctant and Curtis and Emma have to use guile and flattery to persuade them. Brian takes photos but the shot of Dev includes a badly placed kiwi fruit which could be mistaken for something else. He demands the calendar be changed but it has already gone to print.
  • Emma tries to take things further with Curtis but though he initially proves reluctant, they eventually spend the night together. Debbie thinks he is seeing a lady called Danielle behind Emma’s back and Steve confronts him, only to discover that Danielle is a from a terminal illness support group as Curtis has a heart condition which could kill him at any moment. Not wanting to burden Emma, he tries to finish with her, but she discovers the truth. Curtis resolves to leave the area, but Emma persuades him to stay, offering him her full support.
  • Grace, bored with motherhood, falls back in love with Michael. She sets up an online business, successfully selling Michael’s design for baby-grows but although they sleep together, he is reluctant to commit to her any further.
  • Laura returns, broke and out of work. She is taken on as a cleaner at Underworld. When she hears about Fiz’s piece in the Gazette, she offers to sell her daughter’s story to Chris and visits an unwitting Kelly to get information from her about the murder. Daniel advises Chris to steer clear of Laura and alerts Imran and Toyah to what is going on. They inform Kelly who has her mother arrested for child cruelty.
  • James receives £30,000 from a gay magazine for an interview and he and Michael test drive an expensive car. They are stopped by PC Brody for what they suspect are racially profiled reasons and, in the altercation, James falls and hurts his knee, requiring an operation. When passers-by post a video of the incident, racist comments prompt James into making a formal complaint about Brody’s actions. Craig, who witnessed the end of incident, finds himself caught between friends and a colleague and produces a report which leans towards Brody’s side of the story.
  • Although initially happy at the baby news, Hope grows more and more angry at being pushed out of the picture. Everyone misses the signs as she turns against Alina and the baby and starts to show vengeful tendencies.

Todd's machinations are exposed to the world.

  • Will discovers that Todd kept back £1,000 for himself and gives the recording of their conversation to Paul who plays it an event to launch the calendar. Billy and Summer break off all contact with Todd who is arrested for the heat pump theft. Eileen disowns him and kicks him out of No.11. George gives him a chance to make amends, letting him keep his job. Summer neglects her insulin, feeling her life is hateful and collapses, being rescued by Todd and taken to hospital. He earns no forgiveness for his actions.
  • Freda sets up Gemma and Chesney with a sign-language teacher, Charlie, who tries and persuades an uncertain Gemma to agree to Aled’s implant operation.


  • Finding out from a scan that the baby is a boy, Tyrone enthuses over having a son. Hope overhears and, thinking he never wanted girls, sneaks into his flat and tries to burn the baby's new cot. She ends up setting fire to the flat. Alina is asleep inside the bedroom and is rescued and taken to hospital where she miscarries the baby. Evelyn suspect Hope but Fiz refuses to believe her daughter could be responsible until she finds Alina's flat keys in the girl's toybox, and the police discover that an accelerant was used in the fire. At the same time, Alina reports Fiz as the possible arsonist. With Tyrone's connivance, she and Hope flee the street and go into hiding in a B&B in Manchester. He pretends to Evelyn that they're staying with Cilla Battersby-Brown and lies to Alina about Fiz's innocence. Alina’s attention turns to her old people traffickers and the police find that Rachel Healy was recently released but are able to find an alibi for her. Tyrone tells all to Evelyn who makes him and Fiz face reality. She returns home and is arrested when she confesses to starting the fire herself to protect her daughter. Discovering the truth, Alina makes Tyrone tell the police everything, wanting Hope to get the help she needs with her aggressive condition. At a hearing, Hope is given a youth rehabilitation order with appropriate therapy to assist her. The trauma brings Fiz and Tyrone closer together and they eventually kiss, but he proposes to Alina almost by accident. Emma overhears them discussing the kiss and is alert for her friend's sake. Fiz is hurt when Chesney bans Hope from playing with his children while she still presents a danger to them.
  • The police report that there was no evidence of excessive force used by PC Brody and refuse to take James's complaint further, even when he points out that racism was the root cause behind him being stopped. Despite his manager telling him to drop the matter, he decides to appeal and the police agree to reinvestigate.
  • Eileen accepts a date from George, but he takes a colleague out instead when he overhears her saying how his job repulses her. When they argue, Mary tries to reconcile them but the most they can agree on is just to be friends from now onwards.
  • Izzy grows suspicious that she’s being used as a charity case and sends boxes of crumpled paper in instead of finished garments to see what reaction it produces. When she's thanked for them, she explodes in anger at Sarah and Carla. They apologise and learn from her how difficult it was for her during the lockdown.
  • Amy coaches Aadi in how to ask a girl out to help him with Summer which proves successful. Tracy mistakenly thinks her daughter is going out with him instead and she and Dev decide not to tell the over-protective Steve. When he does find out, and also makes the mistake of thinking Amy is having sex with Aadi, an argument ensues which Aadi and Summer walk into. Summer feels humiliated and momentarily finishes with Aadi.
  • Peter decides not to return to Street Cars but instead explore new avenues in life.
  • A residents' parking scheme is introduced in Inkerman Street and drivers start to leave their cars in Coronation Street. Shona Platt finds herself in dispute with Todd when he parks the hearse outside No.8. Moving their own car very early one morning, Shona thinks she hit someone in the darkness and panics. She and David decide not to inform the police as Shona still isn’t licenced to drive. Todd is their victim and he dumps himself on them in a blackmail attempt, angering David. He tries to hide his car, but the police find it, conduct forensic checks on it and he is arrested for perverting the cause of justice. Sarah Barlow berates Todd for no longer being the nice boy she once fell in love with, and her words resonate. He gives a false statement to exonerate David, and prepares to leave the area. Abi makes Eileen stop him and his mother takes him back in. Todd receives community service for the heat pump theft and spends part of it helping a very reluctant Billy at a soup kitchen. Mary persuades him to keep him on. He does so with all the worst jobs allocated to him.

