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2015 was Coronation Street's fifty-sixth year.

Main characters

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1 David Platt Jack P. Shepherd Full year 157 2032 12
2 Gail McIntyre/Rodwell Helen Worth Full year except for October 137 3995 9
3 Liz McDonald Beverley Callard Full year 136 2008 7
4 Michelle Connor Kym Marsh Full year 130 1110 3
5 Tracy Barlow Kate Ford Full year 128 1791 4
6 Roy Cropper David Neilson Full year 127 1854 24
7 Nick Tilsley Ben Price Full year 126 1592 31
8 Carla Connor Alison King Full year except for March 123 1095 1
9 Sally Webster/Metcalfe Sally Dynevor Full year 121 2887 13
10 Eileen Grimshaw Sue Cleaver Full year 119 1682 16
10 Anna Windass Debbie Rush Full year 119 807 4
12 Michael Rodwell Les Dennis Full year 114 191 40
13 Tyrone Dobbs Alan Halsall Full year 111 1692 16
14 Tony Stewart Terence Maynard January to May and from July to November 110 254 14
15 Ken Barlow William Roache Full year 108 4261 49
15 Sean Tully Antony Cotton Full year 108 1345 30
17 Sarah Platt Tina O'Brien From March 107 1521 -
18 Tim Metcalfe Joe Duttine Full year 106 303 26
19 Sophie Webster Brooke Vincent Full year 105 1270 28
20 Leanne Tilsley Jane Danson Full year 102 1673 10
21 Kevin Webster Michael Le Vell Full year 100 2755 59
22 Callum Logan Sean Ward Until September 99 114 74
23 Max Turner Harry McDermott Full year 95 303 51
24 Beth Tinker/Sutherland Lisa George Full year 94 394 37
25 Steve McDonald Simon Gregson Full year except for June and December 93 2834 2
26 Alya Nazir Sair Khan Full year 92 147 53
27 Audrey Roberts Sue Nicholls Full year except for August 90 2857 40
28 Steph Britton Tisha Merry Full year 88 217 20
28 Kylie Platt Paula Lane From May 88 544 34
30 Jason Grimshaw Ryan Thomas Full year 86 1443 29
30 Bethany Platt Lucy Fallon From March 86 445 -
32 Kirk Sutherland Andrew Whyment Full year 85 1058 48
33 Todd Grimshaw Bruno Langley Full year 84 589 22
34 Luke Britton Dean Fagan Full year except for March 82 135 54
34 Andy Carver Oliver Farnworth Full year 82 99 72
34 Mary Taylor Patti Clare Full year 82 429 47
37 Sinead Tinker Katie McGlynn Full year 79 198 42
37 Gary Windass Mikey North Full year except for August 79 591 14
39 Craig Tinker Colson Smith Full year 77 157 65
40 Zeedan Nazir Qasim Akhtar Full year 76 105 66
41 Faye Windass Ellie Leach Full year 73 343 51
42 Chesney Brown Sam Aston Full year 69 888 45
43 Cathy Matthews Melanie Hill From April 68 68 -
43 Lloyd Mullaney Craig Charles February to September 68 946 22
45 Norris Cole Malcolm Hebden Full year except for August 67 1464 38
46 Billy Mayhew Daniel Brocklebank Full year 66 70 82
46 Sharif Nazir Marc Anwar Full year 66 115 56
48 Simon Barlow Alex Bain Full year except for January, April and October 64 468 50
49 Maria Connor Samia Ghadie Until October 63 1354 33
50 Amy Barlow Elle Mulvaney Full year 62 514 59
50 Robert Preston Tristan Gemmill From July 62 72 -
52 Dev Alahan Jimmi Harkishin January to February and from June 61 1369 45
52 Aidan Connor Shayne Ward From August 61 61 -
52 Rita Tanner Barbara Knox Full year 61 3518 39
55 Izzy Armstrong Cherylee Houston Full year 60 501 31
55 Andrea Beckett Hayley Tamaddon Until September 60 148 35
55 Julie Carp Katy Cavanagh Until July 60 663 33
55 Yasmeen Nazir Shelley King Full year except for March 60 101 61
55 Fiz Stape Jennie McAlpine From June 60 1773 20
60 Eva Price Catherine Tyldesley January to February and from September 58 438 8
61 Erica Holroyd Claire King Full year except for February, April and October 53 63 78
62 Maddie Heath Amy James-Kelly Until June 43 131 35
63 Hope Stape Faith & Nicole Holt From August 42 168 76
64 Owen Armstrong Ian Puleston-Davies Until April 40 542 16
64 Emily Bishop Eileen Derbyshire Full year except for January, April and September 40 3294 63
64 Jenny Bradley Sally Ann Matthews February to June 40 329 -
67 Johnny Connor Richard Hawley From October 35 35 -
68 Katy Armstrong Georgia May Foote Until March 34 391 25
69 Kate Connor Faye Brookes From October 32 32 -
70 Jack Webster Maddox Beswick February to July, September and December 30 109 79
71 Ruby Dobbs Macy Alabi From August 29 112 74
72 Kal Nazir Jimi Mistry Until May 26 145 16
73 Lily Platt Betsie & Emmie Taylor January to February, April to September and from November 25 82 64
74 Gemma Winter Dolly-Rose Campbell January to February, April and June to September 24 30 81
75 Aadi Alahan Zennon Ditchett January to February, May to July and from October 18 140 83
76 Asha Alahan Tanisha Gorey January to February, May to July and from October 17 138 83
77 Joseph Brown Lucca-Owen Warwick Until March 16 109 79
78 Rob Donovan Marc Baylis From December 15 296 11
79 Brian Packham Peter Gunn June to July 12 150 -
80 Caz Hammond Rhea Bailey From November 7 7 -
81 Bev Unwin Susie Blake July only 6 373 -
81 Jake Windass Harley & Layton Phoenix January to April and September to October 6 59 67
83 Liam Connor Charlie Wrenshall January to February, April and September 5 125 71
84 Alex Warner Liam Bairstow September to October 3 3 -
85 Peter Barlow Chris Gascoyne July only 2 1165 6


Two stunts and ITV60 live episode

Promotional material for the live episode. How will Kylie, David and Sarah escape from Callum?

Stuart Blackburn and Kieran Roberts stayed on as producer and executive producer for a third and tenth year respectively.

As in previous years, major storylines peaked in mid January and late May, with the latter airing as post-watershed episodes between the finals of ITV's Britain's Got Talent. Both of these involved stunt sequences. The first was a nighttime minibus crash on a country road, threatening the lives of the factory staff. No characters were killed but Sinead Tinker was temporarily paralysed.

The May storyline was a fire at the Victoria Court flats, started accidentally by Tracy Barlow. Tracy had gone there intending to harm Carla Connor but didn't go through with it. In the ensuing blaze, most of the complex's inhabitants including Amy Barlow were rescued, but Kal Nazir, the last to leave, was killed when a gas cannister exploded. Jimi Mistry had decided to leave after 18 months with the show, having never intended to stay for long [1]. The remaining Nazirs were kept on in the programme.

The fire had another casualty in Maddie Heath when the character crossed the police tape to get to Sophie Webster and was blown away by a secondary explosion from the builder's yard. Amy James-Kelly had joined at the same time as Jimi Mistry, and left to gain more acting experience outside of Coronation Street [2]. The Victoria Court complex itself withstood the fire and continued in the programme.

