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2016 was Coronation Street's fifty-seventh year.

Main characters

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1Nick TilsleyBen PriceFull year14517386
2Michelle ConnorKym MarshFull year14012504
3David PlattJack P. ShepherdFull year13321651
4Aidan ConnorShayne WardFull year13019152
4Pat PhelanConnor McIntyreFull year130160 -
4Anna WindassDebbie RushFull year13093710
7Leanne Tilsley/BattersbyJane DansonFull year125179720
8Gail RodwellHelen WorthFull year12241202
9Sarah PlattTina O'BrienFull year except for January119164117
10Todd GrimshawBruno LangleyFull year11670533
10Tim MetcalfeJoe DuttineFull year11641918
10Eva PriceCatherine TyldesleyFull year11655460
13Robert PrestonTristan GemmillFull year11418650
14Tracy BarlowKate FordFull year11119036
14Eileen GrimshawSue CleaverFull year111179310
16Sally MetcalfeSally DynevorFull year11029979
17Audrey RobertsSue NichollsFull year108297027
18Kate ConnorFaye BrookesFull year10313569
19Sean TullyAntony CottonFull year except for October99144415
19Gary WindassMikey NorthFull year9969037
21Cathy MatthewsMelanie HillFull year9816643
21Bethany PlattLucy FallonFull year9854330
23Kevin WebsterMichael Le VellFull year97285521
24Billy MayhewDaniel BrocklebankFull year9616646
25Johnny ConnorRichard HawleyFull year8912467
26Ken BarlowWilliam RoacheFull year88435315
26Maria ConnorSamia Ghadie/LongchambonFrom April88144049
26Zeedan NazirQasim AkhtarFull year8819340
29Beth SutherlandLisa GeorgeFull year8748124
30Kirk SutherlandAndrew WhymentFull year84114132
31Roy CropperDavid NeilsonJanuary and from May8319365
32Mary TaylorPatti ClareFull year8251134
33Steph BrittonTisha MerryFull year8129828
33Norris ColeMalcolm HebdenFull year81154545
35Liz McDonaldBeverley CallardFull year except for November8020893
36Steve McDonaldSimon GregsonFrom April80291325
37Rita TannerBarbara KnoxFull year78359652
38Andy CarverOliver FarnworthFull year except for May7417334
39Luke BrittonDean FaganFull year7320834
40Kylie PlattPaula LaneUntil July7261628
41Tyrone DobbsAlan HalsallFull year except for June70176213
41Gemma WinterDolly-Rose CampbellFull year except for January and February7010074
43Sinead TinkerKatie McGlynnFull year except for November6926737
44Sophie WebsterBrooke VincentFull year except for November and December68134119
45Yasmeen NazirShelley KingFull year6716855
46Carla ConnorAlison KingUntil May6611618
46Erica HolroydClaire KingFull year6612961
48Dev AlahanJimmi HarkishinFull year65143352
48Caz HammondRhea BaileyFebruary, and April to December657280
50Izzy ArmstrongCherylee HoustonFull year6456555
50Jenny BradleySally Ann MatthewsFull year except for June6439364
50Alya NazirSair KhanFull year except for January6421126
53Craig TinkerColson SmithFull year5921639
54Max TurnerHarry McDermottFull year except for February and September5836023
55Simon BarlowAlex BainFebruary, and from June5752548
55Michael RodwellLes DennisFebruary to March and July to November5724812
57Jason GrimshawRyan ThomasUntil June56149930
58Amy BarlowElle MulvaneyFull year5556950
58Fiz StapeJennie McAlpineFull year55182755
60Faye WindassEllie LeachJanuary to March, May and from August5239541
61Rana Habeeb/NazirBhavna LimbachiaFrom February5151 -
61Alex WarnerLiam BairstowFull year except for October515484
63Sharif NazirMarc AnwarUntil November5016546
64Chesney BrownSam AstonFull year except for August4993742
65Freddie SmithDerek GriffithsFrom March4747 -
66Peter BarlowChris GascoyneFrom October40120585
67Harry PlattWoody Illsley and Pixie & Presley SellarsMarch to July and from September3939 -
68Lily PlattBetsie & Emmie Taylor and Brooke MalonieJanuary, March to August and from October3711973
69Liam Connor Jr.Charlie WrenshallApril, and from July2715283
70Jake WindassSeth & Theo WildFebruary to November238281
71Asha AlahanTanisha GoreyJanuary to February, July and from September2115976
71Adam BarlowSamuel RobertsonFrom November21232 -
73Aadi AlahanZennon DitchettJanuary to February, July and from September2016075
73Daniel OsbourneRob MallardFrom November20122 -
75Brian PackhamPeter GunnFrom November1716779
76Seb FranklinHarry VisinoniFrom October1414 -
77Jack WebsterMaddox Beswick and Kyran BowesJanuary to February, May to June, October and December1312170
78Hope StapeFaith & Nicole HoltJanuary to February, April, October and December1017863
79Ruby DobbsMacy AlabiJanuary to February, April, October and December912171
80Jude AppletonPaddy WallaceFrom December44 -
80Toyah BattersbyGeorgia TaylorFrom December4617 -
80Shona RamseyJulia GouldingFrom December44 -
83Emily BishopEileen DerbyshireUntil January2329764
84Rob DonovanMarc BaylisUntil January129778


