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2013 was Coronation Street's fifty-fourth year.

Main characters

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1Tina McIntyreMichelle KeeganFull year1647873
2Anna WindassDebbie RushFull year16154226
3Roy CropperDavid NeilsonFull year153162236
4Stella Price/MunroMichelle CollinsFull year1504071
5Gail McIntyreHelen WorthFull year except for April146373510
6Leanne Barlow/TilsleyJane DansonFull year144145013
6Nick TilsleyBen PriceFull year14413766
8David PlattJack P. ShepherdUntil February and from May137176321
8Kylie PlattPaula LaneFull year13735723
10Hayley CropperJulie HesmondhalghFull year135142053
11Fiz StapeJennie McAlpineFull year132160428
12Owen ArmstrongIan Puleston-DaviesFull year12739119
13Eileen GrimshawSue CleaverFull year11914525
14Peter BarlowChris GascoyneFull year118102717
15Carla Connor/BarlowAlison KingFull year11680920
16Steve McDonaldSimon GregsonFull year11525816
17Gloria PriceSue JohnstonFull year except for January11414859
18Karl MunroJohn MichieUntil September1062996
19Michelle ConnorKym Lomas/MarshFull year10582811
19Sally WebsterSally DynevorFull year105265318
21Faye WindassEllie LeachFull year10321354
22Chesney BrownSam AstonFull year except for November9974849
22Gary WindassMikey NorthFull year9940040
24Dev AlahanJimmi HarkishinFull year except for August98123743
24Tim MetcalfeJoe DuttineFrom January9898 -
26Jason GrimshawRyan ThomasFull year95126231
27Tracy McDonald/BarlowKate FordFull year except for September94151823
27Beth TinkerLisa GeorgeFull year9421912
29Rob DonovanMarc BaylisFull year except for September9216642
30Izzy ArmstrongCherylee HoustonFull year except for October9135038
31Katy ArmstrongGeorgia May FooteFull year9025451
31Eva PriceCatherine TyldesleyFull year9025414
33Sean TullyAntony CottonFull year88114525
34Lloyd MullaneyCraig CharlesFull year8677145
35Sophie WebsterBrooke VincentFull year83107151
36Tommy DuckworthChris FountainUntil October824414
37Rita TannerBarbara KnoxFull year except for September81337932
38Jenna KamaraKrissi BohnFull year7910466
39Tyrone DobbsAlan HalsallFull year except for July and November7714702
40Sylvia GoodwinStephanie ColeFebruary to August7315960
41Audrey RobertsSue NichollsUntil February and from May71269430
42Julie CarpKaty CavanaghUntil May and from August7051729
43Paul KershawTony HirstUntil August6917834
44Norris ColeMalcolm HebdenFull year64131826
45Dennis TannerPhilip LowrieFull year except for September and November6362747
46Mary TaylorPatti ClareFull year6128241
47Ryan ConnorSol HerasUntil July and September to October5936446
48Kirk SutherlandAndrew WhymentFull year except for October5890948
49Joseph BrownRonny & Tommy CheethamFebruary to September528564
50Deirdre BarlowAnne KirkbrideFull year except for February and September51326838
50Brian PackhamPeter GunnUntil August and October to December5113854
50Max TurnerHarry McDermottUntil February and from May5115165
53Simon BarlowAlex BainFull year except for March and May4734644
54Marcus DentCharlie CondouFull year4526134
55Sinead TinkerKatie McGlynnFrom April4444 -
56Mandy KamaraPamela NomveteUntil April and June to August428056
57Kirsty SoamesNatalie GumedeUntil April401926
58Maria ConnorSamia GhadieUntil March, June to October and from December38120532
59Ruby Soames/DobbsMacy Alabi and Grace HanrahanJanuary to April, September to October and December366860
59Liz McDonaldBeverley CallardFrom October361738 -
61Aadi AlahanZennon DitchettJanuary, March to June, September and November to December3511962
61Asha AlahanTanisha GoreyJanuary, March to June, September and November to December3511862
63Emily BishopEileen DerbyshireUntil March and from June33321649
64Sunita AlahanShobna GulatiUntil April3175015
64Craig TinkerColson SmithJanuary to February and May to October315070
66Jake WindassHarley & Layton PhoenixMay to August and from November2727 -
67Lily PlattAva & Lilly BushellFrom August2525 -
68Hope StapeFaith & Nicole HoltJanuary to April, September to October and December2411373
69Lewis ArcherNigel HaversUntil February2215837
70Steph BrittonTisha MerryFebruary to March and from September2020 -
71Todd GrimshawBruno LangleyFrom November17398 -
71Kevin WebsterMichael Le VellUntil February17261222
73Amy BarlowElle MulvaneyJanuary, April, June to July and from November 1440757
74Ken BarlowWilliam RoacheUntil April12409416
75Matt CarterOliver MellorFebruary, March to April97469
75Liam ConnorCharlie WrenshallFebruary, April, June to July, September to October and December910167
77Kal NazirJimi MistryFrom December88 -
78Pat PhelanConnor McIntyreOctober and December44 -
78Jack WebsterJaxon & Maddox BeswickJanuary to February47173
80Andrea BeckettHayley TamaddonFrom December33 -
80Maddie HeathAmy KellyFrom December33 -