Abi hates the memorial to her son.

  • Getting stressed over the upcoming trial, Nina plans a memorial garden for Seb on a space next to the builder’s yard donated by Ed. Asha offers to help collect funds for it and reports back she’s amassed £400, hiding from Nina the fact that she sold her laptop for the majority of it. When Dev lets slip about it, Asha is forced to confess to Nina that she still has feelings for her, making the girl angry at her deception over something that means so much to her. Abi shows no enthusiasm for the project and almost no one notices how much she hates the glamorisation of her son’s death, particularly a large mural of her son painted by Nina. In the middle of the night, she trashes the site. Nina accuses Asha of the vandalism, but Abi confesses, giving reasons that Nina understands. Abi helps with the garden’s restoration and Brian helps her compose a heartfelt victim impact statement for the trial.
  • Tired of her and Nick’s life of leisure, Leanne suggests they put in an offer to buy the bistro off Debbie. She rejects a low offer, and the two parties play a cat and mouse game of changing offers in which Debbie involves an innocent Ronnie. They finally agree on a price and the two women enter into a business relationship which turns into mutual respect for each other’s abilities. Debbie dines with Ronnie to apologise to him, and starts to see him, upsetting Jenny who has just been given Johnny’s blessing to move on with her life and who had previously turned Ronnie down.
  • Ryan is uncomfortable as Daisy proclaims themselves as a couple and flaunts their relationship in front of Alya. His ski slot turns out to be a kids’ daytime gig in a hamlet some miles away. Daisy is angrily disappointed and her attentions move to Daniel when she overhears that Denise has gifted him a £400,000 house. She flirts with him. Daniel falls for it and she and Ryan finish. Jenny feels sorry for Alya and annoyed with her stepdaughter’s behaviour, tells her that Daisy exaggerated what occurred on the night that Ryan was drunk. Alya reveals all in front of Ryan and Daniel, who is thus warned off the toxic girl.
  • Sally isn’t pleased to be given a parking ticket by Fergus who turns out to be a warden. She begins a campaign about the parking issue which Maria opposes until Liam suffers an asthma attack caused by traffic fumes. After being arrested for attacking the Underworld diesel van, Maria joins forces with Sally and becomes something of a zealot on local environmental matters.
  • Seeing how good Adam is with Bertie Osbourne, Sarah wants them to try for their own baby.
  • Laura is given a suspended sentence for child cruelty and Imran rejects her offer to be a character witness for her daughter. Gary anonymously posts £7,000 cash through the solicitor’s door to help Imran pay for expert forensic testimony to help Kelly, but it is rejected at a pre-trial review. He is further disheartened when his ex-wife, Sabeen Habeeb, reveals herself as one of the barristers on Corey’s large and expensive defence team. Jack Webster puts Corey’s fair trial in jeopardy when he names him online as a defendant as the court has protected the defendant’s identities. Toyah worries that Imran is becoming obsessed. Sabeen finds out that Nina has no memory of the attack and that Kelly is cracking under the pressure. Nina’s memories start to return. Asha, Summer and Abi take her back to the scenes of the crime and her memory is fully restored: she was attacked by Eli Higginson and Jay Dowling while Corey was the one who assaulted Seb as Kelly tried to stop him. Hearing this, Simon passes it on to Imran on the eve of the trial.
  • Grace pushes Michael for a place of their own and to go into partnership with him in his baby-grow business. Ronnie advises him to be honest with her in telling her that he doesn’t love her. Furious, she threatens to move to Hull taking Glory with her and then maliciously blackmails Ed and Aggie into giving her a rental house they have just invested in on Gable Street at no charge in order that they get access to their grandchild. Michael is unaware of the true terms of the transaction.
  • Todd is horrified to find Pat Phelan’s ashes still stored at the funeral parlour. George admits he’s never found the right moment to asks Eileen what she wanted to do with them.