In charge of the programme were Executive producer Kieran Roberts and producers Stuart Blackburn and Kate Oates.


# Ep.
Date Part Writer Director Viewing
18807Friday 1st January1Damon RochefortDurno Johnston6,470,00018
28808Friday 1st January2Damon RochefortDurno Johnston6,110,00022
38809Monday 4th January1Ben TagoeDiana Patrick7,200,00012
48810Monday 4th January2Ben TagoeDiana Patrick6,980,00014
58811Wednesday 6th JanuaryMartin AllenDiana Patrick7,080,00013
68812Friday 8th January1Mark BurtDiana Patrick6,820,000 16
78813Friday 8th January2Perrie BalthazarDiana Patrick6,190,00019
88814Monday 11th January1Debbie OatesTim Dowd6,950,00012
98815Monday 11th January2Susan OudotTim Dowd6,570,00016
108816Wednesday 13th JanuaryEllen TaylorTim Dowd6,760,00014
118817Friday 15th January1Chris FewtrellTim Dowd6,780,00013
128818Friday 15th January2Perrie BalthazarTim Dowd6,620,00015
138819Monday 18th January1Joe TurnerJohn Anderson7,120,00011
148820Monday 18th January2Joe TurnerJohn Anderson6,700,00014
158821Wednesday 20th JanuaryJayne HollinsonJohn Anderson6,210,00017
168822Friday 22nd January1John KerrJohn Anderson6,870,00012
178823Friday 22nd January2Jan McVerryJohn Anderson6,810,00013
188824Monday 25th January1Martin AllenBrett Fallis6,940,00010
198825Monday 25th January2Ben TagoeBrett Fallis6,840,00013
208826Wednesday 27th JanuaryJonathan HarveyBrett Fallis6,910,00011
218827Friday 29th January1Damon RochefortBrett Fallis6,700,00015
228828Friday 29th January2Mark WadlowBrett Fallis5,950,00018
238829Monday 1st February1Chris FewtrellAbe Juckes6,710,00014
248830Monday 1st February2Damon RochefortAbe Juckes6,700,00015
258831Wednesday 3rd FebruaryBen TagoeAbe Juckes6,620,00017
268832Friday 5th February1Julie JonesAbe Juckes6,960,00013
278833Friday 5th February2Susan OudotAbe Juckes6,700,00016
288834Monday 8th February1Simon CrowtherDuncan Foster7,010,00010
298835Monday 8th February2John KerrDuncan Foster6,800,00011
308836Wednesday 10th FebruaryMark BurtDuncan Foster6,600,00012
318837Friday 12th February1Ellen TaylorDuncan Foster6,450,00013
328838Friday 12th February2Ella GreenhillDuncan Foster6,310,00014
338839Monday 15th February1Joe TurnerGill Wilkinson6,580,00012
348840Monday 15th February2Joe TurnerGill Wikinson6,620,00011
358841Wednesday 17th FebruaryMark WadlowGill Wikinson6,410,00015
368842Friday 19th February1Jonathan HarveyGill Wilkinson6,490,00014
378843Friday 19th February2Jan McVerryGill Wilkinson6,310,00017
388844Monday 22nd February1Jayne HollinsonJudith Dine6,770,0009
398845Monday 22nd February2Martin AllenJudith Dine6,710,00012
408846Wednesday 24th FebruaryJonathan HarveyJudith Dine6,600,00013
418847Friday 26th February1Debbie OatesJudith Dine6,290,00015
428848Friday 26th February2Perrie BalthazarJudith Dine5,790,00018
438849Monday 29th February1Joe TurnerMatt Hilton6,690,0009
448850Monday 29th February2Mark WadlowMatt Hilton6,340,00012
458851Wednesday 2nd MarchDamon RochefortDiana Patrick6,540,00010
468852Friday 4th March1Ellen TaylorDiana Patrick6,470,00011
478853Friday 4th March2Julie JonesDiana Patrick6,200,00013
488854Monday 7th March1Simon CrowtherTim Dowd6,850,0007
498855Monday 7th March2Chris FewtrellTim Dowd6,520,0009
508856Wednesday 9th MarchMark BurtTim Dowd6,500,00010