Burn out

2013 rovers fire poster

Producer Phil Collinson aimed to reach the heights of the tram crash with a new Rovers fire

Coronation Street spent its final year at Granada TV studios, its home since 1960. Recording at Stage One carried on until the Christmas break in December with the transfer to MediaCity studios occurring in January 2014.

A change in producer occurred in January when Phil Collinson left to take up a role producing new drama from ITV's base in Manchester, working with Kieran Roberts [1]. Having spent three years in the job, Collinson's tenure was the longest since Sue Pritchard's. His replacement was Stuart Blackburn, a former Coronation Street story editor from 2007 to 2009 and producer of Emmerdale for the past two years. Kieran Roberts remained executive producer, now in his eighth year.

As a finale to his tenure, Collinson delivered a new stunt which he promised would be as big as the tram crash [2]. The Rovers Return was set on fire for the second time in March, almost killing Stella Price and Sunita Alahan. The fire was planned a year in advance so that as much of the programme's budget could be allocated to the storyine as possible, with cut-backs being made elsewhere. The blaze itself was spread over three episodes. Although Stella and Sunita both survived the fire, arsonist Karl Munro subsequently murdered Sunita, who had witnessed the crime, by pulling out her ventilator tubes at Weatherfield General. This marked the departure of Shobna Gulati from the series, having played Sunita on and off since 2001.

The Rovers' grand re-opening formed part of the Britain's Got Talent finals week in May. Unlike the 1986 fire storyline, the rebuilt Rovers was more or less the same as before with the layout unchanged and minimal changes to the decor.

The week following the fire featured the climax of another of Collinson's principal storylines. In the first quarter of the year, the the male domestic abuse plot with Tyrone Dobbs and Kirsty Soames had come to the fore, with Tyrone himself being charged with domestic violence and standing trial accused of pushing Kirsty down the stairs. At the last minute, Kirsty set the record straight and went to prison in Tyrone's place. Alan Halsall won Best Actor at the National Television Awards and the British Soap Awards for his part in the storyline. By the story's end, Tyrone had re-kindled his relationship with Fiz Stape and they had formed a family unit with Hope and Ruby. Hope appeared for the first time in six months in January, recast with twins Faith and Nicole Holt, while Grace Hanrahan relinquished the part of Ruby in February, with Macy Alabi continuing in the role by herself having previously shared it with Hanrahan.

Another notable departure handled by Collinson was Nigel Havers as Lewis Archer. Blaming Gail McIntyre for sabotaging his relationship with Audrey Roberts, Lewis conned her out of £40,000 and fled, setting the stage for his third and final stint in 2018.

Allegations against Le Vell and Roache

Stuart Blackburn was first credited as producer in Episode 8099 on 8th April, three episodes after Sunita and Kirsty's exits. Blackburn joined the Coronation Street during a period of relative stability, but due to circumstances beyond his control, 2013 proved to be one of the programme's most chaotic years behind the scenes.

On 15th February, it was reported that Michael Le Vell had been charged with a string of sex offences dating between 2001 and 2010, including raping a child and sexual activity with a child. Le Vell had previously been accused of child abuse in 2011, but was not prosecuted. The decision was reviewed in 2013 leading to 19 charges being brought against Le Vell [3]. The actor was immediately suspended by ITV pending the outcome of legal proceedings, and any scenes featuring Kevin Webster which had yet to air were either removed or reshot. Kevin's absence was explained on-screen in April when Sally Webster reported to the residents that he'd gone to Germany to look after a seriously ill Bill. His son Jack was written out with him. At the trial in September, the jury found Le Vell not guilty on all counts. By this time, the actor was no longer under contract. In October, Le Vell signed a deal to return in 2014 after a much-needed break [4].

Just under three months later, on the morning of 1st May William Roache was arrested on suspicion of raping a 15-year-old girl in 1967. ITV swiftly announced that Ken Barlow would not appear for the duration of the police investigation. The CPS later charged Roache with two counts of rape [5]. Roache's absence was handled in the same fashion as Le Vell's, with all of his appearances in future episodes being cut and the character going abroad to nurse a sick relative, in this case his grandson Adam Barlow in Canada. On 6th June, Roache was charged with a further five counts of indecent assault against girls aged between 12 and 16, from the same time period as the other charges [6]. Roache pleaded not guilty to all the charges and a trial was set for 14th January 2014 in Preston.