Coronation Street's third special live episode was broadcast on 23rd September to mark the 60th anniversary of the ITV network, the first time one had been made for an occasion other than the anniversary of the serial itself. The episode was announced by ITV's Director of Television, Peter Fincham, on 19th November 2014 at the Salford Media Festival and was broadcast live after two weeks of rehearsals. The episode involved a complicated fight scene and a sequence shot on location involving pyrotechnics, which was also done live with actors Bruno Langley and Terence Maynard having only nine minutes to get to the site in Trafford Park Road after taking part in a previous scene at MediaCity studios.

In the episode, Callum Logan's reign of terror against the Platts came to an end when the gangster was clubbed to death by Kylie as he had pinned Sarah down on the kitchen floor. Sean Ward, who played Callum, had to return especially for the live episode as the preceding instalments had been recorded some eight weeks earlier. Callum's body was buried by Kylie and David Platt in the Platts' garage which was being converted into a bedroom for Gail, dubbed the "grannex", remaining there until the next post-watershed week in May 2016.

Craig Charles and Hayley Tamaddon also shot their last scenes as Lloyd Mullaney and Andrea Beckett in the live episode, as their exit in a later episode was already in the can. Charles had quit Coronation Street after ten years to revive sitcom Red Dwarf for the TV channel Dave [3]. Charles had previously fitted his Red Dwarf filming commitments around Coronation Street, but this time he had no plans to return. Lloyd's girlfriend Andrea Beckett was written out with him as the couple moved to Jersey, overriding Hayley Tamaddon's own wishes [4]. The reason for Lloyd and Andrea's appearance after their send-off in the live episode was that Simon Gregson was scheduled to begin a period of absence just before the live recording and writers wanted a goodbye scene between Lloyd and Steve McDonald, which was added to Episode 8742. Steve was absent from the programme from November until April 2016.

Two days after the live broadcast, ITV announced that Stuart Blackburn would be departing as producer in 2016 and that his successor would be Kate Oates, a former assistant producer on Coronation Street now running Emmerdale [5]. This continued a pattern of Emmerdale producers transferring to Coronation Street, which began with Blackburn and continued in 2018 with Iain MacLeod.

Family ties

Veteran cast member Anne Kirkbride became critically ill after suffering a stroke on 18th January. Her character Deirdre Barlow had last appeared on-screen in October 2014 as Kirkbride had taken a leave of absence after being diagnosed with breast cancer. The much-loved actress passed away a day later on 19th January, aged 60 [6].

Deirdre had already been written out temporarily, when she left to stay with Bev Unwin in the Peak District. After an appropriate amount of time had passed, the character was killed off via an aneurysm without ever returning to Weatherfield. Susie Blake reprised the role of Bev after nine years to deliver the sad news to the Barlows, while Chris Gascoyne made a short return as Peter having left the cast the year before. A third returnee was Robert Preston, Tracy Barlow's ex-husband who came to pay his respects and ultimately reconciled with Tracy. Recast with Tristan Gemmill in the part, this was the first time Robert had been a regular fixture in the show.

Sally Ann Matthews returns as Jenny Bradley

Cast signings in 2015 were largely built around shoring up Coronation Street's core families, either with new or returning characters. Sarah and Bethany Platt were back from Milan after a seven-year absence, which along with Gail marrying Michael Rodwell and the ongoing Callum Logan storyline made the year heavily Platt-centric. Tina O'Brien remained in the role of Sarah, while Lucy Fallon was cast as 14-year-old Bethany. A minor controversy occurred when the original choice of actress, Katie Redford, was fired after bosses learned that she had lied about her age in order to get the part [7].

Sally Ann Matthews returned as Jenny Bradley in February, having last played the part in 1993. The gap was a record for a Coronation Street actress in the same role at the time. This was a short comeback, lasting four months, for a storyline involving Kevin Webster and a tragedy in Jenny's past, later revealed to be the accidental drowning of her four-year-old son Tom. Jenny's return was received positively, though the programme was criticised over a line of dialogue by Kevin in Episode 8658 where the mechanic appeared to forget his late son Jake. The continuity error sparked so many comments online that Stuart Blackburn issued a statement apologising for the mistake [8].

The depleted Connors became a central family again with the creation of Aidan and Kate Connor - distant cousins of Michelle - and their father Johnny. Aidan appeared first when he used Johnny's money to buy 40% of a flagging Underworld, his sister and father following on two months later. The new Connors were created in anticipation of Alison King's sabbatical from the programme in 2016, which would leave the factory without a manager [9]. Aidan was played by former X Factor winner Shayne Ward, who had since moved into acting. Richard Hawley and Faye Brookes were cast as Johnny and Kate respectively, while Rhea Bailey played Kate's fiancée Caz Hammond. By the year's end, Johnny had been revealed as Carla's father by a returning Rob Donovan, as the murderer took revenge on Carla and Tracy from prison.

While some families were given a boost, another was whittled down. Katy Armstrong moved to Portugal with Joseph in March, almost a year after the announcement that the character was being written out against actress Georgia May Foote's wishes [10]. Although a reason for Katy's axing wasn't given, Marc Anwar, who played Sharif Nazir, stated in 2018 that Foote was fired for refusing to do a storyline where Katy converted to Islam, a story which the actress strenuously denied [11]. Owen Armstrong left the Street a month after his daughter at the choice of actor Ian Puleston-Davies, who had been with the programme for five years. Izzy Armstrong and son Jake remained, but appeared less.

Cast and production roundup

Katy Cavanagh quit after seven years as Julie Carp in order to pursue other projects [12]. Her July exit involved the return of Brian Packham as Julie joined her ex-boyfriend on a round-the-world trip. The same reason was given for Terence Maynard's decision to depart the programme in November [13].

Newcomers included Cathy Matthews, a compulsive hoarder who was introduced as a possible love interest for Roy Cropper - though Roy ultimately chose not to marry her. Cathy's nephew Alex Warner also became a regular when he gained employment at Roy's Rolls. Alex was played by Liam Bairstow, who was born with Down Syndrome and was discovered when the producers of Coronation Street ran a workshop for actors with disabilities named "Breaking Through".

Paula Lane and Jennie McAlpine returned from maternity leave in the spring, while Samia Ghadie began hers in the summer with Maria Connor going to Cyprus to look after her mother Dot. During the latter two absences, Fiz Stape and Maria Connor's children Hope Stape and Liam Connor were also off-screen, as was Ruby Dobbs. Catherine Tyldesley was another maternity leaver, resulting in Eva Price being absent from February to September. Meanwhile, Dolly-Rose Campbell made further guest appearances as Gemma Winter ahead of her regular role in 2016, and lastly Dev Alahan was absent between February and June as actor Jimmi Harkishin was on extended leave.

Debbie Rush as Elsie Tanner

In a reference to real-life events, the cigarette displays in The Kabin and Corner Shop were shown being put behind screens in line with a change in the law, specifically The Health Act 2009, which came into effect for small retailers on 6th April, the date Episode 8611 was broadcast.