518857Friday 11th March1Jan McVerryTim Dowd6,330,00011
528858Friday 11th March2John KerrTim Dowd5,800,00014
538859Monday 14th March1Chris FewtrellDavid Kester6,590,0009
548860Monday 14th March2John KerrDavid Kester6,280,00012
558861Wednesday 16th MarchMark WadlowDavid Kester6,290,00011
568862Friday 18th March1Debbie OatesDavid Kester6,200,00013
578863Friday 18th March2Ellen TaylorDavid Kester5,730,00014
588864Monday 21st March1Jonathan HarveyJohn Anderson6,600,0006
598865Monday 21st March2Perrie BalthazarJohn Anderson6,390,0007
608866Wednesday 23rd MarchMark BurtJohn Anderson6,310,0009
618867Friday 25th March1Julie JonesJohn Anderson6,330,0008
628868Friday 25th March2Susan OudotJohn Anderson5,660,00012
638869Monday 28th March1Joe TurnerDuncan Foster6,480,0009
648870Monday 28th March2Martin AllenDuncan Foster6,530,0007
658871Wednesday 30th MarchBen TagoeDuncan Foster6,630,0006
668872Friday 1st April1Simon CrowtherDuncan Foster6,500,0008
678873Friday 1st April2Jan McVerryDuncan Foster6,210,00012
688874Monday 4th April1Julie JonesBrett Fallis6,470,0006
698875Monday 4th April2Julie JonesBrett Fallis6,330,00010
708876Wednesday 6th AprilMartin AllenBrett Fallis6,380,0008
718877Friday 8th April1Mark BurtBrett Fallis6,390,0007
728878Friday 8th April2Ella GreenhillBrett Fallis5,920,00012
738879Monday 11th April1Simon CrowtherTim Finn6,650,0006
748880Monday 11th April2Simon CrowtherTim Finn6,540,0007
758881Wednesday 13th AprilJonathan HarveyTim Finn6,020,00010
768882Friday 15th April1Jan McVerryTim Finn6,520,0008
778883Friday 15th April2Ben TagoeTim Finn5,990,00011
788884Monday 18th April1Damon RochefortJo Johnson6,390,0007
798885Monday 18th April2Damon RochefortJo Johnson5,970,00010
808886Wednesday 20th AprilSusan OudotJo Johnson5,950,00011
818887Friday 22nd April1Chris FewtrellJo Johnson6,370,0009
828888Friday 22nd April2Chris FewtrellJo Johnson5,620,00014
838889Monday 25th April1John KerrTessa Hoffe6,440,0006
848890Monday 25th April2Jayne HollinsonTessa Hoffe6,240,0007
858891Wednesday 27th AprilMark WadlowTessa Hoffe6,050,00010
868892Friday 29th April1Joe TurnerTessa Hoffe6,090,00010
878893Friday 29th April2Joe TurnerTessa Hoffe5,640,00012
888894Monday 2nd May1Chris FewtrellJordan Hogg6,010,0007
898895Monday 2nd May2Mark BurtJordan Hogg5,750,00010
908896Wednesday 4th MayMark WadlowJordan Hogg5,800,0009
918897Friday 6th May1John KerrJordan Hogg5,510,00011
928898Friday 6th May2Perrie BalthazarJordan Hogg5,420,00014
938899Monday 9th May1Ellen TaylorDavid Kester6,120,0008
948900Monday 9th May2Ella GreenhillDavid Kester6,020,0009
958901Wednesday 11th MaySusan OudotDavid Kester6,190,0007
968902Friday 13th May1Jonathan HarveyDavid Kester5,950,00010
978903Friday 13th May2Jonathan HarveyDavid Kester5,700,00011
988904Monday 16th May1Damon RochefortJohn Anderson6,230,0009
998905Monday 16th May2Damon RochefortJohn Anderson6,150,00010
1008906Wednesday 18th MayDebbie OatesJohn Anderson5,980,00011
1018907Thursday 19th MayJulie JonesJohn Anderson5,520,00016
1028908Friday 20th May1Simon CrowtherJohn Anderson5,770,00013
1038909Friday 20th May2Ben TagoeJohn Anderson5,730,00015
1048910Sunday 22nd MayMark BurtMichael Lacey6,540,0007
1058911Monday 23rd MayJulie JonesMichael Lacey8,280,0007