A third scandal broke in August when a series of YouTube videos posted in 2012 came to light in which actor Chris Fountain appeared as "The Phantom", a masked rap artist who used obscene lyrics glorifying violence and rape. By the time Fountain made the videos private, they had already been viewed thousands of times [7]. Fountain subsequently apologised for the material but ITV suspended the actor before terminating his contract three days later [8]. Fountain's pre-recorded scenes were left intact with Tommy Duckworth making his final on-screen appearance in October and leaving Weatherfield later that month following an off-screen row with Tina McIntyre.

Enter Stuart Blackburn

Stuart Blackburn

Stuart Blackburn, Coronation Street's 32nd producer

Admist the upheaval, a new producer was bedding in. Having transferred from Emmerdale, Stuart Blackburn viewed Coronation Street as a distinctly working-class soap by comparison, and spoke about the importance of the programme staying true to its roots and telling stories which were socially relevant [9], rather than nostalgic or whimsical [10]. The clearest example of this aired in July when Paul Kershaw used the phrase "play the white man" in the Rovers within earshot of Lloyd Mullaney, who called him out on it. Although the story was supposed to be about male pride, reaction mostly concerned Paul's supposed racism with the outrage shown towards Paul by the pub regulars being dubbed unrealistic [11].

In an attempt to better reflect credit-crunch Britain, Barlow's Bookies went out of business in July to be replaced by a cash converters-style shop named Barlow's Buys, run by Tracy Barlow and Rob Donovan. To keep costs down, cast and crew were asked to donate unwanted items to use in the shop's display [12].

The early months of Blackburn's era saw Karl Munro exposed as Sunita's killer and persuaded by Stella to turn himself over to the police. John Michie signed a six-month contract in the knowledge that his character would be written out at the end of it [13]. Once the storyline was over, the Price family left the Rovers with Stella selling the pub back to Steve McDonald. Blackburn's ultimate goal was to get Liz McDonald back behind the bar and when Beverley Callard's theatre tour stopped off in Manchester, he met with the actress and persuaded her to come back full-time [14].

Blackburn also invited Bruno Langley back as Todd Grimshaw, Coronation Street's first gay character who had not appeared regularly since just after his coming out story in 2004. The Todd who moved back to Weatherfield from London was older and meaner than the one who left, looking down upon his neighbours in Coronation Street, and functioned as a low-level antagonist in the first two years of his return.

Two major storylines started on Phil Collinson's watch were resolved by Blackburn. The first was the premature birth of Jake Windass and Tina's decision whether or not to hand the baby over to his birth parents Gary Windass and Izzy Armstrong, which was the dominant storyline during the now-standard Britain's Got Talent finals week. Jake was played by a prosthetic baby in several episodes before Hayley and Layton Phoenix took over the part.

The other story also featured a birth - Lily Platt, daughter of Kylie and David. Starting out as a "Who's the Daddy"-type storyline after a one-night-stand between Kylie and Nick Tilsley in 2012, the plot lasted throughout 2013 with many twists and turns, most notably a car crash involving David and Nick which left the latter with permanent brain damage. Ava and Lilly Bushell played Lily from the character's birth.

Other cast changes

Faye Windass's deadbeat father Tim Metcalfe debuted in January, played by Joe Duttine. Tim was a short-term character brought in to cause friction between Faye and her adoptive mother Anna Windass, but was given a new lease of life when paired romantically with Sally Webster, a coupling which proved fertile ground for comedy.

Other new arrivals included Steph Britton, a friend of Katy Armstrong's who would later work at Nick's Bistro, and Sinead Tinker, a new girlfriend for Chesney Brown following his split from Katy. Kal Nazir, a personal trainer and ex-army mate of Gary Windass's played by Jimi Mistry, was part of the first Muslim family to live in Coronation Street. The other four members were introduced gradually over the next nine months. As well as Kal, December saw the introductions of Andrea Beckett, a student at Steve McDonald's history class at college who would go on to romance Lloyd Mullaney, and Maddie Heath, a homeless girl who became involved with Sophie Webster. Pat Phelan, a future Coronation Street villain, also made his first appearance in a storyline with Owen Armstrong.

Departures were less numerous, as the now-routine cast purge following the arrival of a new producer did not occur under Blackburn. Ryan Connor was announced as leaving for the time being when Sol Heras quit the role [15]. Pamela Nomvete also decided to leave after just eleven months as Mandy Kamara, while Paul Kershaw left the Street after splitting from Eileen Grimshaw. Meanwhile, Julie Carp was absent between May and August while Katy Cavanagh went on maternity leave. Julie's partner Brian Packham, a regular since 2011, continued to appear during her absence before being written out in December, when he set off for a new life in Wrexham.

