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2014 was Coronation Street's fifty-fifth year.

Main characters

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1Carla Barlow/ConnorAlison KingFull year16397215
2Steve McDonaldSimon GregsonFull year160274116
3Michelle ConnorKym MarshFull year15298019
4Tracy BarlowKate FordFull year146166427
4Anna WindassDebbie RushFull year1466882
6Peter BarlowChris GascoyneUntil November136116314
7Liz McDonaldBeverley CallardFull year134187259
8Eva PriceCatherine TyldesleyFull year12638031
9Gail McIntyreHelen WorthFull year12538605
10Leanne TilsleyJane DansonFull year12015706
11Rob DonovanMarc BaylisUntil November11528129
12David PlattJack P. ShepherdFull year except for February11418778
13Sally WebsterSally DynevorFull year113276619
14Gary WindassMikey NorthFull year11251222
14Tony StewartTerence MaynardFrom January112144 -
16Tyrone DobbsAlan HalsallFull year111158139
16Eileen GrimshawSue CleaverFull year111156313
16Owen ArmstrongIan Puleston-DaviesFull year except for August11150212
16Kal NazirJimi MistryFull year11111977
20Fiz StapeJennie McAlpineUntil November109171311
20Steph BrittonTisha MerryFull year10912970
22Lloyd MullaneyCraig CharlesFull year except for October10787834
22Todd GrimshawBruno LangleyFull year10750571
24Roy CropperDavid NeilsonFull year10417263
25Katy ArmstrongGeorgia May FooteFull year10335731
26Kylie PlattPaula LaneFull year994568
26Tim MetcalfeJoe DuttineFull year9919724
28Sophie WebsterBrooke VincentFull year97116835
29Jason GrimshawRyan ThomasFull year95135726
30Sean TullyAntony CottonFull year92123733
31Nick TilsleyBen PriceFull year except for February9114676
31Izzy ArmstrongCherylee HoustonFull year9144130
33Julie CarpKaty CavanaghFull year8760442
34Maria ConnorSamia GhadieFull year86129158
35Andrea BeckettHayley TamaddonFull year except for October858880
35Maddie HeathAmy James-KellyFull year858880
37Beth TinkerLisa GeorgeFull year8130027
38Norris ColeMalcolm HebdenFull year79139744
39Rita TannerBarbara KnoxUntil July and from October78345737
40Audrey RobertsSue NichollsFull year77277141
40Michael RodwellLes DennisMarch and from June7777 -
42Sinead TinkerKatie McGlynnFull year7511955
43Tina McIntyreMichelle KeeganUntil June 738601
44Deirdre BarlowAnne KirkbrideUntil October72334050
45Dev AlahanJimmi HarkishinFull year71130824
45Chesney BrownSam AstonUntil May and from August 7181922
47Mary TaylorPatti ClareFull year6534746
48Kirk SutherlandAndrew WhymentFull year except for July6497348
49Ken BarlowWilliam RoacheFrom August62415674
50Simon BarlowAlex BainFull year5840453
51Faye WindassEllie LeachFull year except for August5727021
51Max TurnerHarry McDermottJanuary, March, June to October and December5720850
53Alya NazirSair KhanFrom June5555 -
54Luke BrittonDean FaganFrom March5353 -
55Marcus DentCharlie CondouUntil July5031154
56Sharif NazirMarc AnwarFebruary to October and December4949 -
57Jenna KamaraKrissi BohnUntil August4815238
58Dennis TannerPhilip LowrieUntil July4667345
59Kevin WebsterMichael Le VellMarch to April and from September45265771
59Amy BarlowElle MulvaneyJanuary to February and from May4545273
61Yasmeen NazirShelley KingFrom July4141 -
62Stella PriceMichelle CollinsUntil April404474
63Emily BishopEileen DerbyshireFull year except for June and September39325563
64Lily PlattAva & Lilly Bushell and Betsie & Emmie TaylorJanuary, March, June to October and December325767
65Craig TinkerColson SmithFull year except for June and October308064
66Zeedan NazirQasim AkhtarFrom September2929 -
67Pat PhelanConnor McIntyreUntil April263078
67Jake WindassHarley & Layton PhoenixJanuary to July, October and December265366
69Gloria PriceSue JohnstonUntil February2116917
70Jim McDonaldCharles Lawson August to October201142 -
71Liam ConnorCharlie WrenshallFull year except for September and November1912075
72Andy CarverOliver FarnworthFrom November1717 -
73Hayley CropperJulie HesmondhalghJanuary only16143610
74Ruby DobbsMacy AlabiJanuary to May and August to October158359
74Callum LoganSean WardFrom October1515 -
76Cilla Battersby-BrownWendi PetersOctober to November13328 -
76Hope StapeFaith & Nicole HoltUntil May and from August to October1312668
78Erica HolroydClaire KingFrom December1010 -
79Jack WebsterJaxon & Maddox BeswickMarch, September and December87978
80Joseph BrownRonny & Tommy Cheetham and Lucca-Owen WarwickJanuary and from August69149
80Gemma WinterDolly-Rose CampbellOctober only66 -
82Billy MayhewDaniel BrocklebankFrom December44 -
83Aadi AlahanZennon DitchettMarch and October to November312261
83Asha AlahanTanisha GoreyMarch and October to November312161