1068912Tuesday 24th MayDebbie OatesMichael Lacey8,220,0008
1078913Wednesday 25th MayJoe TurnerMichael Lacey9,020,0003
1088914Thursday 26th MayJan McVerryMichael Lacey9,190,0002
1098915Monday 30th May1John KerrPeter Rose7,560,0002
1108916Monday 30th May2Damon RochefortPeter Rose7,550,0003
1118917Wednesday 1st JuneMartin AllenPeter Rose7,700,0001
1128918Friday 3rd June1Jayne HollinsonPeter Rose7,010,0005
1138919Friday 3rd June2Susan OudotPeter Rose7,340,0004
1148920Monday 6th June1Ellen TaylorGill Wilkinson7,400,0004
1158921Monday 6th June2Simon CrowtherGill Wilkinson7,580,0002
1168922Wednesday 8th JunePerrie BalthazarGill Wilkinson7,580,0003
1178923Sunday 12th JuneChris FewtrellGill Wilkinson7,100,0005
1188924Monday 13th June1Simon CrowtherJo Johnson7,410,0003
1198925Monday 13th June2Mark BurtJo Johnson6,810,0006
1208926Tuesday 14th JuneBen TagoeJo Johnson6,590,0008
1218927Sunday 19th JuneJonathan HarveyJo Johnson6,910,0005
1228928Thursday 23rd JuneEllen TaylorAudrey Cooke6,300,00010
1238929Friday 24th June1Joe TurnerAudrey Cooke7,040,0004
1248930Friday 24th June2Mark WadlowAudrey Cooke6,890,0005
1258931Wednesday 29th June1Chris FewtrellIan Bevitt7,410,0006
1268932Wednesday 29th June2Martin AllenIan Bevitt6,830,0008
1278933Wednesday 29th June3Damon RochefortIan Bevitt5,950,00018
1288934Friday 1st July1Ella GreenhillIan Bevitt6,970,0007
1298935Friday 1st July2Susan OudotIan Bevitt6,400,00013
1308936Monday 4th July1Ella GreenhillMenhaj Huda7,570,0007
1318937Monday 4th July2Martin AllenMenhaj Huda7,650,0006
1328938Thursday 7th JulyMark WadlowMenhaj Huda6,430,00013
1338939Friday 8th July1Mark BurtMenhaj Huda6,960,0009
1348940Friday 8th July2Damon RochefortMenhaj Huda6,980,0008
1358941Monday 11th July1Debbie OatesNickie Lister7,860,0004
1368942Monday 11th July2Jan McVerryNickie Lister8,020,0003
1378943Wednesday 13th JulyJohn KerrNickie Lister7,710,0005
1388944Thursday 14th JulyPerrie BalthazarNickie Lister7,160,0006
1398945Friday 15th July1Chris FewtrellNickie Lister8,110,0002
1408946Friday 15th July2Chris FewtrellNickie Lister8,470,0001
1418947Monday 18th July1Jayne HollinsonMatt Hilton7,500,0003
1428948Monday 18th July2Joe TurnerMatt Hilton7,800,0002
1438949Wednesday 20th JulyJonathan HarveyMatt Hilton7,290,0005
1448950Thursday 21st JulySusan OudotMatt Hilton6,970,0007
1458951Friday 22nd July1Julie JonesMatt Hilton7,130,000 6
1468952Friday 22nd July2Julie JonesMatt Hilton7,430,0004
1478953Monday 25th July1Jayne HollinsonPeter Rose7,470,0003
1488954Monday 25th July2Simon CrowtherPeter Rose7,500,0002
1498955Wednesday 27th JulyMartin AllenPeter Rose7,570,0001
1508956Friday 29th July1Julie JonesPeter Rose7,140,0004
1518957Friday 29th July2Ben TagoePeter Rose6,910,0005
1528958Monday 1st August1Debbie OatesMichael Lacey7,590,0001
1538959Monday 1st August2Perrie BalthazarMichael Lacey7,480,0002
1548960Wednesday 3rd AugustEllen TaylorMichael Lacey7,270,0003
1558961Friday 5th August1Ella GreenhillMichael Lacey6,850,0005
1568962Friday 5th August2Susan OudotMichael Lacey6,620,0006
1578963Monday 8th August1Joe TurnerDurno Johnston7,240,0003
1588964Monday 8th August2Mark WadlowDurno Johnston6,820,0004
1598965Wednesday 10th AugustMark BurtDurno Johnston7,480,0002