Hayley diagnosis

Hayley Cropper's pancreatic cancer storyline was widely acclaimed

The most significant departure in Blackburn's first year was Julie Hesmondhalgh as Hayley Cropper. The actress had taken three months off in 2012 to appear in a play at the Royal Exchange Theatre, returning to screens in early January. Having enjoyed the experience, Hesmondhalgh decided to leave Coronation Street at the end of her current contract to pursue other acting work. Stuart Blackburn decided that the only realistic way for Hayley to leave Roy was for her to die. Over the second half of the year, Hayley fought a losing battle with pancreatic cancer and ultimately decided to end her life on her own terms. Her death scenes were broadcast in January 2014.

An online spin-off entitled Hayley's Diary, hosted by Coronation Street's official website, was designed to tie in with the cancer storyline. The thirteen-part series, spread over two weeks, chronicled Hayley's mission to complete the items on her bucket list. Though mostly made up of photo essays, it featured three mini episodes which included a return to the boating lake where she and Roy had their first kiss in 1998.

Roy's mother Sylvia Goodwin disappeared from the programme in August when Stephanie Cole took time off to deal with a family bereavement. This resulted in Sylvia's planned role in the cancer storyline being shelved, with the character leaving a letter for the Croppers explaining that she had gone to stay with her sister. Six months after her last appearance, Cole confirmed on ITV's Daybreak programme that she had no plans to return. Sylvia was eventually killed off in 2019 without Cole reprising the part.

Leaving Quay Street

2014 outdoor set opened

Cast members open the new set

The new outdoor set at MediaCityUK was unveiled to the public at a press day on 29th November. Members of the cast toured the set for the first time, with Sue Nicholls doing the honours at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Tony Warren was among the visitors on the first day [16].

ITV's third annual Text Santa fundraiser included another Coronation Street sketch on Friday 20th December. Cheryl Cole guest-starred as herself as the singer met with the street's residents to find somebody to take to a Christmas party, eventually settling on Norris Cole.

20th December was also the last day of filming at Quay Street studios before the Christmas break. The last scene shot at Stage One was of Eileen, Todd and Jason Grimshaw in the back room of 11 Coronation Street, for Episode 8333 which aired on 28th February 2014. When production resumed in January, it took place entirely at MediaCityUK. The former Granada Studios, including Stage One and the 1982 outdoor set, were bought by developer Allied London for a reported £26.5m.

Viewing figures

2013 ratings

Ratings chart for the year

A successful year for Coronation Street saw the ratings average rise for only the third time since 2000. At 8.37 million viewers, this was an increase of 150k on 2012, albeit still lower than any other year. April to June and August to November were up year-on-year, with June and August rising by nearly a million viewers. No months dropped significantly.

The programme's performance in the ratings charts remained steady, with 13 episodes reaching number one - up from ten in 2012 - and two episodes falling outside the top twenty.

The highest-rated episode of the year was Episode 8045 on 21st January, concentrating on the Tyrone/Kirsty domestic abuse storyline and Faye Windass meeting her biological father Tim Metcalfe, with 10.03m viewers. No episode of Coronation Street have broken ten million viewers since this date.