A new home

Tony Warren Building

Tony Warren outside the main studio block at MediaCity studios, appropriately named "The Tony Warren Building"

Stuart Blackburn produced Coronation Street in its first year at MediaCityUK, with Kieran Roberts continuing in the role of executive producer. The first scenes were shot at MediaCity studios, Coronation Street's new production base, when cast and crew re-convened on 9th January. The programme operated out of four studios in the main building, which was christened "The Tony Warren Building" in honour of the programme's creator in a special ceremony held on 20th May. To reflect this change, an updated title sequence premiered with Episode 8339 on 10th March, the first episode to be made entirely at MediaCity. This was a tweaked version of the previous title sequence replacing the outdated shots of the street with ones filmed on the new outdoor set [1].

The backlot at MediaCity replicated its Quay Street counterpart as much as possible, with the intention being that viewers would not be able to tell the difference. The biggest change was that the Rosamund Street backdrop was done away with, and the thoroughfare carried on past the viaduct crossing a row of shops, possibly an extension of Mawdsley Street. The new façade wasn't shown in full for several months, and directors were initially instructed to use tight camera angles to hide the 9/10 scale of the houses (compared with 7/10 on the 1982 set) in order to make the transition between the two sets as seamless as possible. Meanwhile, the backs of the houses in Mawdsley Street were built for the first time to enable more flexibility in recording ginnel and back yard scenes.

From this point onwards, the exterior of the main studio building doubled as the outside of Weatherfield General hospital. The car park and front gates were also used for occasional filming.

In April, the former site at Quay Street was opened to the public for the first time since 1999. Coronation Street: The Tour was originally envisaged as a six-month attraction allowing visitors to roam freely around the 1982 outdoor set with guided tours of the studio facilities at Stage One, where a number of standing sets were displayed on loan from ITV, along with an exhibition of costumes and props. The tours ran from 5th April to 4th October but were re-opened the following week due to high visitor numbers, continuing until 31st December 2015 [2].

Kevin and Ken's returns

Two of Coronation Street's senior cast members returned after concluding high-profile legal battles.

Michael Le Vell was back on set in January after signing a new contract. Kevin and Jack Webster returned to screens in March. Just four weeks later, the pair were written out again when Le Vell admitted to taking class-A drugs before and after his 2013 trial for sex offences in a "moment of weakness" [3]. Le Vell and producers mutually agreed that he would take another break from the programme in order to seek professional help. Kevin's departure from Weatherfield took place off-screen with the mechanic again going to nurse a sickly Bill Webster in Germany. Following his successful treatment, Le Vell returned to work with a low-key return by Kevin and Jack airing in September.

Jaxon and Maddox Beswick had remained in the role of Jack Webster throughout Le Vell's troubles and carried on until Episode 8539 on Christmas Day, after which Maddox played the part by himself.

William Roache's trial for rape and indecent assault began on 14th January at Preston Crown Court. One of the charges was dropped on 27th January due to insufficient evidence and on 6th February he was cleared of the six remaining charges. Outside court after the verdicts were announced, the 81-year-old actor told the press "if you'll excuse me, I'd like to get back to work." [4].

Roache returned to filming in June after a 14-month absence. Three months later, ITV announced that Anne Kirkbride would be taking an extended break from the programme but did not give a reason [5]. Deirdre Barlow was written out for the duration, leaving the street to stay with her friend Bev Unwin in the Peak District after struggling to cope with recent family dramas. Kirkbride passed away on 19th January 2015 after a battle with breast cancer, which had been diagnosed in the autumn and was only revealed to the public afterwards [6].

Deaths of Hayley and Tina

Hayley Cropper was killed off in January as part of her pancreatic cancer storyline. Hayley ended her own life before the cancer took her, a decision not supported by her husband Roy. The story garnered critical acclaim and was responsible for much of the programme's awards haul in 2014, contributing six awards at the British Soap Awards, Best Storyline at the TV Choice Awards, and a win for Serial Drama Performance by Julie Hesmondhalgh at the National Television Awards, while Coronation Street won for Serial Drama at the latter ceremony as well as Best Soap and Continuing Drama at the BAFTA TV Awards.