1608966Friday 12th August1Jonathan HarveyDurno Johnston6,650,0006
1618967Friday 12th August2Jan McVerryDurno Johnston6,390,0009
1628968Monday 15th August1Ben TagoeIan Bevitt7,060,0003
1638969Monday 15th August2Jonathan HarveyIan Bevitt6,590,0008
1648970Wednesday 17th AugustEllen TaylorIan Bevitt6,950,0004
1658971Friday 19th August1Damon RochefortIan Bevitt6,750,0005
1668972Friday 19th August2Damon RochefortIan Bevitt6,610,0007
1678973Monday 22nd August1Chris FewtrellNeil Alderton7,570,0006
1688974Monday 22nd August2Susan OudotNeil Alderton7,190,0007
1698975Wednesday 24th AugustJohn KerrNeil Alderton7,670,0005
1708976Friday 26th August1Joe TurnerNeil Alderton7,060,0008
1718977Friday 26th August2Joe TurnerNeil Alderton7,010,0009
1728978Monday 29th August1Jan McVerryMenhaj Huda7,290,0008
1738979Monday 29th August2Mark WadlowMenhaj Huda7,210,00011
1748980Wednesday 31st AugustMark BurtMenhaj Huda7,550,0006
1758981Friday 2nd September1Simon CrowtherMenhaj Huda7,280,0009
111768982Friday 2nd September2Ella GreenhillMenhaj Huda7,260,00010
1778983Monday 5th September1Chris FewtrellSuri Krishnamma7,790,0005
1788984Monday 5th September2Joe TurnerSuri Krishnamma7,770,0006
1798985Wednesday 7th SeptemberMark WadlowGill Wilkinson7,410,0008
1808986Friday 9th September1Jan McVerryGill Wilkinson7,250,0009
1818987Friday 9th September2Debbie OatesGill Wilkinson7,200,00010
1828988Monday 12th September1Jayne HollinsonNickie Lister7,810,0004
1838989Monday 12th September2Ben TagoeNickie Lister7,730,0005
1848990Wednesday 14th SeptemberSusan OudotNickie Lister7,220,0009
1858991Friday 16th September1John KerrNickie Lister7,340,0007
1868992Friday 16th September2Julie JonesNickie Lister7,280,0008
1878993Monday 19th September1Martin AllenSean Healy7,820,0006
1888994Monday 19th September2Mark BurtSean Healy7,740,0007
1898995Wednesday 21st SeptemberEllen TaylorSean Healy7,370,0009
1908996Friday 23rd September1Damon RochefortSean Healy7,240,00010
1918997Friday 23rd September2Simon CrowtherSean Healy7,040,00011
1928998Monday 26th September1Perrie BalthazarTim Finn7,460,0007
1938999Monday 26th September2Ella GreenhillTim Finn7,480,0006
1949000Wednesday 28th SeptemberJan McVerryTim Finn7,450,0008
1959001Thursday 29th SeptemberJulie JonesTim Finn6,560,00015
1969002Friday 30th September1Damon RochefortTim Finn6,960,00011
1979003Friday 30th September2Damon RochefortTim Finn6,920,00012
1989004Monday 3rd October1Simon CrowtherAlan Grint7,590,0006
1999005Monday 3rd October2Mark BurtAlan Grint7,080,00012
2009006Wednesday 5th OctoberMark WadlowAlan Grint7,710,0005
2019007Friday 7th October1Martin AllenAlan Grint7,370,0009
2029008Friday 7th October2John KerrAlan Grint7,030,00014
2039009Monday 10th October1Susan OudotNeil Alderton7,910,0004
2049010Monday 10th October2Susan OudotNeil Alderton7,480,0007
2059011Wednesday 12th OctoberJoe TurnerNeil Alderton7,640,0006
2069012Friday 14th October1Chris FewtrellNeil Alderton7,400,0008
2079013Friday 14th October2Chris FewtrellNeil Alderton7,390,00010
2089014Monday 17th October1Damon RochefortTony Prescott7,940,0009
2099015Monday 17th October2Chris FewtrellTony Prescott7,780,00010
2109016Wednesday 19th OctoberJayne HollinsonTony Prescott8,010,0006
2119017Friday 21st October1Joe TurnerTony Prescott8,170,0005