In terms of spin-off material, the shorts released online as part of the What Would Kirk Do? mini-series concluded in January when Kirk and Beth Sutherland's wedding took place within the main show. A further short was produced for ITV's annual Text Santa fundraising evening. Inspired by the Back to the Future film trilogy, the 13-minute episode was a sketch in which Tyrone Dobbs and Kirk Sutherland travel through Coronation Street history in a DeLorean time machine in an effort to get back to Tyrone's in time for dinner. Sir Richard Branson guest-starred as the car's owner while Sally Dynevor, Joe Duttine, Debbie Rush and Les Dennis played Annie Walker, Albert Tatlock, Elsie Tanner and Mavis Wilton in scenes set in the street's past. No further spin-offs of this nature have been produced to date.

Viewing figures

Ratings chart for the year

From the low point of 2014, ratings took another hit, falling 700k to an average of 6.58 million viewers. This is Coronation Streets worst-performing year to date, partly because ITV began amalgamating its main channel figures with those of ITV+1 and ITV HD in May 2016.

For the second year in a row, every month fell compared with the previous year, with the biggest drops taking place in the winter and autumn months. Episode 8557 on 19th January, featuring the minibus crash, was the most-watched episode of the year with 8.24 million viewers. 19th January was also the date of Anne Kirkbride's death. Three weeks later, the programme attracted its lowest audience ever with Episode 8581, watched by 5.17 million viewers. This was broadcast opposite EastEnders: Backstage Live on BBC One, a special programme following the transmission of the soap's thirtieth anniversary live episode. Coronation Street's live episode in September garnered an audience of 7.48 million viewers.

Meanwhile, the programme's chart performance reached its lowest level in decades as no episodes reached top position, the first time this had occurred since 1988.