Who killed tina mcintyre

"Who Kills Tina?" promotional campaign

The biggest storyline of 2014 was the murder of Tina McIntyre by Rob Donovan. Michelle Keegan confirmed reports that she had quit the programme over a year before the episodes aired as part of Britain's Got Talent week in May [7]. Her exit was unusual in that while Rob was plainly shown landing the killing blow after Tina threatened to report him and Tracy Barlow for buying knock-off gear at Barlow's Buys, ITV presented it as a whodunit, publicising the fact that Tina would be murdered and previewing showdown scenes with each of the four prime suspects, dubbing the storyline "Who Kills Tina?" [8]. Tina's last appearance came in the form of a video on Steph Britton's phone, seen two weeks after her on-screen death, which was the last scene Keegan shot for the programme.

One of the suspects in the murder was Peter Barlow, who was charged and found guilty of the crime. Actor Chris Gascoyne had decided to leave at the end of his contract having played Peter constantly since 2008, opening the possibility that Peter would remain in prison, but instead Carla Barlow exposed her brother Rob as the killer and Peter was exonerated, moving to Portsmouth immediately afterwards. The main casualty of the storyline was Marc Baylis, who was forced to leave the programme when his character Rob was imprisoned.

Peter continued to appear while at Highfield Prison, in a storyline with a returning Jim McDonald. Nicknamed "The Landlord", Jim smuggled alcohol into the prison allowing him to use Peter to get Liz and Steve to visit him. This continued the transition of Jim into a more unsavoury character and tied into Steve's ongoing depression storyline.

Putting down roots

Cast 2014

Cast photo taken after set move

The first change to the new set occurred within weeks of the move. V Court Fitness gym was opened opposite the Victoria Court apartments in April and introduced Kal Nazir's father Sharif to the programme as its co-owner. The other Nazirs - Kal's mother Yasmeen and children Alya and Zeedan - appeared over the coming months as they became relevant to storylines, so that they were all familiar to viewers before the family moved into the street in December.

Yasmeen, matriarch of the family, rented the old butcher shop in Victoria Street and opened Jamila House community centre in October, the first such establishment to feature regularly in the programme since 1989.

A deeper exploration of Kylie Platt's past took place with the introduction of Max Turner's father, drug dealer Callum Logan, as a major villain. Kylie sought out her ex-boyfriend for a pick-me-up after becoming addicted to Max's ADHD medication. The storyline was only meant to lead into Paula Lane's maternity leave, with David Platt kicking Kylie out of the house on Christmas Day, but Sean Ward who played Callum was kept on in her absence with David and Callum fighting over Max.

Another character created at this time was Gemma Winter, a friend of Kylie's from the estate where she grew up. Gemma appeared sporadically in 2014 and 2015 as a lackey of Callum's before becoming a regular in 2016.

Comedian Les Dennis, famous for his Mavis Wilton impression on Russ Abbot's Madhouse, joined Coronation Street as Michael Rodwell, a down-on-his-luck businessman who was caught burgling No.8. After his release from prison, Michael befriended and eventually romanced his victim, Gail McIntyre. This led into a major storyline where Michael traced his long-lost son Gavin and was welcomed back into his life, only for it to be revealed (to the audience) that "Gavin" was an impostor named Andy Carver.

Other introductions included Steph Britton's brother Luke, vicar Billy Mayhew, Liz McDonald's friend Erica Holroyd played by Emmerdale veteran Claire King, and Dr Gaddas, a new GP employed at Rosamund Street Medical Centre to replace Dr Carter. Meanwhile, Jason Grimshaw's shady father Tony Stewart re-appeared as a regular character, recast with Terence Maynard in the role. Two of the children in the programme also changed heads, with Lucca-Owen Warwick replacing Ronny and Tommy Cheetham as Joseph Brown and Betsie and Emmie Taylor taking over the role of Lily Platt from Ava and Lilly Bushell.

Notable departures

Some prominent names from Phil Collinson's tenure left the programme. Michelle Collins, playing Stella Price, resigned after her character was moved on from her position as landlady of the Rovers Return. Collins stated that she "didn’t want to just be hanging around not doing anything" [9]. Stella made a low-key departure in April, two months after her mother Gloria left Weatherfield in the more dramatic fashion of driving off in a sports car with Dennis Tanner. Sue Johnston had quit the programme in order to focus on other TV projects [10]. This left Eva Price as the only remaining member of the clan.

Dennis Tanner was seen again in his final storyline where he returned with his tail between his legs and attempted to persuade Rita to take him back. In his last appearance, Dennis was caught by Rita with his hand in The Kabin till, convincing Rita to finish with him for good. The decision was taken to write Dennis out to show the consequences of him reverting to his roguish ways [11]. At the point of Philip Lowrie's axing, he was the only member of Coronation Street's original cast still in the programme on account of William Roache being absent indefinitely.