  • Nina makes a revised statement which judge accepts in evidence. Both Nina and Asha have a hard time in the witness box under the defence team’s cross-examination. Imran fails to break down Corey’s evidence and the lad breaks down convincingly under questioning. Eli perjures himself by asserting that Kelly attacked Seb. Abi finds evidence that Eli’s father, a former driver, has recently been employed by Stefan Brent and is now moving his circles. She passes on the evidence that he and his son have possibly been paid off but the police state that it’s all above board. Kelly doesn’t acquit herself well in court, and nor does Laura when she tries to give a character witness statement for her daughter and states that she could be violent. On the day of the verdict, Abi desperately tries to get Stefan to admit to buying witnesses off by locking him inside his office, but she is arrested. Corey is acquitted and Kelly receives a life sentence, with a minimum of fifteen years to be served.
  • Everyone is devastated by the verdict. Kelly attempts suicide and mental health counselling is organised for her Imran and Toyah. She starts to integrate herself at the Millbank Secure Training Centre but some of the other inmates find out who her father was. Victims of Rick themselves, they send her to Coventry.
  • Abi considers using drugs again to deaden her pain and grief. Kevin is unable to help her, and she leaves him, going to stay with a cousin in Doncaster.
  • Imran finds himself depressed by his failure. Sabeen moves in on him, reminded of why she once loved him. She gets him to spend part of the night at her house and then uses that to blackmail him into helping her with Harvey’s appeal. Imran tells Toyah her spent the night in his office and about the case, but not who it is about. Toyah hears from Gary that he saw Imran in a Manchester bar on the night of the verdict.
  • Hope begins her therapy sessions where she moves Fiz and Tyrone when she says that people are always leaving her. Alina springs a trip to Romania in a couple of weeks for Tyrone to meet her family and then starts to change the plan to have them married out there without consulting Tyrone to any great degree. Hope has a difficult time returning to school and the other parents start to put pressure on the school to have Hope excluded through a WhatsApp group. Fiz takes up with Phill again when he hears about the group, once more invoking Tyrone’s jealousy. Seeing them dating, he asks Fiz to take him back, realising that he’s made a huge mistake. She refuses and Tyrone fears that she might move away with the girls. He uses this to get Alina to agree to postpone their Romanian trip, but she’s stunned when she finds out that Hope has a history of starting fires, and the extent of the child’s problems were kept from her. She confronts Tyrone about deceiving her all the time with lies and he admits he kissed Fiz. She leaves him and returns to Romania, possibly pregnant with his child again. Tyrone is made to look petty and foolish when he confronts Phill with supposed evidence that he’s cheating on Fiz, only to discover that it was linked to a romantic surprise that he planned for her, and which is now ruined.
  • Todd spills the ashes when he tries to run off with them. Eileen catches him hoovering them up and he and George lie that they belong to a pensioner with no friends or family. Moved, Eileen offers to give the old lady a send-off herself. Feeling guilty, George confesses that they’re Phelan’s ashes. She tells Todd to move out and George tells her that he is the one responsible. She lets Todd stay and is very mollified when George follows her instructions and leaves Phelan’s ashes in a dog poo bin on the Red Rec. The two of them once more take up their hesitant romance.
  • Curtis collapses at work but tests show nothing out of the ordinary. Emma is moved when she hears him talking to his support group about his condition and asks him to move in with her. He has a momentary lapse of control when he goes missing and gets drunk, depressed over not having a definite diagnosis.
  • Aadi is annoyed with Dev for not taking any interest in his relationship with Summer, so Dev organises a dinner party with them and Billy where he gets blind drunk and asks them questions about if they are having sex yet. The embarrassed youngsters beat a hasty retreat.
  • James is slow to return to full fitness and pushes the police to hurry up their investigation. Craig gives a revised statement backing up James’s story.

The street says farewell to Norris.