# Ep.
Date Part Writer Director Viewing
1 8545 Friday 2nd January 1 Damon Rochefort Michael Lacey 7,320,000 11
2 8546 Friday 2nd January 2 Cardy O'Donnell Michael Lacey 7,300,000 12
3 8547 Monday 5th January 1 Simon Crowther Nickie Lister 7,400,000 10
4 8548 Monday 5th January 2 Martin Allen Nickie Lister 6,510,000 18
5 8549 Wednesday 7th January Ellen Taylor Nickie Lister 7,060,000 15
6 8550 Friday 9th January 1 Jonathan Harvey Nickie Lister 7,440,000 9
7 8551 Friday 9th January 2 Perrie Balthazar Nickie Lister 7,020,000 16
8 8552 Monday 12th January 1 Chris Fewtrell Duncan Foster 7,360,000 14
9 8553 Monday 12th January 2 Chris Fewtrell Duncan Foster 7,220,000 15
10 8554 Wednesday 14th January Julie Jones Duncan Foster 7,370,000 13
11 8555 Friday 16th January 1 Debbie Oates Duncan Foster 7,510,000 12
12 8556 Friday 16th January 2 Debbie Oates Duncan Foster 7,070,000 17
13 8557 Monday 19th January 1 Jan McVerry John Anderson 8,240,000 8
14 8558 Monday 19th January 2 Joe Turner John Anderson 8,200,000 9
15 8559 Wednesday 21st January Joe Turner John Anderson 7,770,000 12
16 8560 Friday 23rd January 1 Simon Crowther John Anderson 7,860,000 11
17 8561 Friday 23rd January 2 Mark Wadlow John Anderson 7,210,000 16
18 8562 Monday 26th January 1 Jonathan Harvey Lee Salisbury 7,780,000 10
19 8563 Monday 26th January 2 Cardy O'Donnell Lee Salisbury 7,730,000 11
20 8564 Wednesday 28th January Damon Rochefort Lee Salisbury 7,370,000 14
21 8565 Friday 30th January 1 John Kerr Lee Salisbury 7,320,000 15
22 8566 Friday 30th January 2 Susan Oudot Lee Salisbury 7,200,000 16
23 8567 Monday 2nd February 1 Joe Turner Abe Juckes 7,580,000 10
24 8568 Monday 2nd February 2 Mark Wadlow Abe Juckes 6,770,000 14
25 8569 Wednesday 4th February Chris Fewtrell Judith Dine 7,290,000 12
26 8570 Friday 6th February 1 John Kerr Judith Dine 6,810,000 13
27 8571 Friday 6th February 2 Martin Allen Judith Dine 5,770,000 24
28 8572 Monday 9th February 1 Perrie Balthazar Menhaj Huda 7,500,000 10
29 8573 Monday 9th February 2 Susan Oudot Menhaj Huda 6,950,000 13
30 8574 Wednesday 11th February Mark Burt Menhaj Huda 7,470,000 11
31 8575 Friday 13th February 1 Julie Jones Menhaj Huda 6,940,000 14
32 8576 Friday 13th February 2 Julie Jones Menhaj Huda 6,390,000 15
33 8577 Monday 16th February 1 Damon Rochefort Diana Patrick 7,080,000 13
34 8578 Monday 16th February 2 Ellen Taylor Diana Patrick 6,660,000 16
35 8579 Wednesday 18th February Jonathan Harvey Diana Patrick 7,240,000 11
36 8580 Friday 20th February 1 Jayne Hollinson Diana Patrick 7,090,000 12
37 8581 Friday 20th February 2 Ben Tagoe Diana Patrick 5,170,000 30
38 8582 Monday 23rd February 1 Jonathan Harvey Tim Finn 7,530,000 8
39 8583 Monday 23rd February 2 Ellen Taylor Tim Finn 7,260,000 10
40 8584 Wednesday 25th February Mark Wadlow Tim Finn 7,260,000 11
41 8585 Friday 27th February 1 Simon Crowther Tim Finn 7,080,000 13
42 8586 Friday 27th February 2 Simon Crowther Tim Finn 6,710,000 14
43 8587 Monday 2nd March 1 Julie Jones Duncan Foster 7,576,000 7
44 8588 Monday 2nd March 2 Debbie Oates Duncan Foster 7,290,000 9
45 8589 Wednesday 4th March Ben Tagoe Duncan Foster 6,831,000 10
46 8590 Friday 6th March 1 Jayne Hollinson Duncan Foster 6,651,000 13
47 8591 Friday 6th March 2 Damon Rochefort Duncan Foster 6,400,000 15
48 8592 Monday 9th March 1 Chris Fewtrell Alan Grint 6,962,000 8
49 8593 Monday 9th March 2 Susan Oudot Alan Grint 6,162,000 13
50 8594 Wednesday 11th March Martin Allen Alan Grint 6,958,000 9
51 8595 Friday 13th March 1 Perrie Balthazar Alan Grint 6,685,000 10
52 8596 Friday 13th March 2 Jan McVerry Alan Grint 6,039,000 15
53 8597 Monday 16th March 1 Joe Turner Jo Johnson 7,166,000 4
54 8598 Monday 16th March 2 Susan Oudot Jo Johnson 6,431,000 12
55 8599 Wednesday 18th March Mark Burt Jo Johnson 6,943,000 6
56 8600 Friday 20th March 1 John Kerr Jo Johnson 6,551,000 10
57 8601 Friday 20th March 2 Jan McVerry Jo Johnson 5,764,000 16
58 8602 Monday 23rd March 1 Chris Fewtrell Matt Hilton 7,170,000 6
59 8603 Monday 23rd March 2 Chris Fewtrell Matt Hilton 7,039,000 7
60 8604 Wednesday 25th March Mark Wadlow John Anderson 7,012,000 8
61 8605 Sunday 29th March Damon Rochefort John Anderson 6,030,000 11
62 8606 Monday 30th March 1 Simon Crowther Judith Dine 7,193,000 3
63 8607 Monday 30th March 2 Ellen Taylor Judith Dine 6,750,000 7
64 8608 Wednesday 1st April Martin Allen Judith Dine 6,850,000 6
65 8609 Friday 3rd April 1 Jonathan Harvey Judith Dine 6,670,000 9
66 8610 Friday 3rd April 2 Julie Jones Judith Dine 6,740,000 8
67 8611 Monday 6th April 1 Julie Jones Diana Patrick 6,820,000 8
68 8612 Monday 6th April 2 Jonathan Harvey Diana Patrick 6,938,000 5
69 8613 Wednesday 8th April Mark Wadlow Diana Patrick 6,830,000 7
70 8614 Friday 10th April 1 Jayne Hollinson Diana Patrick 6,430,000 10
71 8615 Friday 10th April 2 Ellen Taylor Diana Patrick 5,990,000 11
72 8616 Monday 13th April 1 Debbie Oates Dominic Keavey 7,230,000 3
73 8617 Monday 13th April 2 Perrie Balthazar Dominic Keavey 6,820,000 7
74 8618 Wednesday 15th April Martin Allen Dominic Keavey 6,450,000 8
75 8619 Friday 17th April 1 Simon Crowther Dominic Keavey 6,410,000 9
76 8620 Friday 17th April 2 Chris Fewtrell Dominic Keavey 5,890,000 12
77 8621 Monday 20th April 1 Joe Turner Brett Fallis 6,550,000 8
78 8622 Monday 20th April 2 John Kerr Brett Fallis 6,450,000 10
79 8623 Wednesday 22nd April Mark Burt Brett Fallis 6,300,000 12
80 8624 Friday 24th April 1 Damon Rochefort Brett Fallis 6,380,000 11
81 8625 Friday 24th April 2 Ben Tagoe Brett Fallis 5,700,000 18
82 8626 Monday 27th April 1 Julie Jones Tony Prescott 6,890,000 6
83 8627 Monday 27th April 2 Ben Tagoe Tony Prescott 6,954,000 4
84 8628 Wednesday 29th April Susan Oudot Tony Prescott 6,340,000 10
85 8629 Friday 1st May 1 Damon Rochefort Tony Prescott 6,210,000 11
86 8630 Friday 1st May 2 Jayne Hollinson Tony Prescott 5,610,000 12
87 8631 Monday 4th May 1 Martin Allen Audrey Cooke 6,590,000 8
88 8632 Monday 4th May 2 Perrie Balthazar Audrey Cooke 6,480,000 9
89 8633 Wednesday 6th May Jan McVerry Audrey Cooke 6,220,000 11
90 8634 Friday 8th May 1 Chris Fewtrell Audrey Cooke 6,620,000 7
91 8635 Friday 8th May 2 Chris Fewtrell Audrey Cooke 6,210,000 12
92 8636 Monday 11th May 1 Simon Crowther Alan Grint 6,880,000 6
93 8637 Monday 11th May 2 Simon Crowther Alan Grint 6,810,000 7
94 8638 Wednesday 13th May Mark Wadlow Alan Grint 6,140,000 11
95 8639 Friday 15th May 1 Jonathan Harvey Alan Grint 6,340,000 9
96 8640 Friday 15th May 2 Jonathan Harvey Alan Grint 6,050,000 12
97 8641 Monday 18th May 1 Joe Turner John Anderson 6,825,000 5
98 8642 Monday 18th May 2 Joe Turner John Anderson 6,610,000 7
99 8643 Wednesday 20th May John Kerr John Anderson 6,270,000 10
100 8644 Friday 22nd May 1 Debbie Oates John Anderson 6,430,000 9
101 8645 Friday 22nd May 2 Debbie Oates John Anderson 6,450,000 8
102 8646 Monday 25th May Julie Jones David Kester 7,480,000 10
103 8647 Tuesday 26th May Chris Fewtrell David Kester 7,630,000 7
104 8648 Wednesday 27th May Joe Turner David Kester 8,010,000 4
105 8649 Thursday 28th May Ellen Taylor David Kester 8,152,000 2
106 8650 Friday 29th May Susan Oudot David Kester 7,832,000 5
107 8651 Monday 1st June 1 Simon Crowther Kay Patrick 7,413,000 3
108 8652 Monday 1st June 2 Mark Burt Kay Patrick 7,440,000 2
109 8653 Wednesday 3rd June Martin Allen Kay Patrick 6,410,000 7
110 8654 Friday 5th June 1 Damon Rochefort Kay Patrick 5,970,000 9
111 8655 Friday 5th June 2 Jan McVerry Kay Patrick 6,060,000 8
112 8656 Monday 8th June 1 Jonathan Harvey Tim Dowd 6,786,000 4
113 8657 Monday 8th June 2 John Kerr Tim Dowd 7,125,000 2
114 8658 Wednesday 10th June Mark Wadlow Tim Dowd 6,320,000 7
115 8659 Friday 12th June 1 Perrie Balthazar Tim Dowd 6,160,000 10
116 8660 Friday 12th June 2 Carmel Morgan Tim Dowd 6,190,000 9
117 8661 Monday 15th June 1 Julie Jones Brett Fallis 6,815,000 3
118 8662 Monday 15th June 2 Jonathan Harvey Brett Fallis 6,642,000 4
119 8663 Wednesday 17th June Martin Allen Brett Fallis 6,190,000 9
120 8664 Friday 19th June 1 Jayne Hollinson Brett Fallis 5,850,000 10
121 8665 Friday 19th June 2 Jan McVerry Brett Fallis 5,560,000 11
122 8666 Monday 22nd June 1 Damon Rochefort Audrey Cooke 6,758,000 4
123 8667 Monday 22nd June 2 Ben Tagoe Audrey Cooke 6,690,000 6
124 8668 Wednesday 24th June John Kerr Audrey Cooke 6,120,000 10
125 8669 Friday 26th June 1 Joe Turner Audrey Cooke 6,180,000 9
126 8670 Friday 26th June 2 Susan Oudot Audrey Cooke 6,030,000 11
127 8671 Monday 29th June 1 Simon Crowther Durno Johnston 6,361,000 4
128 8672 Monday 29th June 2 Chris Fewtrell Durno Johnston 6,272,000 5
129 8673 Wednesday 1st July Mark Wadlow Durno Johnston 5,900,000 8
130 8674 Friday 3rd July 1 Debbie Oates Durno Johnston 5,760,000 10
131 8675 Friday 3rd July 2 Mark Burt Durno Johnston 5,630,000 11
132 8676 Monday 6th July 1 Simon Crowther Jo Johnson 6,330,000 9
133 8677 Monday 6th July 2 Simon Crowther Jo Johnson 6,360,000 8