Charlie Condou quit after seven years on-and-off as Marcus Dent [12]. Marcus left for pastures new in July after breaking up with Todd Grimshaw. The following month saw Jenna Kamara go overseas to do voluntary work when producers decided not to renew Krissi Bohn's contract [13].

Fiz Stape was written out temporarily in November as Jennie McAlpine went on maternity leave. Wendi Peters made her first appearance as Cilla Battersby-Brown since 2007 to facilitate Fiz's exit, as Cilla came to stay at No.9 and revealed her osteoporosis to Fiz and Chesney. Fiz then went Wolverhampton to help look after Cilla for a while.

The final episode written by Peter Whalley before his retirement was broadcast on 26th February. Whalley was the most prolific Coronation Street writer of all time, with 601 scripts credited to him.


Title cars

Street Car Stories title card

Three online spin-offs were made in 2014 which to date are the most recent bonus material produced for Coronation Street. As with most earlier web productions, the episodes were a few minutes each with a strongly comedic flavour. The first, made available for streaming in February, was Street Car Stories, a four-part series showing the inner workings of the Street Cars cab office. The series was written by Chris Fewtrell and featured Steve McDonald and Lloyd Mullaney.

Next were two videos posted on Norris Cole's Twitter page @NorrisMole, which had been active since 2010 featuring occasional posts purportedly written by the character. The "selfie"-style videos were written by Martin Sterling and featured Norris and Mary Taylor within Weatherfield Crown Court as Norris prepared to give evidence at Peter Barlow's murder trial.

Finally, a third mini-series was released over December 2014 and January 2015, entitled What Would Kirk Do?. In each of the five episodes, Kirk Sutherland would be presented with a dilemma relating to his upcoming wedding to Beth Tinker with three possible solutions offered to viewers.

Viewing figures

2014 ratings

Ratings chart for the year

BARB ratings across the 253 episodes averaged 7.23 million viewers. This represented a loss of 1.24m from 2013, or 14% of the total audience - proportionally the biggest single-year drop in the programme's history. While every month was down year-on-year by at least 600k, the magnitude of the drops generally increased as the year went on, with the most extreme case being October which was down 1.7m viewers.

Coronation Street's chart performance also took a downturn, with three episodes reaching number one compared with 13 in 2013, its lowest since 2001, although three episodes fell outside the top twenty which was only one more than 2013. The highest rated episode - Hayley Cropper's death from cancer - was 8305 on 20th January which was seen by 9.53 million viewers. This was the first occasion since 1960 where the peak viewing figure was sub-ten million viewers, a figure the programme has not achieved since. The low point of the year - Episode 8528 on 7th December - was also notable in that its audience of 5.25m viewers was the lowest of any episode up to this point. The previous record for lowest rated episode had stood since 2009.

It is worth noting when making these observations that at this point ITV did not amalgamate figures for simulcasts on their main channel, ITV+1 and ITV HD.