  • Norris Cole’s friends are stunned to find he has died, suffering his stroke whilst trying to spy on Claudia Colby and prove she was having an affair with Charles Moore. Mary and Freda bicker over the funeral arrangements. George doesn’t help matters by initially messing things up. Gail returns for the funeral which is run to Norris’s instructions and contains typical veiled insults from him as well as opportunities to create discord, especially between Rita and a hurt Audrey when he reveals that Rita used to go to Claudia to have her hair coloured.
  • Daniel begins teaching at Weatherfield High on a placement where Max Turner enjoys giving him cheek. With him getting bad reports, David asks Daniel to give extra tuition to his son. Daniel refuses claiming it would favouritism but David later sees him helping Summer with her work to get a place at Oxford University and argues with him. Max lies to David about his homework and then steals Daniel’s wallet. The two get into a tussle when Daniel tries to retrieve it. David reports Daniel to both the school and the police for assault but is forced to drop the matter when Max tries to use Daniel’s debit card in the corner shop which is declined. Shona is concerned that David is blindly defending Max who is getting out of control.
  • Distracted during an especially fraught day at Speed Daal, Alya falls for a banking scam and the business’s account is emptied. She contacts Zeedan Nazir who turns up suspiciously quickly. Soon afterwards he is beaten up by two men and Zeedan reveals that his attackers are his wife’s family who are after him after he cheated on her. A disapproving Yasmeen accepts £50,000 to keep the business going provided he lives under her roof where she can keep an eye on him.
  • Aled’s operation falls due. Freda, grieving for Norris, is upset when Bernie and Chesney say that it will put an end to sign language lessons and other interactions with deaf people. Fearing that they are taking to child away from his own culture, she breaks down and kidnaps the child, holding him in the community centre. Gemma persuades her to release him when she promises to keep the lessons going. The child misses his operation and Chesney refuses Freda any other interactions with his family after the police let her go.
  • Sharon Geary visits Kelly and lets slip that an anonymous person donated to her defence fund. She does nothing to disabuse the girl of her happy notion that her father is alive and paid the money. Gary argues with Sharon for giving Kelly false hope.
  • Grace moves into her house which she demands Ed makes changes to at his expense. Still not knowing of her blackmail, Michael agrees to pay half of the non-existent rent himself which Grace refuses to pass on to his parents. Danny witnesses part of an argument between Aggie and Grace that makes him think something untoward is going on. He informs James who gets the truth out of his parents about what Grace is up to. He gives them £15,000 so that they are not struggling with money due to Grace’s demands.
  • Nina and Asha resume their friendship but on a platonic basis. Nina applies for a college course on fashion and textiles, trying to put the past behind her. Corey is promoted to County’s first team.
  • Audrey feels old, unwanted and redundant. Her family hold a belated birthday meal at the bistro but Audrey attends in a sour mood, dislikes the gifts and walks out when Rita turns up. Trying to leave, she reverses her car into Rita’s and Gail realises her mother needs glasses. Audrey refuses to agree, thinking her family are writing her off.
  • Debbie plans a Horror Nation Street night in Brewery Lane in the run up to Hallowe’en.


  • Gail offers to pay for Rita's car repairs and the family push Audrey to have an eye test. They confiscate her car keys however she gets Max to steal them back for her.
  • Trying to keep their relationship on track, Toyah gets Imran’s agreement to fostering another young child. Social services lodge four-year old Elsie, with them. To allay Toyah’s suspicions, Imran confesses to spending the night on Sabeen’s sofa after the trial and his ex-wife corroborates his story for him, making it clear to Imran that he now owes her. Not knowing of the nature of the case, Toyah gives her blessing to Imran helping Sabeen with her work. Under a pretence of trying to get Sharon convicted for her part in the drugs gang, he gets a burner phone from Simon that Jacob gave him, but its data proves useless to Sabeen She then pressures him to find out if Rita is in touch with Sharon, but Rita sees through him and shames him for his behaviour. Stung, Imran refuses to be intimidated by Sabeen any longer and confesses to Toyah to having one-night stand with a mystery woman when he said he was with Sabeen all night. She struggles to take in what’s happened while the mystery woman, Abi, is furious with Imran for telling the truth. Toyah hacks into Imran’s phone, finds out what Sabeen did, and reports her, putting her job at risk. She tells a furious Harvey to find a new lawyer and that Leanne’s sister has scuppered his appeal. He swears revenge. Toyah tells Imran they’re finished.
  • Nina wins a place on the course. She tries to expose Corey in the press, on social media and with flyers but is threatened with a charge of slander. She’s devastated when Corey is promoted to the first team and dedicates a winning goal to Seb’s memory. Roy has to stop her driving her car at Corey when she sees him on Victoria Street. She resolves to get the best from life from now onwards however remains distracted by the news of Corey’s burgeoning career.
  • Kevin tries to get the County players and manager to see Corey for what he is but fails. Kevin finds out that Abi’s cousin hasn’t seen her for years and that Abi has withdrawn £2,000 from their bank account. Investigating her old haunts, he finds her ex, Tez Wyatt at The Dog & Gun. He denies knowing her whereabouts but Abi has used the money to buy a gun from Tez's contacts with the intention of killing Corey. She returns to Kevin, hiding her intentions, but upsetting Jack and Debbie when she refuses to give assurances that she’s back for good. Kevin rebooks their wedding. Nina discovers what Abi is up to and tries to persuade her to stop.
  • Sally confronts a councillor who uses the street for his personal parking, pushing Fergus to give him a ticket for parking next to the medical centre’s dropped kerb. She and Tim celebrate their wedding anniversary, but she is too involved in her campaign to give the event her full attention, much to Tim’s chagrin.
  • James’s appeal is upheld, and he receives both an official apology and a personal one from PC Brody. He feels as though he now has too much pressure on him to achieve change. He persuades County to begin a scheme mentoring potential black managers and James is himself taken on to be taught coaching.
  • With Speed Daal struggling, Zeedan organises a tasting evening, but Debbie steals the idea and has one of her own on the same night, also pinching Navid, Zeedan’s head chef for the event. He retaliates by hiring a food van and parking it outside the bistro. Zeedan’s father-in-law, Hashim Elamin, turns up in Weatherfield, admitting he had him beaten up for stealing £50,000 from him. He threatens to tell Yasmeen what he’s done unless he uses Speed Daal’s books to launder his cash. Zeedan reluctantly agrees, although he has to find various surreptitious ways of achieving the fraud as his gran refuses to relinquish control of the books. After a couple of weeks, Hashim increases the pressure by giving him another £50,000 to launder with an imposed time limit of a month. Ryan grows suspicious of what Zeedan is up to.
  • Summer plagiarises the text of the personal statement from her university mentor when she struggles to compose her own. Aadi discovers what she’s planning and, embarrassed at her actions, she confesses to Daniel who encourages her to promote herself using her own words. She begins to tutor Max who begins to make progress with his schoolwork.
  • Seeing how much Sam loves being near Nick, Natasha makes plans to buy the salon but changes her mind when Gail reminds her that she agreed to pay for the sinkhole to be fixed. To enable the sale to go through, Audrey pays to repair the damage instead. Bernie plays a trick on Dev, getting him to believe that Natasha fancies him.
  • Daisy’s attentions swing back to Daniel who to her frustration treats her like a friend. Jenny tries to get her interested in the Platts’ sinkhole engineer Leo Thompkins, and is surprised when he tells her that it’s her that he fancies. Initially nervous about the age difference, she eventually throws caution to the wind when she realises that he’s sincere. Johnny is jealous that she’s moved on.
  • With Johnny at a loose end, Carla starts to employ him within the Underworld business again, putting Beth Sutherland’s nose out of joint when she asks to be groomed for management. Feeling there's nothing left for him in the area, Johnny plans to move to Bali to be with Kate.
  • Aadi suggests a lad’s camping holiday with his dad, but Dev invites Asha along and changes it to a hotel trip instead, much to Aadi’s annoyance.
  • A night of heavy rainfall brings disaster to the street in a series of related incidents. Harvey engineers an escape from a prison van which crashes into the Alahan’s car on the way to their holiday, setting it on fire. Dev has to judge which child to rescue and chooses Asha as she is unconscious. Aadi is trapped in the wreckage. He manages to free himself before the car explodes and is taken to hospital with burns and an injured stomach.