134 8678 Wednesday 8th July Jonathan Harvey Jo Johnson 6,410,000 6
135 8679 Thursday 9th July Martin Allen Jo Johnson 5,890,000 12
136 8680 Friday 10th July 1 Jan McVerry Jo Johnson 5,950,000 11
137 8681 Friday 10th July 2 Mark Wadlow
Joe Turner
Jo Johnson 5,740,000 13
138 8682 Monday 13th July 1 Damon Rochefort Tony Prescott 7,173,000 3
139 8683 Monday 13th July 2 Damon Rochefort Tony Prescott 7,080,000 4
140 8684 Wednesday 15th July Chris Fewtrell Tony Prescott 6,150,000 7
141 8685 Thursday 16th July Chris Fewtrell Tony Prescott 5,660,000 10
142 8686 Friday 17th July 1 Ellen Taylor Tony Prescott 6,130,000 8
143 8687 Friday 17th July 2 John Kerr Tony Prescott 5,840,000 9
144 8688 Monday 20th July 1 Julie Jones Menhaj Huda 6,750,000 6
145 8689 Monday 20th July 2 Julie Jones Menhaj Huda 7,116,000 3
146 8690 Wednesday 22nd July Susan Oudot Menhaj Huda 6,370,000 9
147 8691 Thursday 23rd July Mark Burt Menhaj Huda 5,970,000 13
148 8692 Friday 24th July 1 Jayne Hollinson Menhaj Huda 6,420,000 8
149 8693 Friday 24th July 2 Ben Tagoe Menhaj Huda 6,100,000 12
150 8694 Monday 27th July 1 Simon Crowther David Kester 6,797,000 3
151 8695 Monday 27th July 2 Simon Crowther David Kester 6,570,000 6
152 8696 Wednesday 29th July Chris Fewtrell David Kester 6,430,000 7
153 8697 Friday 31st July 1 Susan Oudot David Kester 6,360,000 8
154 8698 Friday 31st July 2 Susan Oudot David Kester 6,170,000 10
155 8699 Monday 3rd August 1 Julie Jones Tim Dowd 6,880,000 4
156 8700 Monday 3rd August 2 Julie Jones Tim Dowd 7,044,000 3
157 8701 Wednesday 5th August John Kerr Tim Dowd 6,817,000 5
158 8702 Friday 7th August 1 Jonathan Harvey Abe Juckes 6,420,000 10
159 8703 Friday 7th August 2 Jonathan Harvey Abe Juckes 6,370,000 11
160 8704 Monday 10th August 1 Damon Rochefort Tim Finn 7,079,000 2
161 8705 Monday 10th August 2 Damon Rochefort Tim Finn 6,960,000 5
162 8706 Wednesday 12th August Mark Wadlow Tim Finn 6,080,000 12
163 8707 Friday 14th August 1 Ellen Taylor Tim Finn 6,560,000 8
164 8708 Friday 14th August 2 Debbie Oates Tim Finn 6,180,000 11
165 8709 Monday 17th August 1 Joe Turner Peter Rose 6,933,000 5
166 8710 Monday 17th August 2 Joe Turner Peter Rose 6,770,000 7
167 8711 Wednesday 19th August Ben Tagoe Peter Rose 6,790,000 6
168 8712 Thursday 20th August Martin Allen Peter Rose 6,420,000 12
169 8713 Friday 21st August 1 Jan McVerry Peter Rose 6,430,000 11
170 8714 Friday 21st August 2 Mark Burt Peter Rose 6,460,000 10
171 8715 Monday 24th August 1 Julie Jones Michael Lacey 6,629,000 5
172 8716 Monday 24th August 2 Julie Jones Michael Lacey 6,540,000 7
173 8717 Wednesday 26th August Simon Crowther Michael Lacey 6,620,000 6
174 8718 Thursday 27th August Ben Tagoe Michael Lacey 6,180,000 10
175 8719 Friday 28th August 1 Chris Fewtrell Michael Lacey 6,280,000 8
176 8720 Friday 28th August 2 Chris Fewtrell Michael Lacey 6,180,000 9
177 8721 Monday 31st August 1 Susan Oudot Ian Bevitt 6,620,000 7
178 8722 Monday 31st August 2 Susan Oudot Ian Bevitt 6,687,000 5
179 8723 Wednesday 2nd September Jonathan Harvey Ian Bevitt 6,590,000 8
180 8724 Thursday 3rd September Jonathan Harvey Ian Bevitt 5,960,000 13
181 8725 Friday 4th September 1 Jayne Hollinson Ian Bevitt 6,090,000 12
182 8726 Friday 4th September 2 Mark Wadlow Ian Bevitt 6,100,000 11
183 8727 Monday 7th September 1 Debbie Oates Durno Johnston 6,530,000 11
184 8728 Monday 7th September 2 Jan McVerry Durno Johnston 6,710,000 9
185 8729 Wednesday 9th September Damon Rochefort Durno Johnston 6,520,000 12
186 8730 Thursday 10th September Perrie Balthazar Durno Johnston 6,180,000 14
187 8731 Friday 11th September 1 Joe Turner Durno Johnston 6,550,000 10
188 8732 Friday 11th September 2 Joe Turner Durno Johnston 6,360,000 13
189 8733 Sunday 13th September Ellen Taylor Nickie Lister 5,690,000 17
190 8734 Monday 14th September 1 Jan McVerry Nickie Lister 6,937,000 5
191 8735 Monday 14th September 2 Martin Allen Nickie Lister 6,820,000 7
192 8736 Wednesday 16th September John Kerr Nickie Lister 6,360,000 11
193 8737 Thursday 17th September Susan Oudot Nickie Lister 6,450,000 10
194 8738 Monday 21st September 1 Damon Rochefort John Anderson 6,920,000 9
195 8739 Monday 21st September 2 Damon Rochefort John Anderson 6,840,000 6
196 8740 Wednesday 23rd September Debbie Oates John Anderson 7,480,000 6
197 8741 Friday 25th September 1 Joe Turner John Anderson 6,650,000 12
198 8742 Friday 25th September 2 Mark Burt John Anderson 6,510,000 13
199 8743 Monday 28th September 1 Jonathan Harvey Lee Salisbury 6,950,000 7
200 8744 Monday 28th September 2 Ben Tagoe Lee Salisbury 6,590,000 9
201 8745 Wednesday 30th September Mark Wadlow Lee Salisbury 6,480,000 12
202 8746 Monday 5th October 1 Julie Jones Lee Salisbury 7,040,000 8
203 8747 Monday 5th October 2 Perrie Balthazar Lee Salisbury 7,180,000 7
204 8748 Wednesday 7th October Martin Allen Kay Patrick 6,720,000 11
205 8749 Friday 9th October Mark Wadlow Kay Patrick 5,200,000 25
206 8750 Wednesday 14th October Damon Rochefort Kay Patrick 6,400,000 14
207 8751 Friday 16th October 1 Susan Oudot Kay Patrick 6,290,000 15
208 8752 Friday 16th October 2 Chris Fewtrell Kay Patrick 5,680,000 17
209 8753 Monday 19th October 1 Joe Turner Michael Lacey 6,810,000 8
210 8754 Monday 19th October 2 Joe Turner Michael Lacey 6,390,000 14
211 8755 Wednesday 21st October Jonathan Harvey Michael Lacey 6,420,000 13
212 8756 Friday 23rd October 1 John Kerr Michael Lacey 6,580,000 12
213 8757 Friday 23rd October 2 Mark Burt Michael Lacey 5,920,000 18
214 8758 Monday 26th October 1 Simon Crowther Alan Grint 6,700,000 7
215 8759 Monday 26th October 2 Simon Crowther Alan Grint 6,400,000 9
216 8760 Wednesday 28th October Jayne Hollinson Alan Grint 6,500,000 8
217 8761 Thursday 29th October Ellen Taylor Alan Grint 6,150,000 11
218 8762 Friday 30th October Perrie Balthazar Alan Grint 5,880,000 16
219 8763 Monday 2nd November 1 John Kerr Peter Rose 6,940,000 8
220 8764 Monday 2nd November 2 Ben Tagoe Peter Rose 6,510,000 11
221 8765 Wednesday 4th November Mark Wadlow Peter Rose 6,190,000 12
222 8766 Thursday 5th November Jonathan Harvey Peter Rose 5,810,000 18
223 8767 Friday 6th November 1 Julie Jones Peter Rose 5,990,000 16
224 8768 Friday 6th November 2 Julie Jones Peter Rose 5,460,000 24
225 8769 Monday 9th November 1 Chris Fewtrell Menhaj Huda 6,630,000 13
226 8770 Monday 9th November 2 Julie Jones Menhaj Huda 6,240,000 15
227 8771 Wednesday 11th November Martin Allen Menhaj Huda 6,240,000 14
228 8772 Friday 13th November Simon Crowther Menhaj Huda 5,510,000 24
229 8773 Monday 16th November 1 Damon Rochefort Tim Finn 6,580,000 14
230 8774 Monday 16th November 2 Damon Rochefort Tim Finn 6,440,000 16
231 8775 Wednesday 18th November Mark burt Tim Finn 6,270,000 17
232 8776 Friday 20th November 1 Debbie Oates Tim Finn 6,520,000 15
233 8777 Friday 20th November 2 Jan McVerry Tim Finn 5,860,000 22
234 8778 Monday 23rd November 1 John Kerr Lee Salisbury 6,960,000 9
235 8779 Monday 23rd November 2 Ellen Taylor Lee Salisbury 6,870,000 10
236 8780 Wednesday 25th November Mark Wadlow Lee Salisbury 6,280,000 16
237 8781 Thursday 26th November Perrie Balthazar Lee Salisbury 6,000,000 19
238 8782 Friday 27th November 1 Jonathan Harvey Lee Salisbury 6,220,000 17
239 8783 Friday 27th November 2 Jonathan Harvey Lee Salisbury 5,740,000 25
240 8784 Monday 30th November Susan Oudot Ian Bevitt 7,020,000 9
241 8785 Wednesday 2nd December Damon Rochefort Ian Bevitt 6,250,000 19
242 8786 Friday 4th December 1 Martin Allen Ian Bevitt 6,570,000 16
243 8787 Friday 4th December 2 Martin Allen Ian Bevitt 6,200,000 20
244 8788 Monday 7th December 1 Julie Jones Nickie Lister 6,530,000 10
245 8789 Monday 7th December 2 Julie Jones Nickie Lister 6,210,000 13
246 8790 Wednesday 9th December Ben Tagoe Nickie Lister 6,270,000 12
247 8791 Friday 11th December 1 Simon Crowther Nickie Lister 6,190,000 14
248 8792 Friday 11th December 2 Simon Crowther Nickie Lister 5,580,000 16
249 8793 Monday 14th December 1 Jayne Hollinson Audrey Cooke 6,520,000 10
250 8794 Monday 14th December 2 Mark Burt Audrey Cooke 6,090,000 14
251 8795 Wednesday 16th December Joe Turner Audrey Cooke 6,070,000 15
252 8796 Thursday 17th December Chris Fewtrell Audrey Cooke 5,510,000 20
253 8797 Friday 18th December Chris Fewtrell Audrey Cooke 6,130,000 12
254 8798 Monday 21st December 1 Simon Crowther Judith Dine 6,010,000 21
255 8799 Monday 21st December 2 Simon Crowther Judith Dine 5,890,000 23
256 8800 Wednesday 23rd December Jan McVerry Judith Dine 5,910,000 22
257 8801 Thursday 24th December Jonathan Harvey Judith Dine 5,700,000 27
258 8802 Friday 25th December Julie Jones Judith Dine 5,590,000 29
259 8803 Monday 28th December 1 Debbie Oates Durno Johnston 6,610,000 15
260 8804 Monday 28th December 2 Debbie Oates Durno Johnston 6,490,000 17
261 8805 Wednesday 30th December Ellen Taylor Durno Johnston 6,450,000 19
262 8806 Thursday 31st December Susan Oudot Durno Johnston 5,850,000 25