# Ep.
Date Part Writer Director Viewing
18291Wednesday 1st January Mark WadlowMenhaj Huda8,310,0008
28292Friday 3rd January1Julie JonesMenhaj Huda8,630,0005
38293Friday 3rd January2Carmel MorganMenhaj Huda8,180,00012
48294Monday 6th January1Jayne HollinsonPeter Rose8,860,0004
58295Monday 6th January2John KerrPeter Rose8,560,0005
68296Wednesday 8th January Mark BurtPeter Rose8,300,0007
78297Friday 10th January1Damon RochefortPeter Rose8,120,0008
88298Friday 10th January2Martin AllenPeter Rose7,820,00011
98299Monday 13th January1Jonathan HarveyLee Salisbury8,510,0006
108300Monday 13th January2Jonathan HarveyLee Salisbury8,060,00012
118301Wednesday 15th January Peter WhalleyLee Salisbury8,070,00011
128302Friday 17th January1Jan McVerryLee Salisbury8,450,0007
138303Friday 17th January2Jan McVerryLee Salisbury8,130,00010
148304Monday 20th January1Debbie OatesKay Patrick9,060,0003
158305Monday 20th January2Chris FewtrellKay Patrick9,530,0002
168306Wednesday 22nd January Susan OudotKay Patrick7,850,00010
178307Friday 24th January1Joe TurnerKay Patrick8,410,0007
188308Friday 24th January2Joe TurnerKay Patrick7,760,00011
198309Monday 27th January1Julie JonesDavid Kester8,940,0003
208310Monday 27th January2Jayne HollinsonDavid Kester8,600,0005
218311Wednesday 29th January Mark BurtDavid Kester8,350,0006
228312Friday 31st January1Ellen TaylorDavid Kester8,290,0007
238313Friday 31st January2Ellen TaylorDavid Kester8,170,0008
248314Monday 3rd February1Joe TurnerAudrey Cooke8,640,0003
258315Monday 3rd February2Mark WadlowAudrey Cooke8,370,0006
268316Wednesday 5th February Peter WhalleyAudrey Cooke8,520,0004
278317Friday 7th February1Simon CrowtherAudrey Cooke8,120,0009
288318Friday 7th February2Chris FewtrellAudrey Cooke7,690,00011
298319Monday 10th February1Martin AllenDuncan Foster8,730,0004
308320Monday 10th February2Mark BurtDuncan Foster8,550,0006
318321Wednesday 12th February Susan OudotDuncan Foster8,170,0009
328322Friday 14th February1Jonathan HarveyDuncan Foster8,290,0008
338323Friday 14th February2Carmel MorganDuncan Foster7,870,00011
348324Monday 17th February1Joe TurnerJohn Anderson8,400,0003
358325Monday 17th February2Damon RochefortJohn Anderson7,930,0008
368326Wednesday 19th February Mark BurtJohn Anderson7,860,00010
378327Friday 21st February1Jan McVerryJohn Anderson8,150,0007
388328Friday 21st February2Julie JonesJohn Anderson6,740,00014
398329Monday 24th February1Susan OudotTony Prescott8,210,0005
408330Monday 24th February2Susan OudotTony Prescott7,990,0009
418331Wednesday 26th February Peter WhalleyTony Prescott7,810,00010
428332Friday 28th February1Simon CrowtherTony Prescott8,400,0002
438333Friday 28th February2Simon CrowtherTony Prescott7,660,00011
448334Monday 3rd March1Jayne HollinsonLee Salisbury8,500,0004
458335Monday 3rd March2Jonathan HarveyLee Salisbury8,120,0005
468336Wednesday 5th March Chris FewtrellLee Salisbury7,290,0009
478337Friday 7th March1Ellen TaylorLee Salisbury7,570,0008
488338Friday 7th March2Mark WadlowLee Salisbury7,060,00012
498339Monday 10th March1Simon CrowtherAlan Grint8,090,0002
508340Monday 10th March2Debbie OatesAlan Grint7,810,0004
518341Wednesday 12th March Joe TurnerAlan Grint7,450,0008
528342Friday 14th March1Jonathan HarveyAlan Grint7,630,0006
538343Friday 14th March2Mark WadlowAlan Grint7,200,00010
548344Monday 17th March1Jayne HollinsonDavid Kester8,020,0001
558345Monday 17th March2Jayne HollinsonDavid Kester7,840,0005
568346Wednesday 19th March Damon RochefortDavid Kester7,680,0006
578347Friday 21st March1John KerrDavid Kester7,090,0009
588348Friday 21st March2Carmel MorganDavid Kester6,130,00018
598349Monday 24th March1Mark BurtJudith Dine8,120,0001
608350Monday 24th March2Julie JonesJudith Dine7,750,0004
618351Wednesday 26th March Martin AllenJudith Dine7,600,0005
628352Friday 28th March1Susan OudotJudith Dine7,570,0006
638353Friday 28th March2Jan McVerryJudith Dine6,950,00010
648354Monday 31st March1Joe TurnerDuncan Foster7,630,0004
658355Monday 31st March2Damon RochefortDuncan Foster7,650,0003