Roy comes to the rescue of Abi and Corey.

  • Abi goes to Corey’s house to shoot him, but Nina alerts the police with a false report of an assault and Abi is forced to return to the street. Corey attends the opening of Debbie’s "Horror Nation Street" attraction and Abi sees him there. The rainfall, combined with the pressures from the nearby sinkhole causes an adjacent sewer collapse into which Abi and Corey fall with Abi now ready to shoot the trapped youngster. Roy persuades her against killing Corey and rescues both of them. The police investigate Corey’s complaint of attempted murder against Abi, but a guilt-ridden Roy avoids telling the full truth when asked to corroborate Corey’s statement.
  • Now on the loose, Harvey captures Leanne, but she manages to escape. He too falls into the sewer collapse and is swept away, washed up near Abi’s dropped gun. He makes his way back to Victoria Court where he shoots Natasha, thinking she is Leanne. When he realises that his intended victim is still alive, he gets into her car to make her drive him to his escape pick-up point, but she deliberately rams the vehicle into a skip and Harvey is recaptured. After several operations, Natasha dies. Sam insists on seeing her reposed body in the undertakers, but the shock traumatises him and he becomes an involuntary mute.
  • Leo tries to take charge of the disaster as the sinkhole in No.8’s garden expands due to the storm and sewer collapse. Looking for him, Jenny falls into the growing morass and the fire brigade is called. Realising that he still loves his wife, Johnny climbs down to rescue her, but both are trapped in a shaft. Shona manages to rescue Jenny, but Johnny dies in the water. Carla and Jenny are grief-stricken, and Jenny starts to drink too much. She takes her anger out on Daisy, and Daniel has to comfort her.
  • Fully aware of what his father did, a recovering and bitter Aadi becomes withdrawn from his family. Dev feels guilty for his actions and tries to compensate by making his son assistant manager of his business empire.
  • Joe reports to David that the disaster would not have occurred if they had not delayed fixing the sinkhole. Jenny and Carla find out and rip into David for causing Johnny’s death.
  • Homeless man Stu Carpenter attempts to steal from the corner shop. Asha notices that his rucksack is Corey’s discarded County one in which he disposed of his blood-stained clothes. Stu runs off and Asha and Nina play detective to track him down. Finding out how important the clothes are, Stu attempts to sell them to Corey but is repulsed by the footballer’s contemptuous attitude towards him. He therefore hands the vital evidence over to Nina and Asha.
  • Worried about Curtis’s deteriorating condition, Emma asks Steve for money from Oliver’s fund to purchase specialist health care, but he refuses as it’s unethical and possibly illegal.
  • Tez is furious that Abi lost the gun and demands she gets it back. Determined to begin her life anew, Abi prepares to marry Kevin, but Jack finds a letter she wrote her husband-to-be on the night of the storm explaining why she had to kill Corey.