2129018Friday 21st October2Joe TurnerTony Prescott8,540,0004
2139019Monday 24th October1Martin AllenAbe Juckes8,340,0004
2149020Monday 24th October2Simon CrowtherAbe Juckes7,960,0005
2159021Wednesday 26th OctoberJohn KerrAbe Juckes7,680,0006
2169022Friday 28th October1Susan OudotAbe Juckes7,340,00010
2179023Friday 28th October2Ella GreenhillAbe Juckes7,470,0009
2189024Monday 31st October1Debbie OatesJudith Dine8,020,0006
2199025Monday 31st October2Debbie OatesJudith Dine8,030,0004
2209026Wednesday 2nd NovemberJulie JonesJudith Dine8,030,0005
2219027Friday 4th November1Mark WadlowJudith Dine7,680,0008
2229028Friday 4th November2Mark BurtJudith Dine7,780,0007
2239029Monday 7th November1Julie JonesAudrey Cooke8,110,0006
2249030Monday 7th November2Julie JonesAudrey Cooke7,940,0007
2259031Wednesday 9th NovemberSusan OudotAudrey Cooke8,360,0005
2269032Thursday 10th NovemberSusan OudotAudrey Cooke7,290,00012
2279033Monday 14th November1Martin AllenTim Dowd8,090,00010
2289034Monday 14th November2Ella GreenhillTim Dowd7,940,00012
2299035Wednesday 16th NovemberEllen TaylorTim Dowd7,960,00011
2309036Thursday 17th NovemberEllen TaylorTim Dowd7,240,00014
2319037Friday 18th November1Chris FewtrellTim Dowd7,330,00013
2329038Friday 18th November2Chris FewtrellTim Dowd7,050,00018
2339039Monday 21st November1Simon CrowtherJordan Hogg8,520,00012
2349040Monday 21st November2Simon CrowtherJordan Hogg8,630,00011
2359041Wednesday 23rd NovemberJoe TurnerJordan Hogg8,360,00013
2369042Thursday 24th NovemberJoe TurnerJordan Hogg7,570,00015
2379043Friday 25th November1Damon Alexis-RochefortJordan Hogg7,680,00014
2389044Friday 25th November2Damon Alexis-RochefortJordan Hogg7,450,00016
2399045Monday 28th NovemberJohn KerrDurno Johnston8,650,00011
2409046Wednesday 30th NovemberDebbie OatesDurno Johnston7,960,00012
2419047Friday 2nd DecemberBen TagoeDurno Johnston7,740,00013
2429048Monday 5th December1Mark BurtTim Finn8,510,0004
2439049Monday 5th December2John KerrTim Finn8,270,0006
2449050Wednesday 7th DecemberSusan OudotTim Finn7,870,0007
2459051Thursday 8th DecemberSusan OudotTim Finn7,180,00011
2469052Friday 9th December1Simon CrowtherTim Finn7,670,0008
2479053Friday 9th December2Jonathan HarveyTim Finn7,050,00012
2489054Monday 12th December1Damon Alexis-RochefortBrett Fallis8,410,0002
2499055Monday 12th December2Damon Alexis-RochefortBrett Fallis8,290,0003
2509056Wednesday 14th DecemberEllen TaylorBrett Fallis7,760,0004
2519057Thursday 15th DecemberEllen TaylorBrett Fallis7,220,00010
2529058Friday 16th December1Martin AllenBrett Fallis7,630,0005
2539059Friday 16th December2Mark WadlowBrett Fallis7,300,0008
2549060Monday 19th December1Ella GreenhillDiana Patrick8,200,0005
2559061Monday 19th December2Julie JonesDiana Patrick7,410,00012
2569062Wednesday 21st DecemberJayne HollinsonDiana Patrick8,170,0006
2579063Friday 23rd DecemberChris FewtrellDiana Patrick7,600,00010
2589064Saturday 24th DecemberChris FewtrellDiana Patrick6,370,00025
2599065Sunday 25th DecemberJan McVerryDuncan Foster8,120,0007
2609066aMonday 26th December1Joe TurnerDuncan Foster7,600,0006
2619066bMonday 26th December2Joe TurnerDuncan Foster7,550,0007
2629067Friday 30th DecemberMartin AllenDuncan Foster8,146,0004