# Ep.
Date Part Writer Director Viewing
18031Wednesday 2nd January Damon RochefortDavid Kester9,260,0006
28032Friday 4th January1Chris FewtrellDavid Kester9,100,0007
38033Friday 4th January2Chris FewtrellDavid Kester8,540,0009
48034Monday 7th January1Martin AllenGraeme Harper9,140,0006
58035Monday 7th January2Julie JonesGraeme Harper8,770,00011
68036Wednesday 9th January Debbie OatesGraeme Harper9,090,0007
78037Friday 11th January1Simon CrowtherGraeme Harper9,300,0002
88038Friday 11th January2Simon CrowtherGraeme Harper9,030,0008
98039Monday 14th January1Susan OudotDuncan Foster9,610,0004
108040Monday 14th January2Susan OudotDuncan Foster9,210,0008
118041Wednesday 16th January Jonathan HarveyDuncan Foster9,110,0009
128042Friday 18th January1Peter WhalleyDuncan Foster9,470,0006
138043Friday 18th January2Mark BurtDuncan Foster8,930,00011
148044Monday 21st January1Joe TurnerMickey Jones9,860,0003
158045Monday 21st January2Joe TurnerMickey Jones10,030,0002
168046Wednesday 23rd January Jayne HollinsonMickey Jones8,370,00011
178047Friday 25th January1Carmel MorganMickey Jones9,290,0005
188048Friday 25th January2Jan McVerryMickey Jones8,850,0008
198049Monday 28th January1Simon CrowtherIan Bevitt9,170,0005
208050Monday 28th January2Simon CrowtherIan Bevitt9,100,0006
218051Wednesday 30th January Jonathan HarveyIan Bevitt8,830,00010
228052Friday 1st February1Chris FewtrellIan Bevitt8,950,0009
238053Friday 1st February2Chris FewtrellIan Bevitt9,200,0004
248054Monday 4th February1Julie JonesTony Prescott9,710,0002
258055Monday 4th February2Susan OudotTony Prescott9,380,0003
268056Wednesday 6th February Peter WhalleyTony Prescott5,980,00027
278057Friday 8th February1Martin AllenTony Prescott9,130,0006
288058Friday 8th February2Mark BurtTony Prescott9,010,0008
298059Monday 11th February1Carmel MorganNoreen Kershaw9,000,0002
308060Monday 11th February2Ellen TaylorNoreen Kershaw8,990,0003
318061Wednesday 13th February Damon RochefortNoreen Kershaw8,700,0005
328062Friday 15th February1Joe TurnerNoreen Kershaw8,710,0004
338063Friday 15th February2Mark WadlowNoreen Kershaw8,560,0008
348064Monday 18th February1Chris FewtrellGriff Rowland9,380,0002
358065Monday 18th February2Mark BurtGriff Rowland8,870,0003
368066Wednesday 20th February John KerrGriff Rowland8,570,0007
378067Friday 22nd February1Julie JonesGriff Rowland8,740,0005
388068Friday 22nd February2Ellen TaylorGriff Rowland8,180,0009
398069Monday 25th February1Jonathan HarveyGraeme Harper9,080,0003
408070Monday 25th February2Jonathan HarveyGraeme Harper9,230,0002
418071Wednesday 27th February Peter WhalleyGraeme Harper8,310,0009
428072Friday 1st March1Damon RochefortGraeme Harper8,740,0005
438073Friday 1st March2Martin AllenGraeme Harper8,000,00010
448074Monday 4th March1Carmel MorganJohn Anderson9,150,0002
458075Monday 4th March2Jan McVerryJohn Anderson8,760,0006
468076Wednesday 6th March Jayne HollinsonJohn Anderson8,560,0007
478077Friday 8th March1Mark WadlowJohn Anderson8,800,0005
488078Friday 8th March2Joe TurnerJohn Anderson8,250,0008
498079Monday 11th March1Simon CrowtherDuncan Foster9,180,0003
508080Monday 11th March2Simon CrowtherDuncan Foster9,290,0002
518081Wednesday 13th March Martin AllenDuncan Foster8,430,0005
528082Friday 15th March1Peter WhalleyDuncan Foster7,990,0007
538083Friday 15th March2Julie JonesDuncan Foster7,440,00011
548084Monday 18th March1Chris FewtrellTony Prescott9,700,0002
558085Monday 18th March2Chris FewtrellTony Prescott9,970,0001
568086Wednesday 20th March Debbie OatesTony Prescott9,350,0003
578087Sunday 24th March Joe TurnerTony Prescott8,330,0006
588089Monday 25th March1Carmel MorganIan Bevitt9,460,0002
598090Monday 25th March2Mark WadlowIan Bevitt9,950,0001
608091Wednesday 27th March Jayne HollinsonIan Bevitt8,960,0005
618092Friday 29th March1Susan OudotIan Bevitt9,280,0004
628093Friday 29th March2Susan OudotIan Bevitt9,410,0003
638094Monday 1st April1Damon RochefortAlan Grint9,390,0001
648095Monday 1st April2Jonathan HarveyAlan Grint9,090,0002
658096Wednesday 3rd April Jan McVerryAlan Grint8,580,0006