  • Gary Windass and Alya Nazir resolve to have a fresh start with each other. Owen Armstrong snipes at him for his actions and for deserting his daughter Izzy, creating a rift between himself and Anna Windass.
  • Yasmeen Nazir sees off the thugs tormenting Roy Cropper, as she knows the police officer father of one of them. Roy appears in court for assaulting Gary and is sentenced to community service. He ends up working this for Yasmeen at Jamila House. Gary appears in court for breaking and entering and is similarly sentenced to community service, working on clearing up the Red Rec. Roy gives Gary at job at the café and his working relationship with Anna, damaged when he attacked her son, starts to improve.
  • David Platt and Eva Price search for Kylie Platt, crossing Callum Logan’s path as they do so. He warns David off however Gemma Winter poses as Kylie when she is arrested for shoplifting and David finds out that Kylie stayed with Callum after Christmas. Going back to The Dog & Gun, David is warned off by Callum once more. Callum starts to appear on the Street to see Max Turner. A worried David finds out that he has no legal rights to Max as he never formally adopted him.
  • Luke Britton and Maria Connor start to go out but he almost blows his chances when Maria's son Liam misses being run down chasing a ball that Luke kicks for him.
  • Michelle Connor goes out with Hamish Young, having written Steve McDonald off. Liz McDonald grows more worried about her son and takes him to Spain with her but his condition isn’t improved upon their return.
  • Although Kirk Sutherland frets about the wedding, and Alya almost ruins the dress that Sinead Tinker made for her, the 1980s-themed nuptials go well with Beth Tinker's family coming to join in the celebrations along with Kirk’s parents who invite the happy couple to stay in Cyprus with them for the honeymoon.
  • Mary Taylor is upset as Julie Carp starts to get involved in the twins' lives, upsetting her carefully-set routine. She refuses to join Dev Alahan and Julie as they take the twins out for a birthday treat. She is reconciled with Dev when she discovers he sponsors children in Mumbai.
  • Tony Stewart has a paid thug wreck Barlow's Buys with the successful purpose of buying into the business on a partnership basis with Tracy Barlow. She plays with fire by sleeping with him.
  • Gavin Rodwell has several near-misses to keep his real identity a secret. He and Steph Britton become an item. Michael Rodwell proposes to Gail McIntyre but loses his nerve over her shocked reaction. She makes up to him by proposing himself and is accepted. Michael collapses at the ensuing celebration and is told he must have open-heart surgery. Gavin hears the news and tries to do a runner. Steph stops him and learns his name is really Andy Carver, a friend of the real Gavin’s. Realising that the shock could kill Michael, she joins in Andy’s deception.
  • The bistro undergoes a refurbishment.
  • Sean Tully starts to go out with Billy Mayhew.
  • Disaster strikes for the Underworld staff