  • Maria organises a protest meeting against a new bypass which will be built on the Red Rec. She finds out that Phill is on the planning committee. He gives her the idea about standing for election herself next May. A jealous Sally also thinks of standing. In the meantime, they work in an uneasy truce when, together with Mary, they organise a charity Christmas market on Victoria Street. A by-election is called, and Sally persuades Maria not to stand against her but instead work for her campaign.

A rare moment of happiness in a difficult year.

  • Jack hands the letter over to Debbie. She questions Abi and finds out that she brought a gun into the house to use on Corey. Debbie demands the wedding is called off and she leaves her family for good. Abi tells Kevin everything. Prompted by Jack, he forgives her, and the wedding goes ahead with Debbie’s blessing. Jack is delighted when Abi makes plans to formally adopt him.
  • Curtis struggles with revising for exams due to his condition and misses an exam. Soon afterwards he suffers chest pains but is discharged from hospital. He proposes to Emma. Steve uses his personal savings for Curtis to see specialists. Curtis pushes Emma only to have a low-key wedding with none of his estranged family present.
  • Ryan alerts Alya to a row he witnessed between Zeedan and Hashim. Zeedan rehires the food van to launder the money away from watching eyes. Hashim gives more money to be laundered and Ryan sees a holdall full of it being deposited in the food van. He takes it and confronts Zeedan, who confesses everything. He, in turn, tells Alya but Hashim makes it clear to her that if the police are informed, he will report Zeedan for stealing £50,000 from him.
  • Using tests on the bullet which killed Natasha, the police link the gun with one used by Tez in a raid some years before. They question him but he covers for Abi.
  • The police find enough forensic evidence on Corey’s clothing to issue a warrant for his arrest. Realising that Stu has passed his clothing on, he and Stefan attempt to flee the country but Gary captures them in the back of Christian Higginson’s van and drives them to the police station. Corey is charged and remanded in custody. He pleads guilty to murder and exonerates Kelly.
  • Imran wastes no time in lodging an appeal for Kelly and she is released. Nina and Asha reject her attempts to apologise. Social services cannot place her back with Imran and Toyah as they have their new foster child and don’t possess authorisation to have more than one child. Kelly stays in sheltered accommodation, but she has to flee when another resident, Cole, tries to make her steal mobile phones for her and threatens her with violence. She avoids being sexually assaulted by a man who picks her up in a hotel and lives on the streets.
  • Debbie asks Danny to devise a new menu for the bistro. Ronnie is highly impressed with the result and alerts Tom Carswood, a London restaurateur to this new talent. Tom offers Danny a job in London which he at first rejects, not wanting to leave James. He’s persuaded to take up the opportunity by his boyfriend and the two attempt to maintain a long-distance relationship.
  • Nick feels helpless as Sam remains mute. The boy is referred to therapy. George attempts to help by reigniting his interest in astronomy. Sam’s looks and gestures show he is pleased but he still won’t communicate. Natasha’s funeral takes place and Nick reads out an emotional eulogy that Sam has written for his mother. They move back into the flat and Leanne gives him a memory jar. When playing with him, Lily taunts him but chokes on a lollipop and Sam raises the alarm to get help for her, but without managing to speak a word.
  • Kelly persuades Toyah to give Imran another chance and she admits that she hasn’t been able to hate him. They are reconciled.
  • Aadi plans to move to London on a minimum wage apprenticeship but is persuaded to stay when Dev promotes him to be general manager of his three shops. He then finds out that Dev couldn’t afford to pay his rent in the capital because of his expenditure on Asha. When his father buys a new car, Aadi gets drunk and deliberately scratches it. Dev mistakenly reports Kelly as the vandal, but after a short time, Aadi confesses to the crime, revealing to him his bitterness at the way he’s been treated. Summer finishes with Aadi for letting Kelly be blamed. He finds common cause with Kelly and tries to help her, just before she is living on the streets and missing from those who can help her as she has said she is living back with Laura. Stu looks after her as best as he can, but she finds temptation in drugs. Nina rescues her from being attacked by a gang of lads and brings her back to the street where Dev has already been persuaded by Aadi to let her live under their roof. Maria gives her a job at Trim Up North where she allows Stu to shelter overnight.
  • A grieving Carla throws herself into her work but starts to make mistakes. She decides to take time off to recuperate. Both she and Jenny are on edge at Johnny’s funeral. Afterwards, Carla is hurt to find out that her father left Jenny everything in his will and made no bequests to her.
  • Summer passes the entrance exam for Oxford. Daniel again helps her with her interview preparation, and she develops a crush on him. She’s disappointed when she realises that he only sees her as a useful babysitter for Bertie. His friendship with Daisy is threatened when she uses photos of herself with Bertie to boost her social media profile, but she is pleased when he turns up to support her at Johnny’s funeral and they grow closer. They decide to keep their romance a secret from everyone. Paul suspects he's had a woman in the flat. Jenny tries and matchmake Daisy with County’s new striker Ashley Hardcastle, making Daniel jealous. He also gets annoyed when she receives free clothes for Bertie from a clothing company who think she’s a social influencer as well as the child’s mother and doesn’t correct them. Their passionate row ends up with them sleeping together but they row again when he infers that she’s ill-educated and she ends up back with Ashley, even though his football talk bores her. The final split occurs when Daniel overhears Jenny saying that she’s only interested in him because of his inheritance.
  • Phill lets Tyrone take the credit for a science project they help Hope with. The girl continues to be ostracized by the other parents at school. Tyrone dips his toes in the dating game by going out with Isla Haywood, a mother from the school, but it ends disastrously when her husband finds out his wife is cheating on him and punches an innocent Tyrone. Fiz invites Phill to begin staying overnight.
  • Summer encourages Max when he shows an aptitude for film making. She’s horrified when he produces a film citing a conspiracy theory about Johnny and Natasha’s deaths. The film upsets everyone concerned and Max attempts to punch David when he remonstrates with him. Daniel sees he has a talent with film making and encourages him to continue, but on less sensitive subjects.
  • Faye is depressed at her continuing imprisonment. At Sally’s request, Debbie visits Ray and produces enough evidence to convince the police that he paid for the sinkhole to be engineered, and thus can be charged with the manslaughter of Johnny, unless he confesses to the lesser charge of sexual assault. When his own solicitor agrees that the manslaughter charge presents a longer sentence, he acquiesces and Faye is freed on bail pending an appeal, though she finds it hard to settle back into her old life. Sarah takes her on at the factory.
  • Roy is devastated to learn how Sam’s trauma has made him mute and the way he has protected Abi from the consequences that her actions unleashed. Unable to deal with his guilt, he signs over his estate to a distraught Nina and leaves the area to atone for what he’s done, despite his many friends trying to persuade him from going. Abi is wracked with guilt for him going and tries to make amends by getting Sam to talk but goes over the top and has to be stopped by Kevin. He takes her off on a surprise honeymoon, getting away before she finds out that Kelly is their new neighbour.
  • Grace neglects Glory to spend time out socialising. She cons a new sofa out of Ed and Aggie, but they find she has sold it to Bernie.
  • Aled has a successful cochlear implant operation.