668356Wednesday 2nd April Susan OudotDuncan Foster7,440,0007
678357Friday 4th April1Simon CrowtherDuncan Foster7,590,0005
688358Friday 4th April2Mark WadlowDuncan Foster7,290,0009
698359Monday 7th April1Chris FewtrellTony Prescott8,180,0002
708360Monday 7th April2Martin AllenTony Prescott7,900,0004
718361Wednesday 9th April Jayne HollinsonTony Prescott7,410,0006
728362Friday 11th April1John KerrTony Prescott7,150,0007
738363Friday 11th April2Ellen TaylorTony Prescott6,850,00011
748364Monday 14th April1Jan McVerryJohn Anderson7,580,0003
758365Monday 14th April2Mark BurtJohn Anderson7,550,0004
768366Wednesday 16th April Jonathan HarveyJohn Anderson7,240,0006
778367Friday 18th April1Julie JonesJohn Anderson7,140,0007
788368Friday 18th April2Carmel MorganJohn Anderson6,850,00010
798369Monday 21st April1Ellen TaylorMenhaj Huda7,560,0009
808370Monday 21st April2Ellen TaylorMenhaj Huda7,830,0005
818371Wednesday 23rd April Mark WadlowMenhaj Huda7,680,0008
828372Friday 25th April1Simon CrowtherMenhaj Huda7,820,0006
838373Friday 25th April2Jonathan HarveyMenhaj Huda7,170,00011
848374Monday 28th April1Susan OudotDiana Patrick7,700,0005
858375Monday 28th April2Mark BurtDiana Patrick7,250,0008
868376Wednesday 30th April Damon RochefortDiana Patrick7,280,0007
878377Friday 2nd May1Debbie OatesDiana Patrick6,940,00010
888378Friday 2nd May2Debbie OatesDiana Patrick6,540,00011
898379Monday 5th May1John KerrAlan Grint7,170,0008
908380Monday 5th May2Martin AllenAlan Grint7,020,0009
918381Wednesday 7th May Perrie BalthazarAlan Grint7,170,0007
928382Friday 9th May1Jan McVerryAlan Grint6,860,00010
938383Friday 9th May2Jayne HollinsonAlan Grint6,420,00012
948384Monday 12th May1Chris FewtrellDurno Johnston7,380,0004
958385Monday 12th May2Chris FewtrellDurno Johnston7,020,0006
968386Wednesday 14th May Joe TurnerDurno Johnston6,860,0007
978387Friday 16th May1Julie JonesDurno Johnston6,510,00011
988388Friday 16th May2Julie JonesDurno Johnston6,300,00012
998389Monday 19th May1Julie JonesJudith Dine7,340,0006
1008390Monday 19th May2Perrie BalthazarJudith Dine7,510,0004
1018391Wednesday 21st May Martin AllenJudith Dine5,750,00012
1028392Friday 23rd May1Jonathan HarveyJudith Dine7,320,0008
1038393Friday 23rd May2John KerrJudith Dine6,900,0009
1048394Monday 26th May Jan McVerryDuncan Foster8,290,0004
1058395Tuesday 27th May Simon CrowtherDuncan Foster7,900,0005
1068396Wednesday 28th May Simon CrowtherDuncan Foster8,440,0002
1078397Thursday 29th May Chris FewtrellDuncan Foster8,300,0003
1088398Sunday 1st June Chris FewtrellDuncan Foster7,180,0009
1098399Monday 2nd June1Joe TurnerTony Prescott8,050,0003
1108400Monday 2nd June2Joe TurnerTony Prescott7,940,0004
1118401Wednesday 4th June Damon RochefortTony Prescott6,970,0006
1128402Thursday 5th June Mark WadlowTony Prescott6,930,0007
1138403Friday 6th June1Carmel MorganTony Prescott6,780,0009
1148404Friday 6th June2Susan OudotAbe Juckes6,790,0008
1158405Monday 9th June1John KerrTerry Dyddgen-Jones7,630,0006
1168406Monday 9th June2Mark BurtTerry Dyddgen-Jones6,970,00010
1178407Wednesday 11th June Jonathan HarveyTerry Dyddgen-Jones7,170,0009
1188408Friday 13th June Jan McVerryTerry Dyddgen-Jones6,020,00013
1198409Monday 16th June Debbie OatesGriff Rowland7,330,0006
1208410Wednesday 18th June Ellen TaylorGriff Rowland6,750,0007
1218411Monday 23rd June Jayne HollinsonDiana Patrick6,930,0003
1228412Wednesday 25th June Julie JonesDiana Patrick6,550,0004
1238413Friday 27th June1Simon CrowtherDiana Patrick6,150,0006
1248414Friday 27th June2Chris FewtrellDiana Patrick5,800,00010
1258415Monday 30th June Julie JonesBrett Fallis6,290,0009
1268416Wednesday 2nd July John KerrBrett Fallis6,470,0006
1278417Thursday 3rd July Mark BurtBrett Fallis6,060,00012
1288418Friday 4th July Carmel MorganBrett Fallis6,460,0007
1298419Monday 7th July1Jonathan HarveyTim Finn7,160,0006
1308420Monday 7th July2Jonathan HarveyTim Finn6,720,0009
1318421Wednesday 9th July Susan OudotTim Finn6,280,00010
1328422Thursday 10th July Martin AllenTim Finn6,010,00014