    Carla Connor wins a business award and reluctantly agrees to attend the event to collect it, together with the Underworld staff. Steve drives them there in a hired minibus but it is forced off the road by joyriders and crashes onto the lip of a quarry. Steve can’t cope with the trauma and confesses his depression to a supportive Michelle. Tracy saves Carla’s life before the minibus crashes into the quarry. Sinead is badly injured in the initial crash and loses the feeling in her legs. People start to blame Steve and Michelle is forced to tell everyone about his depression. He attends therapy sessions. Sinead is delighted to regain some feeling.
  • Tony helps Eva find a house for her and a reluctant Jason Grimshaw. A jealous Todd starts to stir things up with Jason, suggesting his girlfriend is more than friendly with his father.


  • David sees a solicitor and finds out he has certain legal rights over Max as he has been a father to him for so long. Callum starts to integrate himself with Katy Armstrong and Max. David warns Katy of Callum’s drug-dealing but he swears that part of his life is over and he now runs a security firm. Fixated on his looks, Katy overlooks the signs that Callum means trouble. Under threat of losing Max, Callum forces David to give him an alibi when the police investigate him selling drugs. He then gives David a delivery of cocaine to pass on but he washes it down the sink. Gail and Audrey Roberts confront Callum who is livid at their attitude towards him. In revenge, Callum tells Max who he really is.
  • Faye Windass starts to play truant from school, telling Craig Tinker that the other children are saying she’s fat. Anna and Owen realise something is wrong but can't get to the bottom of the problem. Faye and Craig go through an internet questionnaire which points to her being pregnant. She gets a testing kit which proves positive and swears Craig to silence, petrified that Anna will disown her.
  • The bistro re-opens under its old name of "Nick’s Bistro".
  • Norris Cole irritates Maddie Heath with his rudeness in the Kabin and by puncturing a football that Simon Barlow is playing with. In revenge, she sabotages a magazine wholesale order and takes other actions which cause Norris to doubt his state of mind. She feels guilty with the effect that she has on him and confesses her actions.
  • The house Tony finds falls through but he and Eva keep on looking. Todd follows them to a house auction at a hotel and sets things up to get Jason there. He arrives just as Eva gives Tony a hug and a kiss after a successful purchase and draws the conclusion that Todd wanted him to. Although Eva convinces him of what has actually happened, she's devastated by Jason's assumptions and goes to France to stay with Gloria Price.
  • Roy looks after Joseph Brown, annoying Sinead who can’t get his attack on Gary out of her mind. However she summons him to the hospital and makes her peace with him, telling him to start living his own life. Her advice causes Roy to come to terms with his bereavement and he finally scatters Hayley’s ashes in North Cross Park where they first kissed.
  • Sharif Nazir gets more obsessed about his chickens when they start to lay eggs, not knowing that Kal Nazir has been putting shop-bought ones in the coop as he's tired of his endless talking on the subject.
  • Steve’s returning confidence is temporarily set back when Lloyd Mullaney returns from Spain and blames him for the crash and the firm’s problems. Michelle and Liz are livid with the way that he treats his old friend. When he’s had time to digest the news, he and Steve resume their friendship although it is strained.
  • Michael goes into hospital for his operation which is a success, although Andy continues to keep his true identity a secret so as not to harm his recovery. Gail and Michael agree to get married in four weeks' time.
  • Dev goes to Mumbai to visit relatives and his sponsored team. Julie, Mary and Sophie Webster clash over the responsibilities of the Corner Shop and looking after the twins. Julie invites the two women to dinner to make the peace with them.
  • Owen is stunned when his ex-wife Linda Hancock turns up from Portugal after twenty years absence wanting to see Izzy and Katy. Katy has been led to believe by Owen that it was her disability diagnosis that caused her mother to walk out on her, although Linda doesn't tell her the truth that Owen has always blocked access. Katy wants to get to know her mother, upsetting Owen who tells her to keep clear. Anna start to get jealous of Linda's glamorous looks. Provoked by Owen, Linda tells the girls the truth. Izzy is devastated.

The return of trouble?

  • Kevin Webster goes internet dating through which he meets up with a face from the past - Jenny Bradley. Sally Webster and Sophie are appalled at his choice of girlfriend but both agree to keep their counsel. Emily Bishop and Norris worry about Rita Tanner's reaction. Knowing of her past, Norris verbally lays into Jenny. Rita herself returns from seeing Mavis Wilton and walks in on Kevin and Jenny in the Rovers. Jenny is honest about her past mistakes but Rita doesn't believe her and warns her that she's watching her every move.
  • Sinead’s slow recovery continues. After several weeks, and with assistance, she manages to sit up in bed. She receives support from fellow patient Sam Hayden, causing Chesney Brown to be jealous. Sinead's gran Agnes Tinker comes to stay to help out at home, upsetting Beth who she clashes with.
  • Tony and Tracy continue their flings. Tony gets nervous as Tracy gets deliberately careless with what she says. Ken Barlow almost catches them in the act at No.1. When Tracy says too much in front of Liz, Tony threatens her. They agree ground rules but Tracy demands a weekend away. Tony buys stolen goods from a contact in Rochdale but are almost caught by the police.
  • With Eva gone, Eileen Grimshaw is taken on as a barmaid at the Rovers. She is dreadful but she thinks she's doing a good job. Tracy complains about her service and Liz, already angry about her business dealings with Tony, bars her.
  • Luke and Maria's relationship develops although he makes a mess of tiling her kitchen.


  • Anna takes to see Dr Gaddas who fails to diagnose the pregnancy. Faye has an embarrassing meeting with Jackson Hodge, the baby's father, at a school meeting. Faye wants to have the baby secretly in the vacant Corner Shop flat and then have Craig take it to the hospital and dump it there. She gets the reluctant lad involved in the plan. Tim Metcalfe suspects something is going on between them.
  • Liz tries to make-up with Tracy but is rebuffed. Eileen is sacked from the Rovers.