  • Specialist Dr Handley reminds Curtis that he has a disorder which means he makes up health issues to gain attention. Ruby Dobbs takes one of his heart pills and Emma discovers they are harmless vitamins. When Curtis proves evasive about his treatment, Emma finds out the truth from his father Neville. Confronted, Curtis starts to see a psychologist. Emma confides in Amy about Curtis, and she tells her father when Curtis is trusted with transferring the money for Oliver’s fund and it goes missing within the system for several hours. Curtis is arrested for fraud at his wedding, but soon released. Steve tries to hide the fact from Emma that the money has been located. She discovers the fact and searches for her missing fiancé. Finding him by chance at Weatherfield General, she witnesses him still insisting to the staff that he has a heart condition and sadly finishes with him.
  • Ed forces Aggie to apologise to Grace when she confronts her over the sofa. Bernie rips into Grace when she realises she’s left Glory on her own to go drinking with her. When Ed and Aggie find out, Grace sells Glory to them for £20,000, admitting she can’t cope. Michael accuses his parents of pushing Grace away.
  • Zeedan agrees to Hashim’s demands that his sons set fire to the restaurant as an insurance job. Former chef Stu is inside making a trial meal when the arson is committed and Zeedan saves his life. Hashim demands all the insurance money but dies suddenly of a heart attack while threatening Zeedan and Alya. They plant keys to the restaurant in his car and point the finger of blame on him to the investigating police. Yasmeen feels guilty for suspecting Stu of the fire. Zeedan helps his estranged wife, Marrium, sort out her father’s estate. Yasmeen offers Stu a room at No.6 but retracts the offer when he reminds her of Geoff. She makes it up to him by giving him trial shifts at Speed Daal.
  • The Christmas market opens with stalls from the Rovers and Preston's Petals.
  • Max mistakes Daniel’s interest in Summer’s education for an infatuation. Drunk, he makes a public accusation at a school dance, punching Daniel. He is suspended and Daniel is investigated by the police. Summer convinces Billy that Daniel was always professional, but Paul thinks he groomed her, and she was the woman who he suspected was in the flat. The Barlows rally round Daniel and Tracy threatens Billy and Summer with eviction. The police drop the matter. Paul finds out that it was Daisy in the flat and has to apologise to Daniel but Max refuses to say sorry and is considered for exclusion. On the quiet, Daniel speaks up on his behalf and he is readmitted. Max sabotages the lyrics on Daniel’s laptop for a Christmas school choir who then sing a slanderous carol about him. Daisy speaks up for him to the assembled crowd and a properly remorseful Max apologises when he discovers that it was Daniel who got him readmitted.
  • Mimi Halliday, Phill’s posh controlling mother turns up. She takes against Fiz but tries to hide it and agrees to his suggestion that the two women hold a joint birthday party for him at the bistro. Mimi takes over the organisation and orders hideous party dresses for Fiz and the girls. She blames Fiz for the late delivery of the cake and announces she’s moving to Weatherfield. Tyrone takes her to task, but responds with uncomplimentary comments about Fiz, unaware that everyone at the party can hear her. Phill orders his mother to show Fiz respect and she storms off.
  • Amy considers university in London. Tracy demands that Emma’s wedding plans be scaled back to pay for her. When she finds out, Amy changes her mind and decides to study in Manchester.