1338423Friday 11th July1Joe TurnerTim Finn6,130,00013
1348424Friday 11th July2Joe TurnerTim Finn6,010,00014
1358425Monday 14th July1Chris FewtrellIan Bevitt7,068,0002
1368426Monday 14th July2Chris FewtrellIan Bevitt7,068,0002
1378427Wednesday 16th July Mark WadlowIan Bevitt6,407,0004
1388428Friday 18th July1Simon CrowtherIan Bevitt6,095,0005
1398429Friday 18th July2Perrie BalthazarIan Bevitt6,090,0006
1408430Monday 21st July1Chris FewtrellMichael Lacey6,493,0004
1418431Monday 21st July2Damon RochefortMichael Lacey6,507,0003
1428432Wednesday 23rd July Perrie BalthazarMichael Lacey5,890,0006
1438433Friday 25th July1Jayne HollinsonMichael Lacey5,894,0005
1448434Friday 25th July2Susan OudotMichael Lacey5,810,0007
1458435Monday 28th July1John KerrTerry Dyddgen-Jones6,501,0001
1468436Monday 28th July2Mark BurtTerry Dyddgen-Jones6,334,0003
1478437Wednesday 30th July Jonathan HarveyTerry Dyddgen-Jones6,103,0004
1488438Friday 1st August1Debbie OatesTerry Dyddgen-Jones6,361,0002
1498439Friday 1st August2Carmel MorganTerry Dyddgen-Jones5,760,0006
1508440Monday 4th August1Jan McVerryTim Dowd6,751,0004
1518441Monday 4th August2Ellen TaylorTim Dowd6,931,0002
1528442Wednesday 6th August Martin AllenTim Dowd6,300,0009
1538443Friday 8th August1Joe TurnerTim Dowd6,643,0005
1548444Friday 8th August2Mark WadlowTim Dowd6,330,0008
1558445Monday 11th August1Ellen TaylorKay Patrick6,941,0003
1568446Monday 11th August2Martin AllenKay Patrick7,096,0002
1578447Wednesday 13th August Julie JonesKay Patrick6,560,0006
1588448Friday 15th August1Damon RochefortKay Patrick6,530,0007
1598449Friday 15th August2Damon RochefortKay Patrick6,390,0009
1608450Monday 18th August1Simon CrowtherBrett Fallis6,897,0004
1618451Monday 18th August2Simon CrowtherBrett Fallis6,720,0006
1628452Wednesday 20th August Susan OudotBrett Fallis6,390,0007
1638453Friday 22nd August1Jonathan HarveyBrett Fallis6,390,0007
1648454Friday 22nd August2Jonathan HarveyBrett Fallis6,340,00010
1658455Monday 25th August1Debbie OatesDurno Johnston6,915,0006
1668456Monday 25th August2Mark WadlowDurno Johnston6,844,0007
1678457Wednesday 27th August Perrie BalthazarDurno Johnston6,730,0009
1688458Friday 29th August1Joe TurnerDurno Johnston6,766,0008
1698459Friday 29th August2Joe TurnerDurno Johnston6,470,00011
1708460Monday 1st September1Chris FewtrellJo Johnson7,230,0006
1718461Monday 1st September2Susan OudotJo Johnson7,070,0007
1728462Wednesday 3rd September Jonathan HarveyJo Johnson5,920,00014
1738463Friday 5th September1Simon CrowtherJo Johnson6,470,00010
1748464Friday 5th September2Martin AllenJo Johnson6,430,00012
1758465Sunday 7th September Jan McVerryAlan Grint6,000,00013
1768466Wednesday 10th September Mark WadlowAlan Grint6,510,0007
1778467Friday 12th September1John KerrAlan Grint6,350,0008
1788468Friday 12th September2Damon RochefortAlan Grint6,110,00011
1798469Monday 15th September1Julie JonesMatt Hilton6,890,00011
1808470Monday 15th September2Mark BurtMichael Lacey7,000,0009
1818471Wednesday 17th September Cardy O'DonnellMichael Lacey6,230,00015
1828472Friday 19th September1Jayne HollinsonMichael Lacey6,640,00013
1838473Friday 19th September2Carmel MorganMichael Lacey6,300,00014
1848474Monday 22nd September1Martin AllenTim Dowd7,030,0009
1858475Monday 22nd September2Ellen TaylorTim Dowd7,040,0008
1868476Wednesday 24th September Cardy O'DonnellTim Dowd6,910,00013
1878477Friday 26th September1Simon CrowtherTim Dowd6,960,00012
1888478Friday 26th September2Susan OudotTim Dowd6,880,00014
1898479Monday 29th September1Chris FewtrellAudrey Cooke7,400,00010
1908480Monday 29th September2Mark WadlowAudrey Cooke7,030,00011
1918481Wednesday 1st October Jonathan HarveyAudrey Cooke6,990,00012
1928482Friday 3rd October1John KerrAudrey Cooke6,930,00013
1938483Friday 3rd October2Perrie BalthazarAudrey Cooke6,770,00015
1948484Monday 6th October1Jan McVerryPeter Rose7,590,0006
1958485Monday 6th October2Debbie OatesPeter Rose7,300,0008
1968486Wednesday 8th October Jayne HollinsonPeter Rose7,100,00010
1978487Friday 10th October1Joe TurnerPeter Rose7,060,00012