668097Friday 5th April1John KerrAlan Grint8,740,0005
678098Friday 5th April2Mark BurtAlan Grint8,760,0003
688099Monday 8th April1Simon CrowtherDiana Patrick9,030,0002
698100Monday 8th April2Chris FewtrellDiana Patrick8,130,0009
708101Wednesday 10th April Damon RochefortDiana Patrick8,540,0005
718102Friday 12th April1Ellen TaylorDiana Patrick8,690,0003
728103Friday 12th April2Susan OudotDiana Patrick8,560,0004
738104Monday 15th April1Mark WadlowDavid Kester8,960,0003
748105Monday 15th April2Mark WadlowDavid Kester8,850,0004
758106Wednesday 17th April Joe TurnerDavid Kester8,030,0008
768107Friday 19th April1Mark BurtDavid Kester8,200,0007
778108Friday 19th April2Mark BurtDavid Kester7,760,00011
788109Monday 22nd April1Peter WhalleyTim Finn8,760,0003
798110Monday 22nd April2Julie JonesTim Finn8,390,0006
808111Wednesday 24th April John KerrTim Finn8,160,0008
818112Friday 26th April1Jonathan HarveyTim Finn7,960,0009
828113Friday 26th April2Carmel MorganTim Finn7,540,00011
838114Monday 29th April1Jan McVerryJohn Anderson8,500,0003
848115Monday 29th April2Julie JonesJohn Anderson8,460,0004
858116Wednesday 1st May Debbie OatesJohn Anderson7,870,0007
868117Friday 3rd May1Damon RochefortJohn Anderson8,030,0006
878118Friday 3rd May2Ellen TaylorJohn Anderson7,330,0009
888119Monday 6th May1Mark BurtKay Patrick7,530,0009
898120Monday 6th May2Jayne HollinsonKay Patrick7,600,0008
908121Wednesday 8th May Mark WadlowKay Patrick7,930,0005
918122Friday 10th May1Simon CrowtherKay Patrick8,220,0004
928123Friday 10th May2Peter WhalleyKay Patrick8,230,0003
938124Monday 13th May1Joe TurnerDurno Johnston8,260,0003
948125Monday 13th May2Joe TurnerDurno Johnston8,500,0002
958126Wednesday 15th May Jonathan HarveyDurno Johnston6,380,00016
968127Friday 17th May1Chris FewtrellDurno Johnston7,980,0004
978128Friday 17th May2Susan OudotDurno Johnston7,890,0005
988129Monday 20th May1Susan OudotMickey Jones8,350,0001
998130Monday 20th May2Mark WadlowMickey Jones8,150,0002
1008131Wednesday 22nd May Peter WhalleyMickey Jones7,760,0006
1018132Friday 24th May1Damon RochefortMickey Jones8,080,0004
1028133Friday 24th May2Joe TurnerMickey Jones7,640,0009
1038134Sunday 26th May Debbie OatesTony Prescott7,850,0005
1048135Monday 27th May Jayne HollinsonTony Prescott9,430,0002
1058136Tuesday 28th May John KerrTony Prescott9,000,0003
1068137Thursday 30th May Chris FewtrellTony Prescott8,840,0004
1078138Friday 31st May Jan McVerryTony Prescott8,630,0005
1088139Monday 3rd June1Mark BurtTerry Dyddgen-Jones8,150,0003
1098140Monday 3rd June2Carmel MorganTerry Dyddgen-Jones8,230,0002
1108141Wednesday 5th June Martin AllenTerry Dyddgen-Jones7,790,0004
1118142Friday 7th June Julie Jones
Jonathan Harvey
Terry Dyddgen-Jones6,930,0007
1128144Monday 10th June1Mark BurtDavid Kester8,440,0002
1138145Monday 10th June2Jayne HollinsonDavid Kester8,650,0001
1148146Wednesday 12th June Jan McVerryDavid Kester8,190,0004
1158147Friday 14th June1Chris FewtrellDavid Kester8,060,0005
1168148Friday 14th June2Jonathan HarveyDavid Kester8,260,0003
1178149Monday 17th June1Simon CrowtherJohn Anderson8,550,0001
1188150Monday 17th June2Martin AllenJohn Anderson8,440,0002
1198151Wednesday 19th June Joe TurnerJohn Anderson7,500,0008
1208152Friday 21st June1Mark WadlowJohn Anderson7,920,0005
1218153Friday 21st June2Susan OudotJohn Anderson7,650,0006
1228154Monday 24th June1John KerrTim Dowd8,100,0002
1238155Monday 24th June2Ellen TaylorTim Dowd8,100,0001
1248156Wednesday 26th June Julie JonesTim Dowd7,340,0008
1258157Friday 28th June1Damon RochefortTim Dowd7,290,00010
1268158Friday 28th June2Peter WhalleyTim Dowd7,670,0005
1278159Monday 1st July1Jayne HollinsonAlan Grint8,200,0004
1288160Monday 1st July2Mark WadlowAlan Grint8,220,0003
1298161Wednesday 3rd July Susan OudotAlan Grint7,720,0006
1308162Friday 5th July1Peter WhalleyAlan Grint6,260,00012
1318163Friday 5th July2Julie JonesAlan Grint5,860,00017
1328164Monday 8th July1John KerrNicky Higgens7,810,0003
1338165Monday 8th July2Debbie OatesNicky Higgens7,930,0002
1348166Wednesday 10th July Jonathan HarveyNicky Higgens7,620,0004