Adam is reunited with an old flame at the Christmas market.

  • Sarah and Adam try for a baby. She makes friends with Lydia Chambers, the PA to one of Underworld’s clients who has a son, Finn, who is Harry’s age. She realises that Adam and Lydia once had a relationship at university, but Adam insists it was just a fling, even though he is shaken by the sight of Finn. Sarah is angry when she discovers that their relationship actually lasted for six months. Lydia starts to go out with Daniel, upsetting Daisy after she finishes with Ashley who proves to be boring and vain, and realising that she loves Daniel after all.
  • Sally falls out with Maria when she belittles her during an interview with the Gazette. Sally agrees to endorse a new housing development next to the Red Rec in return for first refusal on an executive house. Maria decides to stand against her after all when she finds out about the deal and asks her awkward questions during a residents’ Q&A.
  • Summer feels frumpy and fat and deliberately makes herself sick after a meal at the bistro.
  • Audrey has another car crash and is diagnosed with cataracts.
  • Impressed with Kelly’s skills after she cuts Stu’s hair, Maria takes her on as an apprentice hairdresser. Returning from honeymoon. Abi soon discovers that Kelly is a neighbour and begins a campaign of harassment against the girl, pushing her into being arrested for using drugs again. When the two women are forced to meet each other at a drugs support group, they get an insight of the other’s viewpoint and agree on a truce. Dev throws Kelly out of No.7 because of the drugs and Gary gets Maria to agree that they will take her in.
  • Kevin discovers that Seb was making contact with the twins’ adoptive parents to see them on a visit to England and completes the arrangements, giving Abi a memorable Christmas with Charlie and Lexi Boulter.
  • Trying to repair the damage caused between Max and Daniel, Sarah suggests a joint Barlow-Platt Christmas at the bistro but everyone else is reluctant about the idea. Half the Barlows duck out, David is forced to do the majority of his cooking on his birthday, Audrey gets drunk and Ken bores everyone with his handbells.
  • Eileen is appalled when George’s present to her is coffin with a full funeral plan. She is livid when she discovers that Gail made the suggestion. George makes it up to her with a new coat and a meal out.
  • Tyrone is delighted when Fiz cancels a Christmas trip to Aviemore so that he can spend the festive season with the girls. He and Phill fall out momentarily when he confesses to kissing Fiz. Phill makes plans to buy a big new house and Fiz asks Tyrone to sell No.9 to raise her part of the funds. He at first refuses but then changes his mind when Evelyn makes him see that he’s being unreasonable.
  • Nina begins to suffer anxiety and panic attacks, especially that something untoward might happen with Asha. Carla spots the problem and contacts Roy, who returns to be reunited with the delighted girl on Christmas Day. Following his advice, she comes clean to Asha about her anxiety, and she agrees to sync their phones, so they always know where the other is.
  • Faye begins driving lessons with Craig, but he quits when she proves herself to be appalling erratic behind the wheel. Emma takes over the duties instead.
  • Nick is delighted when Sam speaks for the first time in weeks to Hope over a walkie-talkie she’s been given for Christmas though the boy remains mute with everyone else.
  • Leo and Jenny restart their relationship. She is still concerned about the age gap until his friends tell her how enthusiastic he is about her.
  • Tim starts to get concerned about his health and resolves to change to a healthier style of living. Sally is caught short in Victoria Gardens on her way home on New Year’s Eve.
  • Sarah and Adam have a disastrous New Year stay at a hotel where the two constantly row about his womanising past.
  • Abi discovers that she is pregnant, probably with Imran’s child, and breaks the news to him on New Year’s Eve.

Who lives where

Coronation Street

Rosamund Street

Victoria Street

Victoria Court

Redbank Apartments

  • 7 Redbank Apartments - Adam Barlow. Sarah Barlow and Harry Platt (from January).
  • Unknown address - Sean Tully (April to July).


Awards and nominations

Ceremony held on 6th June 2021

British Soap Awards

Inside Soap Awards

National Television Awards
Ceremony held on 9th September 2021

Royal Television Society
Ceremony held as livestream on 16th March 2021

  • Soap and Continuing Drama: Coronation Street (Nominee)

Royal Television Society (North West) Awards
Ceremony held on 20th November 2021

  • Best Performance in a Continuing Drama: Sally Carman (Winner), Mollie Gallagher (Nominee)
  • Best Continuing Drama Storyline: Geoff Metcalfe's coercive control, Seb and Nina's attack (Both nominees)

TV Choice Awards

  • Best Soap: Coronation Street (Winner)
  • Best Soap Actor: David Neilson (Winner)
  • Best Soap Actor: Sally Carman (Winner)

TV Times Awards 2021

  • Favourite Soap Star: Mollie Gallagher (Winner), Sally Carman (Nominee)
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