1988488Friday 10th October2Julie JonesPeter Rose6,730,00016
1998489Monday 13th October1Joe TurnerDavid Kester7,450,0009
2008490Monday 13th October2Jonathan HarveyDavid Kester7,410,00011
2018491Wednesday 15th October Jayne HollinsonDavid Kester7,750,0006
2028492Friday 17th October1Chris FewtrellDavid Kester7,120,00013
2038493Friday 17th October2Simon CrowtherDavid Kester7,000,00014
2048494Monday 20th October1John KerrTim Finn7,960,0006
2058495Monday 20th October2Susan OudotTim Finn7,978,0004
2068496Wednesday 22nd October Martin AllenTim Finn7,130,00010
2078497Friday 24th October1Damon RochefortTim Finn7,030,00011
2088498Friday 24th October2Mark WadlowTim Finn6,750,00016
2098499Monday 27th October1Jan McVerryKay Patrick8,045,0005
2108500Monday 27th October2Debbie OatesKay Patrick7,930,0006
2118501Wednesday 29th October Julie JonesKay Patrick7,410,0009
2128502Friday 31st October1Mark BurtKay Patrick7,340,00012
2138503Friday 31st October2Carmel MorganKay Patrick6,830,00015
2148504Monday 3rd November1Chris FewtrellNickie Lister7,820,0006
2158505Monday 3rd November2Simon CrowtherNickie Lister7,890,0004
2168506Wednesday 5th November Susan OudotNickie Lister7,420,00012
2178507Friday 7th November1Mark BurtNickie Lister7,420,00011
2188508Friday 7th November2John KerrNickie Lister6,970,00015
2198509Monday 10th November1Ellen TaylorAlan Grint8,170,0005
2208510Monday 10th November2Ellen TaylorAlan Grint7,800,0009
2218511Wednesday 12th November Cardy O'DonnellAlan Grint7,610,00011
2228512Friday 14th November1Jonathan HarveyAlan Grint6,740,00016
2238513Friday 14th November2Damon RochefortAlan Grint5,770,00022
2248514Monday 17th November1Julie JonesLee Salisbury7,560,00010
2258515Monday 17th November2Julie JonesLee Salisbury7,720,0009
2268516Wednesday 19th November Mark WadlowLee Salisbury7,150,00015
2278517Friday 21st November1Joe TurnerLee Salisbury7,220,00014
2288518Friday 21st November2Perrie BalthazarLee Salisbury6,920,00018
2298519Monday 24th November1Jonathan HarveyAudrey Cooke7,530,0009
2308520Monday 24th November2Jonathan HarveyAudrey Cooke7,480,00011
2318521Wednesday 26th November Jayne HollinsonAudrey Cooke7,000,00016
2328522Friday 28th November1Damon RochefortAudrey Cooke6,840,00020
2338523Friday 28th November2Damon RochefortAudrey Cooke6,930,00018
2348524Monday 1st December Martin AllenDurno Johnston7,540,0006
2358525Wednesday 3rd December Chris FewtrellDurno Johnston7,090,00012
2368526Friday 5th December1Simon CrowtherDurno Johnston6,890,00017
2378527Friday 5th December2Simon CrowtherDurno Johnston6,490,00021
2388528Sunday 7th December Perrie BalthazarPeter Rose5,250,00033
2398529Wednesday 10th December Carmel MorganPeter Rose7,280,0007
2408530Friday 12th December1Susan OudotPeter Rose6,900,00011
2418531Friday 12th December2Susan OudotPeter Rose6,570,00013
2428532Monday 15th December1Debbie OatesMenhaj Huda7,160,0009
2438533Monday 15th December2Debbie OatesMenhaj Huda6,800,00012
2448534Wednesday 17th December Cardy O'DonnellMenhaj Huda7,270,0006
2458535Friday 19th December Jan McVerryMenhaj Huda6,990,00011
2468536Monday 22nd December1Julie JonesMenhaj Huda7,150,00015
2478537Monday 22nd December2Julie JonesDavid Kester7,020,00016
2488538Wednesday 24th December Jan McVerryDavid Kester6,500,00019
2498539Thursday 25th December Joe TurnerDavid Kester6,650,00018
2508540Friday 26th December John Kerr
Mark Burt
David Kester6,390,00020
2518542Monday 29th December1Jayne HollinsonMichael Lacey7,600,00010
2528543Monday 29th December2Mark WadlowMichael Lacey7,200,00013
2538544Wednesday 31st DecemberSusan OudotMichael Lacey6,480,00016


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Who lives where

Coronation Street

Rosamund Street

Victoria Street

Victoria Court


Awards and nominations


British Soap Awards

Freesat TV Awards

  • Best British Soap Coronation Street (Winner)

TV Choice Awards

  • Best storyline - Hayley's cancer (Winner)
Coronation Street in the 2010s
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