1358167Friday 12th July1Simon CrowtherNicky Higgens7,110,0007
1368168Friday 12th July2Simon CrowtherNicky Higgens7,120,0006
1378169Monday 15th July1Damon RochefortIan Bevitt7,820,0001
1388170Monday 15th July2Damon RochefortIan Bevitt7,700,0002
1398171Wednesday 17th July Joe TurnerIan Bevitt6,870,0006
1408172Friday 19th July1Martin AllenIan Bevitt6,890,0005
1418173Friday 19th July2Martin AllenIan Bevitt6,910,0004
1428174Monday 22nd July1Ellen TaylorDurno Johnston7,840,0002
1438175Monday 22nd July2Ellen TaylorDurno Johnston7,950,0001
1448176Wednesday 24th July Carmel MorganDurno Johnston7,210,0005
1458177Friday 26th July1Chris FewtrellDurno Johnston7,240,0004
1468178Friday 26th July2Chris FewtrellDurno Johnston7,040,0006
1478179Monday 29th July1Chris FewtrellTerry Dyddgen-Jones8,190,0002
1488180Monday 29th July2Susan OudotTerry Dyddgen-Jones8,120,0003
1498181Wednesday 31st July Damon RochefortTerry Dyddgen-Jones7,710,0004
1508182Friday 2nd August1Jonathan HarveyTerry Dyddgen-Jones7,620,0005
1518183Friday 2nd August2Peter WhalleyTerry Dyddgen-Jones7,260,0006
1528184Monday 5th August1Joe TurnerDavid Kester8,620,0002
1538185Monday 5th August2Joe TurnerDavid Kester8,670,0001
1548186Wednesday 7th August2Martin AllenDavid Kester7,850,0004
1558187Friday 9th August1Mark BurtDavid Kester8,070,0003
1568188Friday 9th August2Jan McVerryDavid Kester7,720,0006
1578189Monday 12th August1Jayne HollinsonBrett Fallis8,680,0001
1588190Monday 12th August2Julie JonesBrett Fallis8,590,0002
1598191Thursday 15th August Mark WadlowBrett Fallis7,840,0005
1608192Friday 16th August1Simon CrowtherBrett Fallis7,900,0004
1618193Friday 16th August2Carmel MorganBrett Fallis7,420,0006
1628194Monday 19th August1John KerrKay Patrick8,030,0003
1638195Monday 19th August2Susan OudotKay Patrick8,310,0001
1648196Wednesday 21st August Chris FewtrellKay Patrick7,980,0004
1658197Friday 23rd August1Damon RochefortKay Patrick8,130,0002
1668198Friday 23rd August2Ellen TaylorKay Patrick7,570,0007
1678199Monday 26th August1Jonathan HarveyNicky Higgens8,260,0004
1688200Monday 26th August2Simon CrowtherNicky Higgens8,150,0005
1698201Wednesday 28th August Peter WhalleyNicky Higgens7,780,0006
1708202Sunday 1st September Mark Burt
Mark Wadlow
Nicky Higgens6,890,00010
1718204Monday 2nd September1Jan McVerryIan Bevitt8,470,0005
1728205Monday 2nd September2Debbie OatesIan Bevitt8,570,0004
1738206Wednesday 4th September Julie JonesIan Bevitt8,090,0007
1748207Sunday 8th September Joe Turner
Martin Allen
Ian Bevitt7,310,00012
1758209Monday 9th September1Joe TurnerAlan Grint8,820,0004
1768210Monday 9th September2Simon CrowtherAlan Grint8,700,0006
1778211Wednesday 11th September Martin AllenAlan Grint8,820,0005
1788212Friday 13th September1Mark BurtAlan Grint8,820,0003
1798213Friday 13th September2Mark BurtAlan Grint9,050,0001
1808214Monday 16th September1Ellen TaylorMichael Lacey8,990,0003
1818215Monday 16th September2Susan OudotMichael Lacey8,930,0004
1828216Wednesday 18th September Jayne HollinsonMichael Lacey8,260,0006
1838217Friday 20th September1Julie JonesMichael Lacey8,260,0007
1848218Friday 20th September2Julie JonesMichael Lacey7,720,00012
1858219Monday 23rd September1Damon RochefortDurno Johnston8,920,0005
1868220Monday 23rd September2Mark WadlowDurno Johnston8,690,0006
1878221Wednesday 25th September John KerrDurno Johnston8,390,0008
1888222Friday 27th September1Jan McVerryDurno Johnston8,260,0009
1898223Friday 27th September2Carmel MorganDurno Johnston7,630,00013
1908224Monday 30th September1Debbie OatesJudith Dine8,840,0004
1918225Monday 30th September2Chris FewtrellJudith Dine8,730,0005
1928226Wednesday 2nd October Peter WhalleyJudith Dine8,380,0007
1938227Friday 4th October1Jonathan HarveyJudith Dine8,460,0006
1948228Friday 4th October2Jonathan HarveyJudith Dine7,890,00012
1958229Monday 7th October1Joe TurnerBrett Fallis9,030,0003
1968230Monday 7th October2Peter WhalleyBrett Fallis8,780,0006
1978231Wednesday 9th October Mark WadlowBrett Fallis8,340,0007
1988232Sunday 13th October Simon CrowtherBrett Fallis7,740,00010