To be added

Who lives where

Coronation Street

Rosamund Street

Victoria Street

Victoria Court


Awards and nominations

National Television Awards

TV Choice Awards

  • Best Soap: Coronation Street (Nominee)
  • Best Soap Newcomer: Shayne Ward (Winner)
  • Best Soap Actress: Paula Lane (Nominee)
  • Best Soap Actor: Jack P. Shepherd (Nominee)

The British Soap Awards

  • Best Soap: Coronation Street (Nominee)
  • Best Actor: Jack P. Shepherd (Nominee)
  • Best Actress: Alison King (Nominee)
  • Villain of the Year: Connor McIntyre (Winner)
  • Best Comedy Performance: Patti Clare (Winner)
  • Best Newcomer: Shayne Ward (Nominee)
  • Best Storyline: Callum Logan’s Reign of Terror and Sarah Platt’s Baby (Nominee)
  • Best Single Episode: The live episode (Nominee)
  • Best Male Dramatic Performance: Jack. P. Shepherd (Nominee)
  • Best Female Dramatic Performance: Tina O'Brien (Nominee)
  • Best On-Screen Partnership: Sally Dynevor and Joe Duttine (Winner)
  • Best Young Performance: Elle Mulvaney (Nominee)

Inside Soap Awards

  • Coronation Street had 18 nominations and 4 wins.
  • Best Bad Boy: Connor McIntyre
  • Funniest Male: Joe Duttine
  • Best Newcomer: Shayne Ward
  • Best Show-Stopper: The live episode

Royal Television Society (North West) Awards

  • Best Performance is a Continuing Drama: Tina O'Brien (Winner)

Royal Television Society Craft and Design Awards

  • Multicamera work: The camera team for the live episode
Coronation Street in the 2010s
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