Mediation for Callum and a reluctant David Platt

  • Callum starts to shower Max with presents, integrating himself with him and causing a rift between the boy and David. He takes up Michael's suggestion that he lets Callum see Max under his terms and conditions. Callum's solicitor suggests mediation and David goes along with it but loses his temper when the crook puts on a front of being a reformed character. David is also forced into joining Callum for day's out with Max.
  • Jenny tries to give Rita back £300 of the £1,000 she gave her but Rita angrily tears the cheque up. Jenny continues to go out with Kevin, much to everyone's disapproval. Jenny reacts strangely when Jack Webster almost chokes on a shallot. Kevin convinces Rita to leave Jenny and him alone as he needs a chance of happiness. Rita feels the girl has changed in some way that she can't put her finger on.
  • Andy and Steph are stunned when the real Gavin Rodwell returns from travelling in Thailand. He quickly discovers Andy's deception and is livid that he's brought his hated father back into his life. He blackmails Andy for £5,000 to keep quiet but Andy hasn't got the money. He and Steph concoct a plan to claim Andy was robbed of the bistro's savings when he was taking them to the bank but this only raises £2,476. Gavin waits until Michael has left for the wedding and introduces himself to Gail. She is so rocked to find out that what has been going on that she misses the ceremony and the wedding doesn't take place. Gavin also blackmails Gail and, also to save an ill Michael from finding out the truth, she too complies, but makes her hatred of Andy clear. With his £5,000 in his pocket, Gavin leaves to travel again but within hours dies of his hereditary heart condition. Gail is invited by Barbara Deakin to the funeral where she meets Michael's ex-wife Susan Meldrum. She wants to bury the hatchet with Michael but Gail uses his ill-health to keep them apart. Michael is told that his operation was a failure and he needs a heart transplant. Gail tells a shaken Andy that for the sake of Michael’s health, he must always remain as Gavin, Michael’s son. Andy moves in with Steph.
  • Roy and Sharif compete to be given a free allotment space. The two are interviewed and Sharif wins but he agrees to share it with Roy however the two quickly find themselves at odds over what should be grown in the space.
  • Keen not to lose his girls permanently, Owen becomes friendly with Linda, making Anna jealous. At her hen night, a tipsy Gail delights in telling Owen and Anna that Callum is a drug dealer. Katy defends her boyfriend but when he calls her a slapper, she drops him instantly. Linda suggests that Izzy, Katy and Joseph move to Portugal permanently with her. Izzy refuses, as does Katy at first, but thinking that there is nothing for her in Weatherfield any more, she finally agrees, Chesney at first is resistant but finally agrees. Katy and Joseph depart for their new life.
  • Sinead is depressed at the slow progress she is making on her physiotherapy. She calls a taxi and returns to Coronation Street, intending to prove to Chesney that she is independent, but she has a fall inside No.5 and has to be taken back to hospital by ambulance.
  • Billy asks Emily for help in hosting a comedy night at the church to raise funds. She appears uncomfortable with the idea and Sean attacks her her homophobia. Emily angrily tells him her problem was the comedy night as she is a traditionalist on church matters. Billy and Sean break up when Billy is reluctant to tell his parishioners about their relationship or that he is gay. Emily brings them back together again.
  • Leanne and Simon are forced to spend a few days at No.6 when the electrics in their flat fail. As a result, Zeedan Nazir and Simon become friendly towards each other after some initial friction. Sharif finds out that the lads having been having him on about the eggs.
  • Emily suggests a butler auction to raise church charity funds. It held in the Rovers where Sally is forced to put herself up for auction by a stirring Jenny and Norris bids the winning amount for her. He proceeds to make her life a living hell on the day that she provides services for him.
  • Eileen starts internet dating with her profile being written up by Todd, setting his mother up for his own reasons. Eileen however backs out of going out with a man who gets in touch with her.
  • Lloyd and Steve are still somewhat distant with each other. Michelle finds an unpaid tax demand for £10,700 in Steve's mail and worries how it will effect his recovery from his depression. Tony agrees to loan him the money from the sale of the house he bought for Jason and Eva. This angers Tracy who wants to expand the business and she finishes her affair with him.
  • Bethany Platt turns up suddenly in Weatherfield having run away from Milan. She refuses to return home and Sarah Platt is forced to follow her daughter over. Bethany acts up as the teenager from hell in No.8. She convinces her mum of her unhappiness in Italy. Jason sees that his ex-wife has returned.
  • Steve proposes to Michelle but grows concerned that she only said yes out of pity. To show that she wants him, she proposes to him in front of the Rovers' regulars. Lloyd toasts his friend's good fortune.


  • Faye goes into premature labour and her family are shocked to find that she is having a baby. Owen suspects Craig of being the father and attacks him, driving a further wedge between him and Anna. Owen is arrested and cautioned. Faye confesses that Jackson is the baby of the father. The Hodge's are summoned to be told their son is a dad but he denies having had sex with Faye and his parents believe him. Faye rejects the child and Owen and Anna row when she refuses to have her adopted and instead plans to give up work to raise her. She tells him she's no longer in love with him and he leaves the area to work in Aberdeen. Faye accepts the baby, who she calls Miley. Tim is in raptures over his granddaughter.
  • Bethany stirs things up between Sarah and Jason, making out that both are still keen on the other. They realise what she is up to and scare her by telling her that Jason is moving back to Milan with them. Bethany then sabotages Sarah's attempt to get her to return by getting her sacked by Stephen Reid for lying about a piece of work she's supposed to complete for him. Faced with remaining, Sarah looks for work and gets a job at the Rovers.
  • Callum takes an interest in Sarah and pays court to her. She reciprocates and the two begin a clandestine affair. David suspects something is going on but it is Nick who catches them together. He warns Sarah to tell David what she is up to before he does.
  • Steve continues his recovery but starts to stress over the cost of the wedding, Liz gets a reluctant Tony to agree to pay for it.
  • Tracy and Tony re-start their relationship. Tracy demands the Rovers and Tony agrees, tired of his dismissive treatment by Liz. He lies to her that he's in desperate need of money and she gets Steve to agree to sell his stake in the Rovers to raise the money. Todd realises that Tracy and Tony are an item and blackmails her into a pay rise.
  • Nick and Carla start to become friendly and spend time together.
  • Eileen goes on several dates with Adrian Mortimer and enjoys his company however her head is also turned by messages from another contact - Jeff in Dubai, who interests her with his on-line charm and obvious riches. She has no idea that it is a cruel prank and that Jeff is really Todd using an alias.
  • Julie’s put out when Dev calls to tell her that one of his uncles has died and he’ll be staying in India for longer.
  • Sean and Billy are the victim of a homophobic pub landlord in the Peak District. Julie annoys Sean when she reports their story to the Weatherfield Gazette as it exposes their relationship to Billy's parishioners.
  • Callum tells David he's cancelling the mediation and applying for custody of Max. David is puzzled when he sees Gail buying flowers on several occasions and follows her to Gavin's grave. She's forced to tell him the truth about Andy. Desperate to get at Callum, David blackmails Andy into planting drugs in Callum's car but it goes wrong and Callum administers a beating to David.
  • Roy and Sharif meet widow Cathy Matthews whose late husband had the next-door allotment pitch. Sharif upsets her by making plans to get the overgrown pitch from her. Roy tries to make amends but Cathy is nervous of getting to know him.

Happiness at last?

  • Gail gets more stressed over her deception with Gavin/Andy. Steph also feels the strain and Luke forces her to tell him the truth. He punches Andy for the trouble he's caused for his sister. Maria finishes with him for being the sort of man who uses his fists to solve problems. Gail loses her nerve at the wedding and almost calls it off but when she sees how committed Michael is to her, she happily goes through with the ceremony and the two go on honeymoon paid for by Nick. Andy packs a bag and prepares to leave, but returns, telling Steph he can't do it.
  • Sinead progresses enough for her to return home. Chesney is jealous of the friendship she has struck up with fellow-patient Sam Hayden in the hospital. Alya sets up a new bespoke design website for Underworld and gives the sewing work to Sinead to be done at home and keep her occupied.
  • Jenny starts to take care of Jack. She quits her job to become his child-minder though she lies to Kevin that she was made redundant. To strangers, she claims Jack is her son. Jenny slaps Maria in an argument over a fall-out between Jack and Liam Connor. She lies to everyone that Maria attacked her and is believed by all except Sophie. She tries to warn Kevin that something is wrong with Jenny but the two fall out and Sophie moves in with her mother. Jenny starts to make excuses to spend more and more time with Jack.
  • Sally is annoyed at some artistic graffiti that's been painted on the side of No.4 and vows to find who is responsible.
  • Tyrone, Gary and Luke organise a curry night with the food cooked by Roy. Gary challenges Luke to make a better one.

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