1998234Monday 14th October1John KerrJohn Anderson9,300,0005
2008235Monday 14th October2Martin AllenJohn Anderson9,220,0006
2018236Wednesday 16th October Chris FewtrellJohn Anderson9,440,0004
2028237Friday 18th October1Jayne HollinsonJohn Anderson8,550,0007
2038238Friday 18th October2Jan McVerryJohn Anderson8,010,00011
2048239Monday 21st October1Susan OudotMickey Jones9,350,0004
2058240Monday 21st October2Julie JonesMickey Jones9,040,0005
2068241Wednesday 23rd October Damon RochefortMickey Jones8,500,0006
2078242Friday 25th October1Jonathan HarveyMickey Jones8,100,0008
2088243Friday 25th October2Carmel MorganMickey Jones7,900,00011
2098244Monday 28th October1Ellen TaylorTim Finn8,930,0004
2108245Monday 28th October2Ellen TaylorTim Finn8,610,0005
2118246Wednesday 30th October Peter WhalleyTim Finn8,460,0007
2128247Friday 1st November1Jan McVerryTim Finn8,600,0006
2138248Friday 1st November2Jonathan HarveyTim Finn8,230,0008
2148249Monday 4th November1Julie JonesAlan Grint9,300,0004
2158250Monday 4th November2Damon RochefortAlan Grint8,720,0007
2168251Wednesday 6th November Mark WadlowAlan Grint8,540,0008
2178252Friday 8th November1John KerrAlan Grint8,760,0006
2188253Friday 8th November2Carmel MorganAlan Grint8,210,00010
2198254Monday 11th November1Debbie OatesPeter Rose8,880,0005
2208255Monday 11th November2Debbie OatesPeter Rose8,520,0007
2218256Wednesday 13th November Martin AllenPeter Rose8,490,0008
2228257Sunday 17th November Joe Turner
Chris Fewtrell
Peter Rose6,510,00020
2238259Monday 18th November1Damon RochefortMichael Lacey8,960,00010
2248260Monday 18th November2Damon RochefortMichael Lacey8,960,0009
2258261Wednesday 20th November Mark BurtMichael Lacey8,360,00015
2268262Friday 22nd November1Julie JonesMichael Lacey8,390,00013
2278263Friday 22nd November2Ellen TaylorMichael Lacey8,190,00017
2288264Monday 25th November1Mark WadlowJudith Dine9,320,0004
2298265Monday 25th November2Mark WadlowJudith Dine9,420,0003
2308266Wednesday 27th November Jonathan HarveyJudith Dine8,840,0008
2318267Friday 29th November1Chris FewtrellJudith Dine8,600,00013
2328268Friday 29th November2Chris FewtrellJudith Dine8,020,00016
2338269Monday 2nd December Simon CrowtherDavid Kester8,950,0004
2348270Tuesday 3rd December Simon CrowtherDavid Kester7,770,00016
2358271Wednesday 4th December Susan OudotDavid Kester8,660,0006
2368272Friday 6th December1Peter WhalleyDavid Kester8,210,00014
2378273Friday 6th December2Peter WhalleyDavid Kester7,320,00018
2388274Sunday 8th December Joe TurnerIan Bevitt6,710,00022
2398276Wednesday 11th December Martin AllenIan Bevitt7,980,0005
2408277Friday 13th December1Jan McVerryIan Bevitt8,120,0004
2418278Friday 13th December2Jayne HollinsonIan Bevitt7,730,0008
2428279Monday 16th December1John KerrAudrey Cooke8,750,0003
2438280Monday 16th December2Mark BurtAudrey Cooke8,400,0004
2448281Wednesday 18th December Martin AllenAudrey Cooke7,690,0008
2458282Friday 20th December Damon RochefortAudrey Cooke8,350,0005
2468283Sunday 22nd December Susan OudotAudrey Cooke6,690,00012
2478284Monday 23rd December1Simon CrowtherJohn Anderson8,320,00011
2488285Monday 23rd December2Simon CrowtherJohn Anderson7,920,00015
2498286Wednesday 25th December Debbie OatesJohn Anderson8,540,0008
2508287Friday 27th December1Ellen TaylorJohn Anderson8,290,00012
2518288Friday 27th December2Chris FewtrellJohn Anderson8,030,00013
2528289Monday 30th December Jonathan HarveyMenhaj Huda8,720,0004


To be added

Who lives where

Coronation Street

Rosamund Street

Victoria Street

Victoria Court


Awards and nominations

National Television Awards

Television and Radio Industries Club ("TRIC") Awards

  • TV Soap Of The Year: Coronation Street (Winner)
  • Soap Personality: Michelle Keegan (Nominee)

Royal Television Society

  • Soap and Continuing Drama Coronation Street (Winner)

British Soap Awards

TV Choice Awards

  • Best Soap: Coronation Street (Winner)
  • Best Soap Actress: Michelle Keegan (Winner)

The Royal Television Society Awards (North West)

Coronation Street in the 2010s
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